Project Purlieu - Demo coming soo... eventually

Since its creation the world has been divided in two: The endless wilderness, land of gods and beasts, lays to the west and the countless human realms are all in the east. However, in the middle of those two there is an unique land, The Purlieu, a frontier land which is the crossroad of gods and humans alike.

In this game you will play as the child of the chiefs of a settlement in the Purlieu.
The first part of the game is about infancy, you will grow up in the village while learning more about the world, interacting with your family, the local folk and all sorts of mystical creatures and learning how to survive in this dangerous world.
The second part is about making your destiny as an adult. Will you become the next village chief? Will you give up and escape to a human realm? Will you become such a fierce hunter that deities of the hunt will call you to join them? Will you give up your humanity and live as a beast in the wilderness? The choices are many.

A demo is in the making and should be out soon

Yes yes, this is another fantasy adventure project, but I think it has its differentials.

I think the main one is the setting, this isn’t actually medieval, its kinda hard to set the technology level correctly since each of the human realms has different developments but overall I’d say this is mostly Iron Age / Bronze Age tech. You live in a tribal society and castles and kings are merely tales of far away lands.

Developing on that, I think this is also another point, this story is not a high fantasy, there is no ultimate objective or great evil to fight. I studied a lot of folkloristic in my life, reading from Gilgamesh to Creppypastas, and what I want to make here is a story that emulates the more casual aspect of the myths, something like 100 years of solitude, the fantastic is simply part of your life.

The work is set on a mostly neutral culture. I tried my best to balance it and not make it too European, Asian, African or American. I never quote the ethnicity of the characters and you are free to pick the names so you can set whichever culture you want.


It sounds really interesting, it will be nice to have a fantasy gameme that’s not medieval, and I don’t think I’ve seen a CoG set in a tribal era. I’m looking forward to it :smile:

I am very interested

Sounds pretty cool. I will say it’s refreshing to have more non-linear stories.

Sounds promising! The fact that you’ve split the game into 2 different parts and each has it’s only little sub ‘sections’ sounds like you’ve it all planned out. Can’t wait for the demo to be up!

Okay, let me clarify the situation here: I had around most of the infancy part already down and was ready to upload the first demo. However, as I was finishing it I by luck ended up reading an article about writing child characters and it felt like an arrow to gut because I realized how poorly I had done that in my story.

So there is that, whenever I stop being sick I will get down to rethink and rewrite a whole chapter with thousands and thousands of words. On a side this mean a delay, on the other it means you people will probably have more fun when it arrives (or not :<)

This seems awesome! Just wanted to show my support for this. It looks really promising and I’ll be the first to try the demo when it comes out. Btw you are SURE that I’ll either join the hunt gods or just become a beast. OR even better I could become A WIZARD OF AWESOME POWER and live in the wilderness so adventurers have to travel far to get my help in defeating the great evils XD Anyway looking forward to this.

hmmmm seems interesting… too interesting you’ve peaked my interest… by beast what do you mean like a humanoid figure that looks like a beast ( probably like unusual skin colors like grey, black, red eyes, and they have problems with controlling their emotions) or just like an “actual” beast like a werewolf, bear, wolf etc.