The Outcast of DarkMoor (WIP- Demo Live)


So guys here it is. The new and hopefully enjoyable WIP. Written by me and Isabell.


It is based in a fictional forest called ‘ForeverGreen Forest’ home to a small tribe name DarkMoor. It is at this tribe the journey starts. ‘The Outcast of DarkMoor’ is a tale of superstitions, murder and possible revenge. When a young child is given the opportunity of power beyond belief the concequemces are grieve, death and chaos follow, and it is up to this youngster to battle the dark and carve a new future. Can this youngster stay strong under guilt? Or will they perish with the struggles of this once luscious and heavenly forest, or be condemned by the haunting claws which roam within it.


It is set in the region of ForeverGreen and varies outwards and around the area. Grey, stoned mountains and sandy, jewelled beaches all feature. The place is fictional however many elements are similar to tribal eras. Magical creatures may roam along with common wildlife.

Main Character (You)

Your character -you-, is the son/daughter of Cheif El’Kadmar, the leader of the DarkMoor tribe. At the age of 16 (like all members of the tribe), a coming of age trial has to be completed, and it is on this trial your life changes. One night while hunting for a prestigious animal you stay the night in a cavern. Unaware of what’s lurking in the shadows. Unknown to you, you meet a person willing to give you all the power nessacary to do the things you want to do. Not knowing the concequences, you accept and that is when the adventure starts.


This current demo is only the structure of chapter 1. Going for 6.1k words.


The next update will consist of the fulling fleshing out of Chapter 1, including choices and a free roam basis.


Any questions just post on this thread and I/we will be sure to answer back. If it’s any spoilers your interested in personal message me and I’ll tell you if that’s what you desire.

Thank you and we hope you will enjoy this hopefully original game;

JLBH and Isabell


So its official yeah! So are still working on the Corp or putting it on the shelf for now?


Unfortunately on the shelf. It’s such a big idea for this year we both won’t have time to do it. However this is a smaller idea but if you guys like it, I am sure we can expand it. @Kaleolii


It sound really good when will the demo be up


Well, just been writing and on 1,479 words 5 pages so I would suspect a week or so…? @Harley_Robin_Evans


Okay cool I dident realise you created about 11 hours ago


Haha no worries @Harley_Robin_Evans
But it’s looking good.


Hi there guys I’m isabell me and jlbh are currently working on the ‘outcast of darkmoor’ and it’s coming along well I’ve just read what we’ve got so far and I love it and I’m sure you guys will to . But the demo won’t be up for a while we don’t want to put up at deadline and end up disappointing you if we fail to meet it , we both just have so much work but we promise were working on this project and so far I Don’t think it will disapoint it’s pretty much summed in in jlbh comment . Hope you guys give it a look if you like it stayed tuned progress is being made any comments are majorly appreshiated thanks for the support x



The Outcast of DarkMoor has just hit 3000 words, update will be with you as soon as chapter 1 is finished stay patient!

JLBH and Isabell


Hey I can’t track the thread so I won’t know when you put things up. So just send me a pm when you got something new.


Oh sorry I think I figured it out. will see new updates now that I’m tracking.


Sounds cool. I look forward to playing it.


Haha great hopefully soon @adamthecowdog


Hopefully it won’t be too long




We are happy to let you know that chapter 1 has been…WRITTEN! Currently Chapter is 6.1k words, it is in the process of being coded so keep your eyes out and thank you for the support!

Thank you, JLBH, Isabell and Marajade (For coding)!


Probably It would be code tomorrow, probably so don’t kill me if it’s not :wink:


I won’t kill you MJ promise!


What dose the coded mean


Coded mean being formulated into a playable piece. @Harley_Robin_Evans


Okay I’m a bit dumb so thanks