September 2023 Writer Support Thread

Everyone I know in physical space has proven unreliable to get feedback with. I have one person that I bounce ideas off and share my writing with and they are a great help. I do not have a writing club or anything. I am not sure I can set aside the time for anything like that anymore, but I have thought about taking some writing classes to learn and network with other writers.

I have a full time job and managed to complete NaNoWriMo within the first three weeks. If you have the spair time and dedication, it can be done. This includes prep time. I went as far as to make a week’s worth of meals on Sundays so that I didn’t have to take time cooking, I would write instead.

I plan to do much the same, but will talk more about that throughout October.


today is my birthday!!! :birthday: ngl it doesn’t really feel like it tho lol :laughing:
Going to the cheesecake factory!!! :face_holding_back_tears:


Happy birthday to you! May your cheesecakes be yummy!


Happy birthday! Did you know that they have birthday cake cheesecake?

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My issue currently isn’t writing my characters, but it moreso regards writers doubt. Seriously been going through it lately. I’ve been peer reviewed on my Chapter 4 draft that I eventually plan to release, and they said that it’s just fine how it is, but my brain says there’s something missing.

I’m 24/7 split on whether my Chapter is in a state of readiness, allowing of the moment I can release what I wrote to my novel. (At this point I’m writing the plot more than I am writing choices.) Have been postponing it for almost 3 weeks because I’m unsure if it’s ready

anyway, here’s the end of September Goals (So like, within the next day):

  • Work on the final Finetune of Chapter 4.

  • Create a rough outline for Chapter 5

  • Finish up the design for an upcoming character in the story

Here’s hoping I can knock out the doubt to ready for October


I’m not sure if this is better-suited to another thread, so I can always make a new one, but I thought I’d put up a digest showing September’s releases and WIP updates. When I started, I didn’t realise the extraordinary number of updates that have gone up this month! If I can, I’ll do this at the end of next month too. If I’ve missed anything or anyone would like their link removed, let me know.


Current Closed Beta Testing:

Halloween Jam Beta Testing:

CoG WIP updates:

HG and Hobby WIP updates:

New Steam pages:


Thank you for this Hannah.

And now I want to rant a little here.


My jam authors are no receiving ANY feedback on the jam entries.

People entry play and no even say if there is a bug.

Please please please… Give them feedback. I am burned forever about put betas myself but don’t make my jam authors feel so ugly.


Now for the end-of-September progress whatnots:

Most of September was very positive, especially the start but some things fell by the wayside. I did not do the outline for illness and life reasons :weary: I did not do the non-CoG-related thing for boring reasons :weary: I did do Honor Bound Chapter 5 and the Royal Affairs expanded epilogue coding, so I’m hoping to build on that next month.

Edit: oh! I did playtest Bali B&B for IF Comp as well, which was really nice to do while I was waiting to feel better.


September was super busy for me. Did some DIY repair work cuz I found some rotted wood in a doorway and lining the bathroom. And of course, some ants decided they wanted to join the party, too, which was fun. It wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been, though, so I’m counting my blessings.

Writing-wise, I made some progress, but I didn’t manage to reach my goal. I feel like I’m going to have to do quite a bit of trimming, as these branching paths are getting pretty out of control.


Oh thank you for this! This give my WIP a chance to be seen by others. How considerate of you :heart:


Don’t Wake Me Up on the steam submission after 8 YEARS.
Never give up, everyone :heart::heart::heart::heart:


Thank you for the shoutout, Hannah! Truly appreciate it! :confetti_ball:


September has passed and still nothing. That tale was finished in June and I even paid for polishing and contacts in advance.


I’ve received feedback from two other participants (@Nocturnal_Stillness and @Sailingshells) and @Jacic this far, so it’s not like there is no feedback at all. It’s just a bit of a shame that so few non-participants have provided feedback while we still had time to improve things before the deadline.

Edit: The deadline is apparently at the 31st of October, not the 30th of September. I’m an idiot :no_mouth:


Thanks for this! (no I didnt fanboy when I saw that it was you who mentioned my silly little wip)

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I did it!! I mean technically I still have some wrinkles to iron out and a couple gaps to fill, but those gaps weren’t going to get filled until I figured out the fine tuning of a different thing, later, anyway, so I am still counting it!

I’m at a stage in my writing where I have enough knowledge to see and recognize my problem areas and weak spots, but not enough on how to effectively fix them, which is. Agonizing. only way out is through, though.

oops…I ended up sacrificing time on this one to finish the chapter in my other story ><. I was already concerned about needing to pare down the scope of my idea back when I had a prompt start, and that concern has certainly not lessened now. I’m hoping to be able to devote more time to it next month, now that I have that chapter out of the way. perhaps on my off days :sparkles:

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I’ve had no feedback so far which isn’t getting me too down as I had a lot of fun writing it which to me is the most important thing.


Unrelated, have a snippet.

Aggressive marketing

The assistant robot decides to take that moment for arriving with your food, floating it in the air in front of its spherical body. It lands your plate in front of you, then chirps.

“What?” Winters asks.

“Greetings from Bluegrass Tourism Department,” the assistant chirps starting the playback of the advertisement. "Great news for our USF allies: all military personnel serving the USF are entitled to a copy of the new best-seller game, Tales of the Deep Void! Chip away your FTL boredom with this thrilling space exploration and base-building RPG – "

“Oh cut it out, will you?” Kozlov grunts. “I get enough of the deep void in real life.”

“Let the little bot continue,” Leon says. “Someone’s worked really hard on that ad.”

“I don’t care,” Kozlov says. “I’m not interested. And it’s not like I’ll hurt the robot’s feelings either, it’s not an AI, it’s not sapient.”

Without paying their discussion any attention, the assistant (it clearly is not sapient, Kozlov sure is right about that) has been giving its programmed speech at the same time Kozlov and Leon had their exchange, and it’s now reached the finishing line: “Available only on our planetary network. Claim your copy today! Bluegrass, where ground is bluer than the sky.” And just like that, after finishing its assigned task, the robot flies away.

“Finally,” Kozlov mutters.


I am trying hard to encourage people who tries games to at least let a paragraph review and any bug report.

That is less than five minutes and could help immense the writers.

Maybe add some type of Credit list to the games with all people who has given people feedback on the game could encourage players to giving feedback.

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Thank you Hannah for that shout-out! I was surprised that you’d do something like this!

Now that we have a way to keep track the upcoming releases for CoG, HG and HC, as well as the update status for the following:

  • Games at the beta testing stage
  • Games that are for some jam or competition which are in beta or review status
  • Games that are in WIP and their updates
  • Games that are on hiatus or cancelled (?)
  • Games that are now on (sorry, forgot about this)
  • Steam updates

Where previously we only had some of the above. It’s a good idea to have such a database like the IFDB for stuff like this, so that people can go there as a one-stop search area. This helps both the authors, so that we can take a look at each others’ updates for encouragement, and the readers, so that they’ll know what’s going on.