Commander-in-Chief: The Road to Power (WIP)

Embark on a riveting political journey in “Commander-in-Chief: The Road to Power.” Step into the shoes of a determined candidate vying for the highest office in the land—the Presidency of the United States. Navigate the turbulent waters of American politics, from the heartland to the coasts, as you crisscross the nation on the campaign trail. Make critical decisions, forge alliances, and sway public opinion in your bid to secure the coveted title of Commander-in-Chief.

Face the challenges of the modern political landscape, tackle complex policy dilemmas, and strategize your way through an intricate web of campaign choices. Will you be the one to shape the nation’s destiny, or will your rivals outmaneuver you on the path to the White House? Commander-in-chief tests your leadership, charisma, and decision-making skills as you aim to become the next leader of the free world. It’s not just a game; it’s your chance to experience the thrill, the triumphs, and the trials of the American presidential campaign. Are you ready to make your mark on history?

The first chapter is done, and the introduction to the second is under way.

To play the demo, go here:

Give me your feedback. This is a rough draft right now, but if there’s a strong interest in it I’ll keep going.

EDIT: I forgot to mention but show me your election results, I’m curious who can get the best score lol. This is the best I’ve gotten:

Also there are different endings for chapter one based on how big you win. It also affects the start of chapter two so let me know what you get and what you think.


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But so far, not too bad. I also had an issue where I got labeled a war hawk for staying out of a foreign war. I’ll be following though, as I am all about sim games.

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I liked it.

Needs a save system though.


Thank you for your feedback! I will upload the fix later. Since you’re playing as a Republican, how do you feel about the conservative pledges?

Added to the list

interim_rep line 130: bad label stanza (not even sure what that one means)

I’m guessing that there were 2 liberal, 2 moderate, and 2 conservative pledges? The ones in the middle did seem like they could go in either direction. I felt the immigration one makes sense, whereas balancing the budget is more a sub-party focus. I did choose that one, though.

In general, I felt that campaigning was too easy. Part of the issue is that you skip primaries. Generally, candidates try to appear as extremist as possible in primaries and as moderate as possible in general campaign without getting caught too often in contradictions. By skipping primaries, that challenge is gone.

Additionally, while you do a decent job of explaining the trade-offs of certain stances, maybe certain campaign donations come with “packages” of preferences. In general, having to keep those check-writers happy isn’t touched on at all.

Lastly, I went with a military background and chose Cabral as my VP. Between the two of us, we had very little government experience, yet weren’t called on that at all. In fact, I feel every background and VP could have some baggage to deal with, and I didn’t have to worry about that. I even won the biggest swing state while kind of ignoring Florida-friendly stances.


Good points to bring up, the backgrounds definitely need to be fleshed out more.

Did you run as a moderate? That might be why. I think I have the bonus for running as one cranked up too high.

If you hit bad label for stanza, that’s just the end of what I’ve written so far

I would like to add primaries but the general election already took awhile and needs a lot more work still

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My cornerstone policy was a conservative one (budget), but I did mainly go with moderate views. I would have struggled in the primaries. I also didn’t go with any religious views.

Maybe create a penalty instead, because some of the moderate stances seemed non-committal. I think that without a primary, having to balance divisive views on multiple issues might make for more of a challenge.

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I always encourage everyone writing political fiction for a change around here compared to all the fantasy stuff that I find less interesting. Keep at it!


This is mine

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I’m thinking instead of adding primaries, which will mess up the flow, I might add a scenario where if you drift too far from your base a third party conservative/liberal runs and steals votes from you.

I really enjoy the game. I would like to point out that after several play throughs it feels like during the campaign when you are in the led on election day if its a close race all the undecided votes go to your opponent and turn states againts you. And that wouldn’t be the case i think they would probably be about 50/50. Other than that good game so far, cant wait for more .

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That’s a good point. The work around I have right now takes the undecided voters from your opponent, so that’s why they are tallied onto her votes at the end. In the next release I will split undecided voters even and give them back randomly to add more variety.

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Hello all. I am working on finishing the second chapter and expect a release soon. For the conservative leaning players, or for people who like to play every choice possible, I have a question. What is a pledge you would like to see instead of balancing the budget as a Republican? I plan on swapping it out and putting a new one in but wanted to get some input from the community.

If you are considering moving balancing budget to moderate, then okay. Otherwise, I would prefer to keep that one. However, just to throw out options, military modernization or business stimulation (through tax breaks/subsidies)


What is the current situation?

Working on the update for the first 100 days

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Hows it going? If i could offer a suggestion, another middle ground issue you can give us to choose as our main goal is to revitalize the military and making America more ready to stand up to other nations.

Yknow funny enough that was an option for the Republicans at first but I scrapped it for the national debt one. I’m more interested in bigger and sexy ideas to keep the game fun, which is why the neutral one is a massive jobs program and massive infrastructure.

Progress has slowed because I graduate soon and need to find a full time job afterwards. I’m also working on adding primaries to the game which means I’ll probably split the events into half and half.

I’m going to scrap the random order too and create a more linear path with the events having causes that will carry over into your Presidency. For example, the trade issue has a cause (a major trade deal is being negotiated known as PAPA) and it will obviously carry over. Other things like the minimum wage event need to have a cause. I’m thinking of having a labor shortage or something like that to cause it.