Game Ideas

Hey everybody! So I was thinking of starting to write a game and had two possible ideas that I was looking for some feedback on.

1- The Highest Office. If possible, I was thinking of doing a game where you play as a character at the bottom of the political pole (such as mayor) and have the chance to work your way up the political positions such as governer, senator until you have the chance to run for the presidency and possibly 4-8yrs afterward. The people you meet and the connections you make along the way would decide if you win. You would have the chance to make campaign promises that would try and accomplish at each level and see the results.

2- undecided title…This game would be where you would either have the choice to play in a revolution as one of the rebels, or as one of the king’s supporters. I would try and make it so that you could play in different roles besides the obvious leader such as diplomat (gain outsiders help) commander (not entirely in charge, but in charge of own divison) and maybe spy. You would have the chance to secretly be a traiter, and see if you can win or crush the rebellion.

So please leave any comments good or bad. Also, possible titles for the second game would be appreciated

I like #1…seems more original to me.

I’d be interested in seeing more political games like the first one.

The second one sounds like what I’m writing. :)) It tends to be a little generic, but that type of thing is probably one of my favorite themes to play (like The Fleet, if you’ve played it).

The first one seems original, and even though I’m not usually Intrested in politics, this was interesting.

The second one seems more generic (which doesn’t make it bad.), it’s more the type of game that I’d be interested in.

Overall, I think I prefer the first one, just a bit more, alough, they’re both pretty cool.

I would love a choice script game specifically about politics. I mean there are games that have bits of in game politics, but nothing focusing on that aspect.

The other game sounds pretty standard and I would certainly be interested by default, but I defiantly think the first game interests me more.

I agree with everyone else here: I love me some politics, and I’d really like to see more games using the climb up the ladder of political power as the main theme. The main problem I could see with it involve the specifics of the government involved.

I love to see the first but if is based in real countries you could have problems and some people don’t want to play for that reason. But if is placed in a alternative country all could be ok and give yourself more freedom to establish rules laws and elections systems . I love want to see a communist politic trying to ascend in a communist regime

Indeed, that would defeat the problem of having people from Parliamentary democracies confused by an American-style democracy and vice-versa. If the whole thing is set in a fictional one-party state with a supreme leader and tiers of underlings, then the writer has a lot more freedom, and the system could be easier to explain.

Hell, I’d play “Choice of the Apparatchik”.

@Cataphrak I would pay to play that game i was thinking more in Choice of red comrade: Ascend in your way to become the absolute ruler of Krighthurstan

You’re not the only one who’d pay to play that, especially if I can end up appointing myself “Eternal Comrade Leader Whose Sweat is the Rain and Whose Eyes are the Sun”, in true North Korean style.

So The Highest Office wins.
@Cataphrak @MaraJade That’s a good point, i didn’t consiser the different range of governments people live under.

So I would appreciate suggestions from people on what they would want to see in the game features wise, and names for the country

I like the 2 one more

It’s more of a game I would play

1 I would still play even though I don’t know much about politics