Unsupervised - You were a sidekick. Now, you kick ass. (WIP)

(larger version)

Art by EJ Dela Cruz (Check his portfolio here!)

From the people who brought you Highlands, Deep Waters, The War for the West, Vampire Regent, and Ghost Simulator comes… something completely different!

Who needs supervision when you can have super vision?
Or super strength, super speed, elemental mastery, control over time itself…

You get the idea.

Puberty hits different when you’re a metahuman.
You are not old enough to have a beer, but you sure as hell are old enough to save the world… and have your first kiss. Or your first kill.

Will you become a low-key supervillain, a high-key superhero, or a canceled vigilante?

And which sidekicks–or young lackeys–will remain by your side when that happens?

Dress for the occasion.
Customize your uniform down to the tiniest detail or keep it in the closet and go have some fun on the side.

After all, with great power comes great parties.

Play the demo!

And, if you enjoy it, please wishlist the full game on Steam!

Main Cast/Romanceable Characters

Flit/Sawyer Suresh:
A non-binary teleporter with a profound sense of responsibility. They’ll help people, wherever they are, no matter the cost.

Lil Biggie/Amir Roy:
A male sizeshifter with a lot of swagger and a heart of gold. He’s also one of the world’s most popular rappers, and is trying to balance his career with his activities as a young superhero.

Ghostling/Lilith Brooks:
A female apparition with a dry sense of humor and a sharp mind. She struggles to control her abilities—and struggles even more to trust others.

Multidude/Derek Dumas:
A male self-replicator playing 4d chess, using his copies—and maybe even his friends—as pawns. He has the accumulated knowledge of countless versions of himself, in a wide variety of fields.

Alloy/Thelma Lloyd:
A female fun-loving extrovert with a short temper and a borderline compulsive desire for excitement and adventure. She has the power to assume the properties of any metal that makes contact with her bloodstream. She’s also the daughter of Trismegistus, one of the world’s greatest heroes, and the niece of Thaumaturge, its most dangerous villain.

Fluke/Paul Yang:
A male probability manipulator who used to be the lackey of the supervillain Miss Fortune. To him, risk is its own reward.

Vorpal/Nora Sblaza:
A reclusive female fencer with enhanced physique, consumed by vengeance. You knew her as Cutlass, the sidekick to the superhero Zweihander. Now, you don’t know her at all.

Comeback Kid/???:
You don’t know him yet. And he’s too young for you. Or maybe too old. (Not an RO!)

A mysterious illusionist master thief. You can meet her in France and maybe go to a supervillain party with her in Marseille. To quote Katy Perry, she changes identities like a girl changes clothes.

Shimmer/Blair Turner
Your childhood friend, whose gender is defined by your choices. They are struggling with substance abuse, and your decisions impact if they will become a hero, a villain, or something in between.


Can’t click the demo link for some reason

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Sorry, should be working now :sweat_smile:


No worries all good now thumbs :+1:

There seems to be a bug concerning Rattlebag, I chose to turn him in to the French police and after I chose to stay at a hotel for the night, Flit acted as if I lied to the others about taking him to the police and killed him instead.

I haven’t played yet but this looks cool


I thought I had solved that. Thanks for the report, I’ll get into fixing it for good.

EDIT: I think I got it now, at least for that specific segment. Check if you’re playing version 0.42f, if you aren’t please refresh your browser or, in some cases, delete the cookies for dashingDon and it will update.


Who are the romance options or is there none

The art is gorgeous! I think I recognize most of the characters, too.

And I love the blurb here. I hope most of it ends up in the final marketing copy, because it’s clever and captures the tone of the game very well. I buy every ChoiceScript game, and the authors of The Vampire Regent can take my money anytime, but even if neither of those things were true, “Who needs supervision when you can have super vision?” would make me want to buy this.


Everybody on the cover (minus the kid in the tech suit) is romanceable, but we mostly just added slow-burn scenes so far.

Thanks, Aletheia (for everything)!


Do I hear elemental mastery?



It’s been fixed from what it looks like to me. Thanks!

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I’m definitely interested in this im about to be Jason Todd with powers lol :rofl:


Premise sounds like the love child of Gen 13, Teen Titans and Young Justice (The comic, not the cartoon).

I’m intrigued and ill be giving this a go.


I let Ghostling kill Rattlebags and scattered his bones with my time ability. Afterwards, it goes to the scene with Flit waking you and asking what happened and you have the option of saying you killed him, lie, or be surprised that he’s gone.


For whatever reason I can’t exit the costume customization even after I’ve spent all of my money


You need to buy a top and a bottom clothing item to wear. So if you spend all your money before that then you are stuck in a loop and can’t get past as far as I could tell.


23 years old over here cheesing like a kid because the cover art alone has me in a tizzy. I’m excited before even reading!! Lol. :sweat_smile:


Tried to fight Thaumaturge without taking drugs as a character with enhanced senses and somehow ended up smiting him with electricity as a being made of energy.

Also if you beat rattlebag and spare him your villainy can become a negative number if villainy was already low. I don’t think that is supposed to happen since the public opinion went from “Promising Youngsters” to “Anti-Heroes”.


Holy shit! One of my favourite authors strikes again. I haven’t read this, but I’m off to do so right away.