The Purple Room | WIP - updated 10 September 2023

Chapter 2 release.

This update includes:

  • New stats layout.
  • New stats menu.
  • Save function added. (Hope it works!)
  • Achievements are added. There are four achievements to collect.
  • Romance route for all of the known 3RO, or you can choose to be by yourself.
  • Steamy scenes in the romance route, but it’s not too NSFW. (I’m sorry guys :sweat_smile: I don’t know how to write NSFW.)

A thrilling choose-your-own-adventure where you step into the shoes of a detective on a mission to apprehend a notorious and elusive serial killer. Delve into the dark recesses of the killer’s mind, uncovering the mysteries surrounding each murder, and ultimately unravel the motive behind the killer’s heinous acts. But most importantly, how does the mysterious Purple Room fit into this twisted tale?


• Play as a woman, man, or non-binary; gay, straight, or bisexual.
• Customize your detective and choose your fighting style.
• Choose whether to improve or worsen your relationship with your lesbian moms.
• Untangle clues and puzzles as you navigate through a web of intrigue.
• Choose to romance or pursue a romance with your longtime partner, the captain of the police precinct, the reporter who’s obsessed with the case or a secret romance.
• Choose to bring the killer to justice, let them escape, or team up with them.
• Uncover the enigma of the purple room and discover what lies inside of it.


  • Contains graphic and gory descriptions.

Demo | Tumblr | Romantic Options


Oh nice a mystery romance great mix
The prologue is so far is great and capturing great job author

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Would it be possible for you to put more info in your introductory post, like a summary of the game, it’s features, romance options, etc?

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Damn… it was good. Short but good. Definitely looking forward to more.


Thank you so much for reading it. This is my first time writing an interactive story :grin:. Sorry if it’s a bit messy.

Of course! I didn’t put it because I thought no one will click it. Hahaha. My bad!

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Thank you! Thankyou for your support. Really appreciate it. :sparkling_heart:

Sounds interesting is serial killer a women or flipsble

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I’m still deciding on whether i want to reveal the killer and let the reader choose the gender or reveal it in the middle and set only one gender. And maybe I’ll ask readers what they prefer. I don’t know yet.

If we have the option to romance with the killer, it would probably be best to choose their gender


Yeah cause if it’s a guy I won’t romance I’ll bring to justice


I hope they add gender choice


Its kinda make sense in romance IF to romance the villain and amazing job on your first IF


This is a tricky one. Because if the Killer’s gender were to be revealed, it would likely be pretty obvious who the killer is. For example, if the MC was interogatting suspects, and one of them was presented with the option to have their gender chosen, then it would be pretty obvious which one is the killer.

@EerrieVirgo , i don’t know what your plans are for the mystery, but there are two ways I can see you letting the player choose the killer’s gender without also spoiling their identity.

Option 1: The killer is one of the other gender selectable characters, and it becomes a big plot twist. Please don’t do this, though, as it would break everyone’s hearts.

Option 2: and in my opinion, the better option is that the killer leaves behind clues which clue in the MC as to their identity. For example, they could leave things behind at the crime scene typically associated with one gender. Or the killer could leave behind a letter for the MC, and it is worded something like:

"Catch me if you can detective… From a very naughty boy/girl. "

I have faith that you can figure it out. Your WIP is very promising, and I look forward to future updates. Remember, a good mystery is one that an attentive player will be able to figure out via the clues you leave, but not one that is impossible to figure out before the answer is revealed.

Good luck. :slight_smile:


@Bretayal837 I made up my mind that I will add gender for the killer. It will be challenging because I don’t want people to know who they are at the first clue, you know? But, I will figure it out. Thank you for reading this WIP :hugs:.

@Leinco Exactly my thought! You gave great ideas and thank you for believing in me. I will continue after my exam. So, maybe or hopefully in early July I will update the WIP. Option 1 made me laugh btw :joy:. I don’t know, maybe I would like to break everyone’s heart :smiling_imp:.


@Scott_Redmond Yeahh, I think so too. I’ll see what I can do.

@Harley_Robin_Evans I can relate actually because I, too would choose a female RO :joy:.


I like what you have so far. It does seem like it is connected to the group your partner was apart of.


Here is a question about the stats in the game will you use the skills check or just the personalities slides or just keep it simplified because this is your first project ?

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What would be a bigger twist is if the Mc meets them while not realizing they’re the killer and goes on a date with them.


@ayoub_hadou I don’t explore the stats yet. So I don’t know what I will do with the stats. But if you have suggestions about it, I’m open to them.

@WarMachine658 Oh my god! that would be shocking for mc. I will be thinking about all the possibilities on how to reveal the killer. Thank you for your idea!