Cabin One (WIP)


I wasn’t going to make this until I had a demo up, but I wanted to ser if I could get any feedback on this.

The game is basically this:
You’re a counselor for a popular, old-fashioned sleep-in summer camp that you have attended since you were younger.

A few days in, however, tragedy strikes when one of the campers is murdered early in the evening.

The camp keeps running, however, but in order for this to happen the owners place the blame on a staff member who is immediately arrested, who just so happens to be your father.

The game is a combination of murder mystery, adventure, horror, and some other things. While the plot seems pretty straightforward, it’s the exact opposite. The plot will require you pay close attention to key things and build relationships with your fellow counselors and campers as much as possible. There are several story arcs, and yes, there is more to the game than solving a murder. Fun camp stuff happens too, because another goal of the game is to lead your campers to victory in the Camp Games (name subject to change).

Some of the stuff in this game only a bit somewhat reminiscent to Hogwarts in the aspect of the cabin system. There are four cabins, each with somewhere between 7-10 campers between the ages of 12-15. (Many campers left camp after the murder.)

The campers are placed randomly in cabins. There tends to be a strong rivalry between members of particular cabins, especially between counselors.

There are two counselors to each cabin, one male and one female, between 18-21 Depending on your gender your fellow counselor’s gender will change (duh) and both are actually very different in terms of personality, but worry not because the character that is not used will be placed in-game as the director’s assistant, so you will get to know both. :slight_smile:

The other six counselors and your counterpart will all be romance options if you’re interested in pursuing one. For the sake of making my life easier, all characters will be available to both genders, but this will only show if you actively pursue the character so don’t worry about everyone throwing themselves onto you. xD

Going back to the plot… it changes. Depending on a few choices you make at the beginning, the culprit will change. There are four possible culprits and a different story for each, so it will be fun to replay. That is about as complicated as I am willing to make the story, so I’ll make up for it in length and separate story arcs.

There are secret episodes you may also find based on choices. For example, you have the option of choosing the date and month of your birth, and if you choose certain dates that occur in game (about a month and a half span) you’ll get something fun. :wink:

Other features in this game are puzzles and jokes aplenty, an inventory system, and… Well, that’s it, basically.

I really love summer camps and have written a TON of stories about them, as well as having written cyoa games in the past, so I figured it would be fun to try something like this, despite my knowledge of coding being limited. But it’s a project I plan to stick to and hope many will enjoy reading.

Also, I’ve drawn up a few sketches of the counselors that I will put up alter so you can get an idea of what they look like. I’m not the best artist, however, and my style is anime. I plan to use a more realistic style in the game, however, so if anyone could help me out with drawing the characters that’d be cool.

… I think that’s it. Any feedback is appreciated, and a demo with the Prologue (which is really long) will be up sometime around March!


I hate so badly the children, children camps and stories about summer camps … and the counselors. I hope will be some sarcasm about camps in it, but you seem have a good idea and a ambitious project so I wish you luck. But I love some background to people who hate camps maybe PC was obligated to do for a dark reason


Yeah, there’re different reasons you are counseling, and being there against your will is one of them. And some (well, two) of the counselors hate children entirely.
(I hate kids myself. :P)

Thanks! Personally, I love stories about camping!


glad to know it I will make suffer those little bastards!!


Sounds really good! Something different, I would love to play it and the different culprit idea is really good. Gives me a chance to replay as much as possible! Looking forward to the demo in March!


My counselor motto:


Lol this would be mine:

I hate you all equally.


Thank you. :3

I get the feeling some of you will love messing with the campers. :stuck_out_tongue: You’ll be slavedrivers.


yes I love slave that horrible kids so if I could play laughing about camps you got my damn money will be cool but no emo romances that camp stories usually have


Emo romances? xD No, no emo romances.


or vegetarian sparkling vampires I hate those :-))


All right, more info on the game, the cabin stuff in specific.

There are 8 weeks total in-game. Each week is divided into 3 parts. Mondays and Wednesdays are days in which the campers go to required classes, which means you get free time to do what you like, unless you volunteer to help out with the classes. Tuesdays and Thursdays are days in which you plan out what your campers are going to do. These are your chances to improve Skill for campers. Fridays are challenge days, in which you compete with another cabin for some kind of reward. And Saturdays and Sundays are days off, you can’t choose what your campers will do but you can improve relationships with counselors or improve your skills.

The last week of the month are the Camp Games, followed by special events on the last Saturday and Sunday.

Of course, there is still a story so not EVERY week will go as planned!

Now, more on Camper Skill. You and your campers have certain skills that you must build in order to win the weekly competitions. The competition could be anything, so don’t ignore some of the frilly arts classes entirely. :stuck_out_tongue:

There are also hidden stats for other cabins. There will come times when you might want to mess with another cabin in order to gain advantages, but keep in mind that this affects relationships, which are very important in regards to the story and forming alliances.

There are also random events, mostly at night, in the game, which will affect relationships.

… And I think that’s all for now! Any comments or ideas are appreciated. :smiley:


@Sunbean Hmm I would like it if gender came in to play (besides romance). In a camp if you’re a woman the older mature teens will obviously get distracted, and in some cases try to get a peek at you changing. But if you are a male the girls will probably gush over you and the males would see you as a bro if you’re not too strict.


Yeah I’m likely going to impliment that into the game but that all ties back to keeping a good relationship with all of your campers.

And one of the counselors is already the lifeguard that all of the boys obsess over. :stuck_out_tongue:


a question I could sabotage my own equip to lose and this way don’t have to participate in that games or put a beehive in their dormitory when sleeping you know something fun or maybe poisonous mushrooms :-? I try to think what I do if I have to go these nasty camps maybe I was the killer in first place


… That is a possibility. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But you don’t really participate in the games as much as train your campers for it, if you want your cabin to lose then just let them do their own thing and don’t make them go to any classes I guess


I don’t understand people who genuinely hate kids… Is it just like… a psychotic level of selfishness that they can’t even understand the concept of the species’ continued existence or something? Did a child murder their father?


Somehow I forgot to mention that I do think the game itself sounds interesting… I just am rather leery about the idea of a game that’s supposed to have several young teenaged characters being written by someone who is a self proclaimed hater of kids…


I hate people in general, that doesn’t mean I can’t write about them.

Besides, I’d say being in my late teens myself I’d know a bit about how teens act.


Or if you want a weaker phrase, I don’t get along with people, I can’t stand people, especially younger kids.

Maybe it is something psychotic but I just don’t like 'em