Killer in the House (WIP)

The game takes some of its lines from the 1985 movie “Phenomena” and the 1995 SNES game “Clock Tower”, but I will do my best to break it away from that. Currently it’s in Beta-beta-beta-beta mode, meaning I don’t even have relationship variables yet. Currently your choices are basically non-influential. I will need to find extra time to work on it. This is what I’ve got so far.

Not bad, I believe this story will be great, good luck

Not bad, I believe this story will be great, good luck


Curse of the Double Post! OoooooooooOooOO *makes noises of ghost wailing* […]


I think this good actually work, and I think there are high hopes for this. JUST PLEASE DON’T LET IT DIE! or else I may tell my Owl Army to kill you. I am serious. I got a good laugh from 2 things.

  1. The Stats. Intelligence is opposed by Darr. Speed with Hurry up, and Strength with weak as a mouse. XD I got a real laugh.

  2. When I choose Intelligence as my major skill, and the text says “Are you SERIOUS?! How did you know I was wearing a size 12?!”

Will keep checking on this game. Adios *BlueOwl flies away with his Owl Army*

Bookmarked! :slight_smile: Great so far.

Although how about you find a ‘cursed’ possession? That’s another cliche I can think of right now. Or how about the bus crash and you find a weirdo who offers help, who turns out to be (Surprise) a murderer. There are so many cliches you can add to this.


O.o I didn’t expect such a positive response!

@MIGHunter thank you for your wish. I will try not to let you down.
@BlueOwl358 I’m glad the stats part gave you a laugh. I will try to work on it when I can.
@trollhunterthethird I was planning on having one of the MC’s friends become possessed and attack the MC later on in the story and have the killer kill just about everyone but the MC (Depending on who dies/gets possessed, I’m thinking on letting you be able to save 1 of your friends if you manage to get the best ending, which is another line from Clock Tower). I don’t want to add too many cliches to it, but I’ll consider what you said about the possessed object.
@GrimReaper21 ? I’m not sure what you mean.

“I’m sorry to the countless people whose lives I’ve cut short. The characters who’ve become unwilling sacrifices to my art: The buxom babysitters. The doubting cops. The overbearing parents and well-intentioned boyfriends. Teens with their whole lives ahead of them. Decent, hardworking adults. All sent to an early grave in the name of box-office gold.”
— An apology from Wes Craven

        The premise of the game reminds me of the book "How to survive a horror movie" which that is the foreward of, the five minute movie "The Sleepover."

       I just suddenly have the options of being meta, with choices like "Trying to flee to a scene that would be too expensive to film," or attempting to change the genre.

@stsword I’m not sure what you’re getting across. I’m guessing that you don’t think it’s a good idea. I don’t mind different opinions, but I do plan to go forward with the game (I looked and there were a severe lack of horror games).

lol i found that book hilarious

I have no idea how you saw my comment as a criticism.

The meta comments were references to “How to survive a horror movie.” For example, if you’re in a horror movie, you’re screwed. However, people rarely get dismembered in romantic comedies though, so if you can force the story to shift genre you’re golden.

Or if you’re in a horror movie, move to a location the movie can’t afford to include. If the revenant of a boy who died at summer camp because you were sucking face with another camp councillor starts hunting you, go to disneyland, because Jason Takes Disneyland is never ever ever going to happen.

 Stuff like that, if you're in a horror movie, you need to think outside the box before your head gets stuffed into said box.

 Since you seem to be going for a comedy horror type of thing like the Scream series, which is itself meta, so it reminds me of "How to survive a horror movie."

 I think it's available for like three bucks on amazon kindle if anyone is curious.

 The five minute movie it reminded me of is at if anyone is curious.

Ah. Now I understand. I’m not interested in really changing the genre currently as I want to make it clear it’s a horror game and there’s blood and guts going everywhere and an ancient mansion is only second in line to the middle of the streets/forest, but I might have the game half-take place in the Mansion and have some of it take place somewhere obscure for a horror game (Although just about every location has some sort of horror theme added to it). I simply misinterpreted your comment and just hadn’t a clue what you were talking about (I genuinely had no idea what The Sleepover was).

There has been a small update for the game (starting to get to the Danger zone). It’s in the same link as before.

Lmao The Sleepover :slight_smile:

You had me at clock tower. “good girl” PLEASE tell me aaron has a gruesome, hilarious death

I’m not entirely sure whether that’ll happen, but I’m thinking of linking Aaron to Lily and Alissa to Darren. F.E, if Alissa dies, Darren becomes possessed and tries to kill you, and same applies to Aaron/Lily.

EDIT: Minor edit, all characters can die in the beginning now.

Glad at least one person liked the sleepover, Arcania.

I like me some Meta but I don’t think this will be Meta xD

I like it so far and I will be waiting for more. Trying to decide if I should state that it isn’t caveman like or not for a bonus of 10 Inteligence… or relationship points… I think I will go with stats.

… I don’t know whose death I want the most at this moment…

Relationship points, once implemented, will be quite important (Although maybe not as much as Stats). F.E, say the MC and Lily are running for their lives from the killer and the MC trips over. If you have a good relationship with Lily, she will come back and help you up (Possibly at the cost of her own life), but if you have a bad relationship with her, she’ll leave you for dead. Coding along the lines of this I’m guessing? Not exactly this.

You and Lily rush down the hallway, the killer in hot pursuit. Suddenly, you feel something catch your foot and your momentum carries you forward.
*if lily_relationship >70
Lily rushes back immediately and drags you back to your feet. She pushes you forward to start you running.
“GO!” She screams, gesturing to the door. Then she screams again, but this time a scream of pain. Lily’s screams soon sound like she’s drowning, and you realise your only choice is to continue fleeing and mourn Lily later.
*set lily “dead”
*ifelse lily_relationship 69-50
Lily rushes back to your side and drags you back to your feet. You resume your chase down the hallway.
*ifelse speed >50
Lily continues to flee, not caring about your wellbeing. However, you manage to drag yourself back to your feet and catch back up to her.
You can only watch as Lily makes her escape and a terrible pain lunges through your chest. You hear the killer’s laugh rush through the air as he pulls the blade out of your chest. You only have enough life force left to pull yourself onto your back and stare at the weapon that murdered you; a long katana, and you’re not its first victim.

Aaah. Accidentally posted twice.