Demon Manor [WIP]

With summer holidays coming up very soon for me, I’ll have a lot of spare time to fill. One thing I want to do is draw, the other is work on a game I said I was abandoning.

So, Killer in the House is continuing!
But I thought the title was too parody-ish, like Scary Movie. So I renamed it to Demon Manor.

I’ve been going through it and seeing what could be done better, so among the new name are:

-Re-nameable siblings (Eg. If you wanted Aaron to be named Fishface, you can name him Fishface if you pick the right choice)
-A few new scenes
-An inventory system of 4 objects at a time
-1 new ending (Unfortunately, bad ending).

However along with a new chapter, there’s an error that I don’t know how to fix regarding the inventory.

The error is “line 36: couldn’t parse the line”
The code is:

 *selectable_if (inventory1= "cheese") or (inventory2= "cheese") or (inventory3= "cheese") or (inventory4= "cheese")#Give her the cheese from earlier.

If someone could help me with that error I’d appreciate it greatly.

Here’s the link, tell me if you run into an error other than the one mentioned above

Huh? Summer? I know the seasons are different in the southern hemisphere, but I thought they used the same calander…

well im not a expert, but you cant selectable_if three options i did something like

\*temp cheese false
\*if ((inventory1 ="cheese")or(inventory ="cheese"))
    \*set cheese true


\*selectable_if ((cheese)or(inventory3 ="cheese)) #Give

@Shoelip We do use the same calendar, but our Christmas and Summer holidays get lumped into one huge one down here. Still I’m happy to finally be off school c:

@Marajade That didn’t work, but I’ll keep trying different things until it works

Try this:

\*selectable_if (((inventory1= "cheese") or (inventory2= "cheese")) or ((inventory3= "cheese") or (inventory4= "cheese")))#Give her the cheese from earlier.


i like the game :smiley: I did not get any errors yet :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s OK; I finished the error before school, but I labelled it poorly XD

Ill test

Just curious; does anyone want to test in a private message?

I’ll test

I’ll test

I’ll test

the game is good but i get an error after i punch him in the nose. please fix. i want to see what happens after this!!!

@werewolf123101911 Strange, I just played through that section and didn’t get an error.

If you make a less strong character and choose to be nicer you should see what happens; all it does is determine how friendly you are with Aaron.

I got an error when hiding with Aaron. Is that just when the game ends?

Yes; I have not written anything for Aaron or Alissa’s path (Although I am planning to do their paths after the cage scene)

for some reason i made lilly bubbles as her name and alissa bambi as her na

lol :stuck_out_tongue:

If you could tell me what the error was when you punched Aaron I could have it fixed in a jiffy c:

the error is:
line 171: Non-existent command