Demon Manor [WIP]

It should be fixed now!

and a new error happens after i hide behind the stairs and see aron

Could you please type the error in so I can take a look? I haven’t added anything to Aaron’s path yet, so you’re not missing much.

If you hide behind the stairs this is the error
“line 164: increasing indent not allowed, expected 0 was 1”

Fixed :smiley:

Got this error after the fix :stuck_out_tongue:
“line 165: increasing indent not allowed, expected 0 was 1”

Oh my god ChoiceScript, work with me for once XD

“Oh my god ChoiceScript, work with me for once”

I feel your pain :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

games good. at the end will you be the last survivor or can you make it out with 1 or two. i want save bubbles (bubbles = lilly) :slight_smile:

I’m planning on having an ending where two make it out with you, but in a discussion with the new beta-test team, since I’m planning on having a sequel too, the canon ending will be you were the only survivor.

please at least make it out with 1 person they could be love interest.
ive watched movies with the MC and at least one other person surviving.
but if you don’t want to do it then fine by me, im only giving you suggestions.

I like the idea, and people who survive things like this have strong bonds, so it would not be out of

The ending depending on other choices in the game could be a romantic ending c: Because the game is not gender locked and all four friendly NPCs are straight (Or I’m considering making Romano bi, dunno yet but maybe), the canon ending is all 4 of your friends die.

However say you’re a boy and you want to get romantically involved with Alissa; 3 requirements.
-You survive (Duh)
-Alissa survives (Also duh)
-Your relationship with Alissa is 80 or more at the end.

:-/ i thought Alissa and Roman swing both ways while the other two are straight :stuck_out_tongue: i might have been confused :expressionless:

And i like the fact that instead of the Cliché man killing you it’s a woman yes! crazy woman on a rampage ;:wink:

Aha the killer is actually your gender, so if you opt to play as a man you get a man stalker lol but I’m considering making it set as a young girl (She or he is not meant to be very old, sorta like Samara but she doesn’t just come out of a video tape lol).

Alissa’s just the very affectionate type but now you bring that up I may make her bi too so girls have a female RO at the end :slight_smile:

Oh really well not yet tried male since i want Alissa as a Female RO :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah XD I understand, I rarely play as a boy when I play CoG, always a girl lol

All I know is Aaron and Lily are definitely straight and I’m still considering Romano and Alissa :smiley:

line 21: invalid indent, expected at least one line in “if” true block

Also again but line 26 or 27 can’t remember