Heart of a Dungeon (WiP): Update 12/09/2023

Latest Update: 13/09/2023
Current Word Count [excl. cmds]: Was 106,941 (Now: 124,767)
Current Word Count [incl. cmds]: Was 124,737 (Now: 142,343)

Dungeons. They are mysterious things. Nobody knows how they come to be, but everyone knows they come hand in hand with danger and reward. Adventurers all across the land flock to them, seeking wealth and fame. Some will lose their lives. Some will give up. And a few who conquer them will be remembered as heroes…

That is just one side of the story. As a Dungeon Core, you have your own hopes and dreams. Will you be a vengeful Dungeon bent on killing all who enter you? Or perhaps, you’ll help and guide a new generation of heroes to legendary weapons hidden in your depths? Or, maybe, you dream of leaving your body behind and walking under the stars someday. Whatever your goal is, how you make it come true is entirely up to you…

Features (Once Completed):

  • Become your own vision of a dungeon. Maybe you’ll guide people to become stronger. Maybe you’ll try to kill everyone who enters? Or, perhaps, you’ll become something resembling a theme park or resort?
  • Multiple starting types, from a Lighthouse to a Crypt, that will affect the early-game monster spawners available to you.
  • Your relationships with the locals, Dungeoneers Guild, Office of Dungeon Affairs, Other Dungeons, and the Kingdom will affect you in a number of ways.
  • Nine different Dungeon Core colors to earn based on your choices.
  • Take a hands-off approach or micromanage your Boss Monsters and their behaviors.
  • Choose a name or set your own, as well as gender choices male, female, or set your own with the pronouns you prefer.
  • A number of potential romantic interests that are not gender locked. However, the way you choose to act and are perceived to be will determine if they find you romantically acceptable.
  • Be an Angelic Dungeon that guides people to become heroes or a Demonic Dungeon that’s only out for yourself and your own interests. (Or anything between them!)
  • Multiple Endings
  • And lots more…

Currently, chapter 1 is completed, and I plan on updating it twice weekly at minimum. Mondays and Fridays. Though it’s likely it will see updates more regularly than that.

To play the demo, go here: https://dashingdon.com/go/13002

To support the development of this game and future games set in my world of “Manafall” go here: patreon.com/i_antihero

World of Manafall Discord: World of Manafall

The Dungeon’s Avatar Webnovel Free Release: The Dungeon's Avatar | Royal Road

Planned Updates:
Chapter 2 for all locations. Expansion of the Monster Encyclopedia to include the new monsters.

Updates within the last 7 days:

(12/09/23): Public Version
The Temple Chapter 1 is now an available location.

(23/07/23): Patreon
Part 1 Chapter 2 the Temple is now live.


hmm, Sounds interesting plot. G’Luck.


Thank you.


Good luck, seems like a shit ton of work


Thanks, and I’m sure it will be. Just couldn’t do something simple for my first one lol.


earthbound dungeon man simulator. sick idea yo!


Glad you like it.


Could you add a toggle to show the mechanical effects of each choice? I’m sure not everyone wants to know that, but since this game seems like it’s going to be pretty stat intensive, I’d like to have the option to know exactly what I’m choosing.


This seems interesting. I’ll be following.


I’ll keep this in mind as I develop the rest of this chapter. It probably won’t be a good idea to show everything each choice does, but I’ll look at the possibility of at least a toggle to show the most important stat changes.


Thanks for taking an interest!


Yeah, I don’t need (or want) to know things that I clearly wouldn’t know, but like, the scene where I’m evolving my leader minion – I can only guess what it probably means by the name.

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There’s a portion of the stats page that will be included in the next update that will show those results. And I’ve planned on adding “A Dungeon’s Guide to being a Dungeon, by a Dungeon.” in the stats screen that you’ll get from the Office of Dungeon Affairs.


Interesting concept! They even have a regulating body for dungeons lol . Maybe some more descriptions for the dungeon


Holy crap, it’s Dungeon Keeper: The Narrative Text Game!

Click here for stuff!

Right now it doesn’t make much of a dent, but as the game grows, don’t forget to turn on the save system.

Boss Spider is called Arachea here:

but Archaea in the following screen (and all other screens):

and I’m not convinced you didn’t mean for it to be Arachnea in both cases.

Dissonance: the Inspector says I’ll have grown enough to grow a second floor, but if you pick the House, at least, you already HAVE a second floor (dunno if that’s true of the Crypt). Also, this dude checked out my chest, I feel harassed. :scream:

I love the concept - don’t actually know if I want to go for the House, the Forest, or the Fortress when those are completed, which is always a good sign!


It’s meant to be what the choice shows. Must have been a typo when I set the variable to hold the name and didn’t notice lol. I’ll fix that for the next update. The whole house counts as a single Dungeon Floor. It’s the same for the other settings. It’s technically called the Interior Floor. Hoping to have those other choices ready for Friday’s update lol. Glad you’re enjoying it.


Just wanted to say so far it’s amazing and can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us :grin:

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I hadn’t even looked at the options that weren’t available yet. I’d probably start with Forest or Lighthouse once they’re available.


I was waiting for this since I read the intrest check tread a few days ago

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Interesting. A game where u can be good or bad. I look forward for more updates