Obsolete Stars (WIP)

Long time reader and writer, new time coder.
I’m looking for general advice, hopefully no one finds bugs, but if you do, please tell me.

Last Update: 20th April 2024
Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8 full
Last added Word count: + 19k

Demo link :https://dashingdon.com/play/anandra/obsolete-stars/mygame/
Tumblr link: @obsolete-stars-if on Tumblr
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Last Update Post: Last Content Update information on Post 124
Update 20th/April 2024: Chapter 8 full release
Update 18th/Feb 2024: Chapter 7 full release
Update 29th/Jan 2024: Chapter 7 part 2
Update 12th/Jan 2024: Chapter 7 Part 1
Update 16th/Dec 2023: Chapter 6 full release
Update 22th/Nov 2023: Chapter 5 full release
Update 18th/Nov 2023: Chapter 4 full release
Update 7th/Nov/2023: Chapter 3 fully released
Update 29th/Oct/2023: Minor Content, bug fixes, glossary added
Update 20th/Sept/2023: Main part of chapter 3
Update 12th/Aug 2023: Chapter 3 introduction
Update 04th/July 2023: Chapter 2 fully released
Update 05th/June 2023: Main part of chapter 2
Update 23th/May 2023: Introduction Chapter 2
Update: 23th/May 2023: Hot-Fix Update + Cheat menu
Update: 20th/May 2023: Chapter 1 fully released
Update: 18th/May 2023: Currently only prologue and part of chapter 1 available.


Words total: 99,404
Read time total: about 5h 45min

While I do have an outline, this is a first draft/proof of concept situation. There will be many errors and things like personality options, and further expansion of the world around you, will be expanded once the first draft is done. Thank you for understanding.

Here is the intro post:

So let’s be real, we all read fanfiction that followed the prompt of “Help, my parents sold me off to [insert boy band/ celebrate crush/ tumblr sexy man of the week)!”, but unlike those fanfictions, you weren’t sold off to your hot crush. After a life in isolation, your father, the king, sells you off to marry the prince of another country. With nothing but two guards, you make your way to meet the dreaded fate of marriage. Along the way, you will make friends, learn the truth about your kingdom, and find yourself in positions much worse than a forced marriage. One can only pray for your survival.

In this game you will explore your kingdom and what happened to the magic realm. It will include sensitive topics, and possible explicit content in the future.
The game focuses on interpersonal relationships.

What else?

  • Play as Male, Female, Nonbinary (option to customize your pronouns, future trans options planned)
  • Date one (or more) of your 7 friends
  • Play as straight, queer, poly, mono, or just be aro or ace
  • Be a total ass to your spouse or just accept your fate
  • Have fun seeing your kingdom in ruins!
  • Get your friends killed
  • Get yourself killed
  • Ę̸̱͌̌x̷͖̕p̵̣̰͐̓e̴̡̪̓̇r̸̨̹̉͘i̷͍̮̎͝e̴͇͋̒n̸̢̼͠c̵͎̳̓̈́e̵͙͇̽̄ ̴̼̈́͒j̵̨̢̈́͆ṳ̸͝͠d̶̝̈̇g̴̨͉̀̏e̸͎͒͛m̷̳̪̓ẽ̶̙͉ń̶͕͋t̵̺̾ ̵̘̓́d̵̹̈́å̵͚ȳ̸͓͗

Okay cool, but what about dating?


Tarek/Takischa (he/him; she/her) (Ftm/Mtf) (genderselectable)
Old and grumpy, TK is 15 years your senior and has been serving the palace your entire life. They are stoic and devoted to the crown, they take their job more than serious, sometimes they can even parental or possessive. Underneath their blank face, you know they care for you, and they always will.
They are 6′3 and have ashen honey hair, curly and cutting off just above their eyes. Pale green eyes set deep against their ivory skin. They hide almost all of their skin with layers of clothing.
(Great if you have parental issues.)

Samuel/Samira (he/him; she/her) (Ftm/Mtf) (genderselectable)
Young and curious, Sammy is just a year younger than yourself, they can be naive and easy trusting. They’re optimistic and want to impress you and all their friends. Sammy has a lot to learn, and they’re more than eager to do so. With enough care and time, Sammy will grow into a great protector.
Sammy is 5′9 with very short black hair. Against their warm beige skin tone, their monolidded eyes are a deep reddish brown. They wear simple robust clothes.
Sammy is ace and sex neutral.
(Great if you don’t enjoy angst)

Alia (she/they) (afab)
A quiet person, she keeps to herself, but always stays polite, she is a shrine maiden and TKs friend. She is a peacemaker at heart, and tries to deescalate every situation. She would be considered one of the strongest magic users, if she would ever use it. She is about six years your senior.
Alia is 5′3 and has bronze hair that is cut into a short wolf hairstyle. Blue eyes against satin freckled skin. She wears a lavender dress, with white clothing to cover her arm.
Alia is ace and sex repulsed.
(Great if you like slow burn)

Sascha (He/they) (Ftm)
He is about ten years older, but that can be quickly forgotten by how charming, egotistical and even cowardly he can act. He is not only a danger to you and your friends, but themselves too. He pulls danger from beyond your understanding into your orbit. He is a teasing smart ass that isn’t above blackmailing or hurting anyone. Not to forget that he committed the highest crime there is, stealing a magic companions.
They are 6′1 and have long grey-white hair that falls to his hips. He has very pale skin and ice blue eyes. He wears high quality clothes, and a golden jacket that fades into a deep red.
Sascha is ace and sex positive.
(Great test of your patience.)

Kate (she/her) (Mtf)
Just a few years older than you, she is noble and a healer, she is a loud and loving personality. With teasing smile, she cares deeply about everyone’s well-being, but will never be above calling anyone out.
She is 6′0, her chocolate goddess locs fall beneath her shoulders, the curls fading into a pink color. Dark deep brown eyes against warm yet ashen honey skin tone. She wears pink toned dresses and many accessories.
(Great if you like women.)

Mikhail (he/they) (amab)
The prince of Riag, your spouse, and the second general. His easy going and considerate personality makes it hard to grasp, that he is celebrated by his own soldiers and nobles of his country, deeply feared by anyone outside his country. A war criminal for his country. Beloved warrior, lover of war. He is only a few years your senior.
Mikail is 5′7 and their dark brown hair would fall to his shoulders, if it wasn’t pulled back into a ponytail. The tips of his hair fading into an earthy, almost blueish green tone, matching his eyes against his cool olive skin tone. He wears short clothing due to the heat in Riag and the many training sessions they have daily.
(Mikhail is not gender selectable)
(Great if you believe everyone deserves a second chance.)

Gigi (she/her) (afab)
She promised Judgement Day.
Gigi is 5′6 and with ash blonde hair curling around her soft face frame, cutting off just below her ears, and light brown, almost hazel eyes. She wears primarily black with orange accessories.
(Do you truly want to try?)

Next to all of these as single routes, there have been 3 (maybe more in the future) possible Poly Options planned.

  • Mikhail x TK x Mc
  • Sammy x TK x Mc
  • Sascha x Gigi x Mc

These are Poly options, not Love Triangles.


Premise sounds interesting, and I love what you have so far, your writing style is so nice!

Am I right in getting the feel that this takes place in a more modern or near-modern setting rather than one more medieval or ancient?


I’m very sorry to disappoint, but it is playing in a more medieval setting, there isn’t an exact year, but very vague “lots of stuff hasn’t been invented yet” era.

But I’m very happy to hear that the premise sounds interesting so far


Oh no, please don’t worry, I’m not disappointed by this, was just asking for clarification! :joy: In fact I enjoy older settings more haha

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Then you will love this, no cars. No basic hygiene. People are confused about the sun. They haven’t defined what a war crime is yet. All the fun stuff!


Sounds interesting

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Can the prince be gender selectable too or no?

No, the prince is not gender selectable.
You can be very vocal about your distaste towards him and even hostile if you want to, you don’t need to be friendly, or even romantic to him. But there’s no way out of the wedding and they’re not gender selectable.
The ones that are gender selectable are marked as such (TK and Sammy)

I see, but you don’t then.

I’m aware I have the eyeball equivalent of a macro lens and can’t see past my nose without correction (and can’t see across a room with) but damn, you really got me

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not save


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Yet another one has pulled me in😉

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Wtf wrong with MC’s father? Isolation? And then arranged marriage to some foreign royal? Aren’t MCs supposedly heir??? Shouldn’t the king care of his (only?) offspring?


Thanks! I’ll be correcting it for the next update

The king does have his reasons for doing what he did, which you will learn as well, doesn’t mean you have to think those were valid reasons, considering isolation isn’t fun.

You will return to your palace and kingdom eventually to take the throne, but it wouldn’t be safe atm to hold a wedding at your palace. All reasons you will learn going on your journey, bcs of your isolation, there is a lot of stuff you are unaware of and will learn in not so fun ways


I think keeping a child in the dark can bring worse results than honest conversation…
Oh, well, Parent of the Year :expressionless::+1:

Anyway, the plot is interesting, can’t wait to find out what it’s all about!


Yeah, the king isn’t meant to be a good parent at all, your hate for him is exactly what I want

What about the mother? :thinking:

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Good question. You should ask your guard (TK) about the queen.

I love the story, its interesting in medieval setting theres transgender but that doesn’t mean a bad thing and the list of LIs are inclusive. So far so good cant wait for more chapter from this game

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Although this is not my usual genre, I love your descriptive language! Your use of the symbols to indicate choice consequence was very cool. I like that you are bold and want to tackle more sensitive topics. Describing vomitus can be very fun in a gross way! There were a few typos here and there but you will find all those on your own. I did not find any coding issues. Given my newness to this genre, writing, and critique, I can only offer you this kind of feedback. If you have any coding problems, I may be able to help; however, there are many proficient coders here. Good Luck and thankyou for writing!