Sense & Sorcery (WIP, Working Title, Gender Locked Female)

I wanted to formally present one of my WIPs to the group, Sense & Sorcery. It’s intended as a regency / Sword & Sorcery mash up.

Deal with all matters of society and sorcery in this mix of regency and classic sword & sorcery. When your father vanishes, you are launched into a war between the towers in an effort to save your family and your prospects.
Sense & Sorcery

-Define your appearance, personality, and nature.
-This one is gender locked with female only genders. While for most of my works I try to allow for all genders and user defined genders, I’ve found that the coding gets bogged down a bit and some scenes end up with lots of social faux pas when I picture one gender in my head and then another is used in game that can range from off to even creepy. As this is half regency, I went with the historic Jane Austen heroine gender of female.
-Can be of any romantic persuasion. Upon completion, I’m hoping to allow for female-female, female-male, and female-non-binary relationships of both a romantic and very light adult make up.
-Find romantic prospects amongst sorcerers, cultists, dabblers, barbarians, rogues, pirates, bandits, thralls, fey, and more!
-Master regency and sorcery skills and spells as you navigate your way in sorcerous high society.
-Save your sisters and family or let all your towers and name come to naught. Your relationship with your family will be an ongoing adaptable experience throughout the game as you all find your way,
and find out who you really all are.
-Upon completion hoping to have a mini-dress up game of some sort.

So, what is this game? Is this some sort of satire or parody of Jane Austen?

It is less a direct parody than for example Sense & Sea Monsters and more a direct mashup, akin to perhaps Carnival Row in terms of genre. The tone does vary between the hopefully humorous to grim dark fantasy, however. The voice varies a little but hopefully falls somewhere between Jane Austen and Ronald Howard, overall.

This is my first time formally presenting a work to the group, so I hope this attempt matches whatever format is expected. I am interested in both high and low level feedback and everything in between. Constructive criticism is welcome; trolling and toxic/deconstructive criticism is not. In addition, please
let me know if you find spelling errors, grammar, errors, instances of word rep that seem non-intentional. My thoughts on grammar are a bit more fluid than some writers as grammar is a flowing, fluid thing always changing-that stated, some grammar failures will be obvious and these I hope to catch and fix.

Thank you for your time.

-I have set up a dedicated email address for this game at:
This email address I’ll probably check once or twice a week.
-For faster response I have a more general email for all my WIPs at:
While I promise to try to read all feedback, I cannot promise to reply to all feedback. If I don’t reply this does not mean that I don’t appreciate or am not heeding your feedback.

I can also be supported on patreon at: Ed Lawrence Games and Stories is creating Text Based CYOA video games and Fantasy Stories | Patreon
-Note: While none of my projects there are erotica or such, due to dark fantasy elements and some romantic scenes with adult content patreon required my content be adult only. Adult elements are probably on par with perhaps Game of Thrones at worst.


I’m interested in the premise for sure! I will check it out as soon as I have time to read. I would recommend putting the gender locked female tag on this post, so that it’s clear right away.


Thank you! I appreciate the interest and advice. I hope and think I have it fixed now :slight_smile:

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If it’s intended that we play the original daughter, the way the opening reads it gives the impression that we play a spirit that destroys / replaces her consciousness. But then think we’re the daughter with her memories.

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Thank you for reading and the feedback. Yes, that is mostly what I am aiming for.

I was hoping for sort of a meta-world theme where the actual player is the Other World Spirit that gets drawn in and then is magically bound to the girl on the alter. I’m aiming more for being combined with than out right replaced, but essentially yes.

As I haven’t had much opportunity to workshop this, I don’t know if this will be a common concern that the opening may confuse some readers. If so, I am open to suggestions, though I’m hoping to maintain the meta-world motif, at least a little. Would it help if the meta-world spiritual aspect is expressed in the pregame opening page?


I think making it a little clearer either in the pregame opening or maybe by what the mc’s father says could work. I typed that before reading the chapter that helps explain that it’s more a weird magic combo situation. I like what you’re going for with this and it’s a fun read.

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Thank you again. I will think on adding some clarification, probably in the pregame section. Glad you’re enjoying!

I liked what I read so gar, ATM I am right before the Dinner scene.

I really like that there are mostly choices to Change the Pages, Not just next.

I like the details we can Set.

What I noticed, but that is just me personally, the prosa is sometimes so much that I start to skip descriptions.

What I would like to know is about the question who my MC wants to date, is that already a choice that locks me to a specific RO( I would not like that) or can there be an answer where you can choose just Humans or not choose someones directly like I want to date someone I like, No matter the rest?


An interesting premise. A couple of spelling errors here and there but over all the writing is good. I do agree that some clarification as to whether we are playing as the daughter or the other world interloper would be good. I will be following this thread with interest.

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This looks so promising. So many choices are offered, I love it. The sisters are all fun and I’m looking forward to meeting the romances options.


Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I won’t have enough free time till tonight, but I will try to fix it then.

Strangely I Had the option for a one colored Tiara it was just the Material and one color

Thank you for the feedback and reading! Yeah, the prose is loosely themed after Austen and that era of English lit, which I will fully agree can be a bit much at times. I’m up for hearing feedback, but I think as the game progresses, I’ll probably slowly shift it over towards a more Sword & Sorcery prose style-more fiery word choices with a faster style, though it will be a balancing act to be sure.

Regarding the romance option, picking one romance option will not preclude you from the other options, but it will limit them. Stara in particular will try to find you the partner you mentioned, so at least one NPC will be of the type you mentioned. However, you will also meet one romantic option on the way to the second tower and have various opportunity run ins with others throughout. So far there are romantic options for a fey woman and man, the cousin character (per regency dating cousins was okay, go figure), the impertinent thrall, the mysterious-deadly?!?-thrall, the satyr in Morgan’s closet, and the mysterious Wanderflame scion. Aiming to add a few more, but yes, at some point defining for one might preclude another, as least as far as narrative progression, but not this early in the game.

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Thank you for the feedback and interest! I appreciate your reading it.

Thank you Akane!

Yeah the Cousin definetely give me Mr Collins vibes. At the moment some of the sisters spread pride and prejudice vibes too, so Well done.


Per feedback, start page text has been changed and I hope and think I solved the headware color bug.

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Interesting story, loved the demo, keep up the good work and have fun writing, can’t wait to read more :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: .


Thank you U-mae!

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Just a little update for those interested in the game:

Currently spells and combat are slowly being added in an incremental process. Each spell school will likely have a small number of spells, although the protagonist will also be able to do a sort of free cast when a given school of magic would seem appropriate for given events. To make combat I am slowly writing a simulator which will be added onto incrementally whereon combat events can be borrowed and added into the actual game-at present the combat simulator, available at the start of the game, is very rough and just consists of dagger tossing at a stationary target, but this will hopefully change soon.
In addition, chapters 3 and 4 are slowly being added to and chapter 2 is being fine-tuned.
Again, thank you to those testing out my games.