Sense & Sorcery (WIP, Working Title, Gender Locked Female)

Reading, reading, notices Necromancy, immediately loves the story!


Heads up that due to real world factors all my projects will be on pseduo-haitus / pause for a while. Hoping it will be a brief pause, couple months or so, as working on these is one of my favorite things. For those supporting me on patron, payments will be paused until I can bring forth content again. My apologies for the delay in content.


Quick poll and update. Hopefully starting a new job soon that shall allow me more time to work on my games and writing, so most likely actual updates should start again soon, and hiatus shall end.

Then for the poll: When I started writing Sense & Sorcery I had forgotten that regency era progeny usually refer to their mothers as mama and their fathers as papa. So technically it is an error. That stated, it kind of seems like a nice difference between sorcerous society and the other upper-class families living in regency England as I have mixed feelings about sometimes powerful, deadly sorceresses calling their mother mama and such. Then again, why not too?

So, question is should I keep it as is, or adjust mother and father to mama and papa respectively.

  • Keep as mother and father rather than mama and papa
  • Adjust diologue to mama and papa

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We have “keep mother and father” at 76% vs “change to mama and papa” at 24%, so at present I shall keep those words as is. Thank you very much to everyone that voted! I am now on the job switch, so I hope I’ll get some content going this weekend, minus some sort of family emergency or what not happening.


I think the save system isn’t working? I can’t load my saves. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for letting me know. The save system in its current form is a plug-in provided by Dashingdon I believe; as such I don’t have much control over its functionality for which I apologize. It occasionally has gone down in the past (I imagine when there are updates happening to the plug-in code or possibly the servers that host this feature) but usually seems to come back up within a day or so. I hope and think that will be the case. However, if this problem persists, please let me know and I will try to investigate further to what extent I can. When I checked my own saves the ones on my iphone would not load but the ones on my laptop did-albeit it took a longer wait than usual.


Im having a similar problem, but the difference is that i cant even load saves since that freezes the game and later crashes (and to be honest, its the first time i see this error lol)


Are people still experiencing the problem with loading saved games?

  • Yes
  • No

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Interesting read👍

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Well I enjoyed that. For Fasion and Saftey! Made me giggle and my cat stare at me like I was a crazy person. I told her, I’m not.

I can’t tell if I’m not all that thrilled with story or just love The family interactions so much that I’m disappointed when they end so the story can go on.

I really enjoy almost all the characters. Well except maybe Mordred. Seems just kinda there. But it’s early.

And who knew falconry could be so dangerous.


Thanks for reading!

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Thanks for the feedback and observations.

Yeah, that’s one of my favorite lines too! Good point on Mordred and I’ll keep that in mind on going forward with his character to make him more interesting.

Quick heads up that progress has been delayed. I wouldn’t say that the project is on Hiatus, but there unfortunately won’t likely be any worthwhile update until sometime in December at earliest due to a variety of factors. My apologies on the delay.


Thank you for the suggestion. Honestly, so long as the game is in early development, I don’t see why not. It will also help me with debugging and seeing scenario flow for some situations, though I would warn that in the early chapters changing the stats will probably break some scenes. I won’t have time to add this in until December (at earliest) but i will certainly add it to my production queue. I’ll probably add it into the stats menu for easy access and let players tweak stats as they please, once more with the caveat that on full production this feature will need to be limited or controlled. If I might figure out the how I think it would be nice to have it as an add in for a second play through, but we shall see.

But yes, short answer, I will eventually add this in.

Hello everyone-time for some good news, bad news, and hopefully goodish news.

Good News: Barring some sort of family emergency or something similiar, hoping to have an update released in probably a week or so.

Bad News: I think this update is going to break most of your saves as I had to introduce a ton of new variables and redo the file structure.

Hopefully Goodish News: One of the features that should be in the update is a chapter navigation and cheat section, with which you can (assuming I don’t mess it up!) remake your character and game. The process will take a little while, as you will need to reenter character data, relationship data, and answer questions about plot points. Can’t promise it will be perfect either, as there might be bugs or something I missed, but I shall offer this is a minor solution to the saved game crash problem.

That’s all for now. I’ll post another update reply here when the new game update is finally posted. Anticipate further development of most present chapters and creation of some new ones, though a reminder that all are still very alpha.


Delighted to say there is finally an update-took a bit longer than I figured it would (who knew there were 16 days in a week anyways) and after working on it for so long I feel like the serpent that ate its own tail (or tale even), but yes-an update.

Very briefly:
-There are no doubt many bugs and fragmentary sections, no getting past that. But I think the narrative flows alright for an alpha. If you find meaningful bugs or have other similar concerns, please let me know!
-Chapter Navigation and Cheat section added at start and in limited fashion to stats menu. There are some bugs there, but it basically works . . . for the first couple chapters. Problem is the remaining chapters really weren’t far along enough to justify adding them to the chapter navigation section yet, but they will be eventually. Please be aware the cheat features can and sometimes do break the game.
-There are now 9 chapters, though really only the first three are anywhere near a somewhat complete variant. Still, general feel for plot and the story are present; while I am obviously the most biased being in existence, I am fairly happy with how it’s coming along in terms of character interaction, plot flow, and some of the game mechanics in progress. Overall, the best sections to me felt like an immersive rpg, which is what I’m aiming for. Hopefully some of you will feel the same.

Anyways, for those playing, thank you so much for your interest and all the apologies at the infinite delays.


Whenever I want to load a save the whole game crashes. *Android - Chrome Browser)

Edit: Dont know if its a me problem or not. ^^

Its good but the way you write them speaking has me lost, so not really for me. Good luck though.

Thank you for trying my game. I am sorry you are experiencing that. The save system is implemented via a plug in so unfortunately fixing that error is beyond my power. On my own testing with an iPhone I did experience a lot of lag-sometimes a minute or more on loading a saved game. Further, and it might be just my imagination, but save slot 0 seemed especially slow and buggy, so I’d recommend using the other save slots first.

Fair enough. Thank you for trying the game and giving feedback.