Your favorite WIP story of 2023?

Favorite unpublished WIP? Whiskey-Four

Unpublished runners up, in no particular order: Saturnine, Thicker Than, A Dance with Demons, Kitsune

Favorite one that got published in 2023? Fallen Hero: Retribution

Published runners up, again in no particular order: I, the Forgotten One; Lords of Infinity; Blood Moon

EDIT: Honorable mentions for The Passenger and Professor of Magical Studies, which I thought were early 2023 releases, but which are both December 2022 releases.


Path of Martial Arts

Aura Clash

Broken Fable


Fallen Divine


WIPs straight from my memory:
Sanguine Sky
Subject Zero
Soulmate Inc.
Fallen Hero: Revelation
Hero Maker: Book One


Yours is close enough to mine that I’m just going to edit it for myself:

Favorite unpublished WIP? When Life Gives You Lemons

Unpublished runners up, in no particular order: The Bureau; Fallen Hero: Revelations; The Fernweh Saga: Book Two (though there’s nothing public yet, it is in progress)

I just have to add one more to the favorite WIP list, thanks to @yizhens: Broken Fable… that demo was a damned blast!

Honorable mention WIP: Infamous (needed a separate category because it’s excellent writing and an addictive game that I both love and hate at the same time)

Favorite one that got published in 2023? Fallen Hero: Retribution

Published runners up, again in no particular order: I, the Forgotten One; The Fernweh Saga: Book One; Their Majesties’ Pleasure; Blood Moon

Honorable mention for 2023 released games: Wayhaven 3 (only for M’s route… I hated the other routes and the overall plot was terribly executed)

Itch games released in 2023: Roped In

Itch games WIP: The Wedding; Imperial Grace; Within Your Eyes; Burning Red; Heart Cage; Bewitching Sinners; Superstition S3; Touchstarved


Released games:

Fallen Hero: Retribution - I probably played this one more times than I should

I, the Forgotten One - Normally I’m not a fan of stories that take place in medieval times, but I had to make an exception - the writing is amazing


Infamous and Twisted Scene - I just like anything that involves music (and I loved both MC’s personalities)

Subject Zero - The atmosphere/setting of the story is pretty good and I’m curious to see where it goes

Out of the Yinshan - Sounds promising and the characters are pretty interesting

Fallen Hero: Revelations - I was planning to only read Revelations when the game was officially released, but curiosity got the best of me

Broken Fable - I’m always up to play as an OP 1000+ years old MC

Super System: Monster Evolution - has a very unique concept

Honorable mentions to Eyes of Shan (which was posted in the last day of 2022) and to Body Count on itch io


Really loved One Knight Stand, A Prophecy Undone, Birds of a Rose, and The Bar on the Abyss when it comes to WIPs released this year.

Wayhaven book 3 and Fallen Hero: Retribution, for HG releases. Also The Passenger, though that’s not technically 2023, but I’m counting it anyways for how close it was to this year.


I really liked a shinobi’s tale​:eyes::eyes:



  • Fallen Hero: Retribution (nothing that was released last year was as good or replayable).
  • Honorable mentions: I, the Forgotten One; The Fenweh Saga: B1; The Passenger (although it’s a late 2022 release it deserves a mention).

WIP: Fallen Hero: Revelations; Mind Blind; The Exile; When life gives you lemons; College Tennis: Origin Story; The Fernweh Saga: B2; Infamous; Defiled Hearts: The Barbarian; Apartment 502.


Hunters: Born of Blood
Authurian Tale: Camelot
Eyes of Shan: Book One


So many good WIPs it was hard to choose but i’ll narrow it down to top 3 for my sake
The Exile

Favorite RO would definitely be Seven from Infamous but Vethna from Exile is pretty close even though they are kind of wildly different lol.


Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Three
Fallen Hero: Retribution
The Fernweh Saga: Book One
Jolly Good: Cakes and Ale(I bought it last year)

Triaina: Academy
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - An affair of the heart
The Bastard of Camelot
Arthurian Tale: Camelot


Not necessarily released in 2023, but in total among those I tried :

Blood Moon
Honor Bound
Noblesse Oblige
The Day After Ever After
Creatures Such As We
Ratings War
Choice of Robots (the romance was hella awkward though)


Released - The Passenger(technically it was end of 2022 but I’ve read it at the start of 2023), Fallen Hero: Retribution. From new WIP’s - Vendetta, Folksaga, Thicker Than, Apt 502. The Abyssal and REMEMBER YOU WILL DIE - with new demo’s.
WIP’s on itch - Gonzague, Bladeweaver, Within Your Eyes.


Best of 2023 released: Royal Affairs, Stars Arisen, Elite Status, Bread Must Rise, Their Majesties’ Pleasure, Forbidden Magic, Vampire’s Kiss.

Jury still out: Maverick Hunter: Scandalous Mission.

WIPs: Honor Bound, Keeper of Life and Death, Spectres of the Deep and some others (not listed here).


Not a WIP, but I quite enjoyed Changeling Charade. :sparkling_heart:


For me it has to be between An Unexpectedly Green Journey and Path of Martial Arts