Super System: Monster Evolution (Wip) [60k words]

I’ve always been a fan of the monster evolution genre, from games, to novels, to anything really, and since i’ve always also been a fan of What-ifs, i decieded to make my own monster evolution what-if game, hope you enjoy it.


Under unexplicabel cirusmtances, you find yourself thrust into an unforgiving fantasy realm, teeming with unrelenting challenges and the harsh demands of survival. After an encounter on your late night shift in a backwater restaurant, have led you to an unconventional reincarnation, alongside an unlikely companion, a Super System of unknown origins.

As you navigate the world, you’ll undertake quests, confront beasts, and undergo a process of relentless evolution, all in the pursuit of one ultimate goal: survival.

The choices are yours to make, as you grapple between what left of your humanity, and your overwhelming new insintics.

  • Play as male, female, or nonbinary.
  • Survive, gain traits, perks, and evolve
  • A classification system that grades your power level and updates as you grow
  • Try to unravel the mystery of the people who led you into your current situation
  • Battle monsters, or run away if you can
  • Your choice matter and will shape your personality and how you will react to world
  • Trust the super system or completely reject it at your behest
  • Forge romantic connections or build lasting friendships with four distinct characters you’ll encounter on your journey through this world.
  • Will you forego your humanity or embrace your new identity and become the monster you are destined to be?
Hunter/Huntress (He/Him, She/Her)

Description: Born into the most powerful clan in the village, they were destined to be the heir and, eventually, the ruler. However, fate took an unexpected turn, as they were cast aside at the eleventh hour, replaced by their younger sibling. Despite this twist of destiny, they remains headstrong, dutiful, and, most importantly, fiercely protective of anyone they hold dear. In the world of monsters and deceivers, they are a spear so sharp that no one dares to cross their path.

Species: Demonkind

Physical Characteristics: Standing tall at 6",they are a sight to behold with an imposing and muscular form. Their eyes, darker than the night itself, mirroring the shade of their obsidian hair, which cascades straight down their back, unbound by any tie or restraint. It flows freely, parting only with the air as they leap from tree to tree, stealthily stalking their prey.

Likes: Sweets


Lobo (He/Him)

Description: Over a thousand years ago, Lobo was entrusted by his masters to guard their home. Time has passed, and the once-thriving town is now overrun by plant life, rundown and desolate. However, Lobo has never wavered in his duties. He patrols the borders, resolute in his mission to protect the town from monsters and bandits, ensuring not a single piece is destroyed. His character is marked by honesty, a quiet reserve, and an enduring innocence that the world may have lost long ago.

Species: Fae

Physical Characteristics: Standing tall at 6’3 feet, Lobo’s appearance is a reflection of his close connection to nature. Atop his head, a crown fashioned from leaves and sticks sprouts, complementing his striking green eyes. Lobo is never seen without his trusty spear and shield, both constant companions that never leave his grasp.

Likes: Animals smaller than him.

Anais Evergarden (She/Her)

Description: A golden spoon from brith, her veins pulsed with the essence of royalty as she ascended to rule an entire elven realm. However, beneath her regal exterior, dissatisfaction shadowed her every step. Only she knew the depths of her true desires. Anais is a figure of immense pride, marked by her regal bearing and, most significantly, her unwavering stubbornness . She will stops at nothing to protect her realm, even if it meant sacrificing herself in the process.

Species: Half-Elf

Physical Characteristics: Anais stands at a height of 5’7. Her beauty posses the power to steal a mortal’s breath away, both literally and figuratively. Her verdant green eyes resembled the burgeoning leaves of spring, captivating all who met her gaze. Golden tresses of hair were meticulously braided into enchanting patterns, enhancing her captivating appearance. With each step she took, golden flames seemed to dance in her wake, a radiant aura of regality that accompanied her every move. Atop her head, a golden crown rested, signifying her royal status with grace and elegance.

Likes: Reading horror stories.

Flick (He/Him, She/Her, They/Them)

Description: A mercenary by trade but an adventurer at heart, Flick is the kind of person who willingly delves into the deepest, monster-infested caverns and infiltrates the most heavily guarded fortresses just to get their daily dose of adrenaline. They might come across as bashful, reckless, and even self-destructive, but don’t be fooled; they’re far from dumb. Surviving the way they do requires a certain level of wit and cunning that only a few possess (or so may they tell you).

Species: Human

Physical Characteristics: Flick stands at a height of 5’4" with a head of tousled brown hair. Their freckled, upturned nose and piercing amber eyes, make for an appearance that would surely turn some heads around.

Likes: Pickled food.




→ 24K words
→ 42k words

Possible implementations
  • Multiple starting species
  • Multiple starting locations

I welcome and greatly appreciate all constructive feedback. Your input would be invaluable in helping me further develop this game to its fullest potential, with the ultimate goal of creating an enjoyable and engaging experience for all players.



Off to a solid start. Literally come across this by accident but I’m glad. Too bad I can’t hunt the hunter yet but the system works pretty well for traits. Games where u are reborn in a new world are my favourites.


I will watch your wip with great interest and what you created is gold


this WIP has H U G E potential my friend


Oh nice this is like a fantasy world version of the game prototype. Definitely keeping an eye on this, living out a genuine isekai with the way this system works is real interesting well, wish you luck this has a lot of potential.


Love this so far!


Thank you guys for your encouraging words, i really appreciate them, and im glad you enjoyed the demo :slightly_smiling_face:.


Honestly? Sounds really interesting and can’t wait to see the story develop.
Also, will we be able to reach the apex of monsters? like feed-on-celestial-dragons kind of apex? (maybe bc of that hint that there’s a rank above S) lol If it’s too soon to tell, I completely understand, just excited for all of the possibilities. Great job, i’m already invested lol


I’ve been waiting for a game like this!!! This reminds me of Tensei Shitara Dragon No Tamago Datta - Saikyou Igai Mezasa Nee!!!


Do you plan to add more monster types?


the demo was great this wip reminds me of an Isekai manga, can’t wait for the next update keep up the awesome work.


I truly hope that you will continue and finish this wip the game it self is promising how long do you want it to be. Will there me be human interaction mating or and or a chances to become for famous or notorious . Also it strongly reminds me of Im a Spider so what i mean this a a compliment


I enjoyed the demo, but please excuse my “um ahcktually :nerd_face:”, but Salamanders, which are amphibians, do not have scales. Lizards, which are reptiles, do.

Anyways other than that it was great!


Really, really enjoyed this one! As a lover of “So I’m a Spider So What?” this was really fun to get into. I’m hoping there’s a lot more to come because we need more IFs where we get isekaied and turned into monsters o7


This is great! I love the uniqueness of it, and I’m quite partial to dragons myself lol

Looking forward to more!

The only thing I would say is that after fighting the rat when it asks you if you want to view you status again, if you select yes it displays traits you don’t have. I chose scales II but it still gave me claws II and teeth II in that status display. Is that a bug?


@Beastup Well, I liked it. Hope we get to see more. And can I suggest adding the purple eye color? And also about those starting races, can you tell me what they are or at least what you’re considering for them?


aha! i love system genre lol


Glad you enjoyed it, as for your other question, all I can say is that reaching the apex of the food chain is indeed feasible, provided you make shrewd choices :slightly_smiling_face:.

Yes, that’s a possible implementation. For now, I have some ideas to include at least two more starting species.

I’m planning to support this game until the end, so no worries. There will also be plenty of interactions moving forward, with more opportunities for the MC to choose between gaining fame or acting in the shadows. :smile:

I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed the novel, and there’s certainly plenty more to come! :pray::smile:

During the initial stages of game development, I delved into some research, and it’s true that salamanders typically lack scales. However, the species you begin with in the game is a unique hybrid, blending salamander and scaly lizard characteristics. This blend is why your character starts with both scales and the ability to regenerate. :blush::lizard::fire:

Thank you for your positive feedback, and I’m happy to confirm that I’ll be adding purple eye color in the near future, thanks for your suggestion. Regarding your other inquiries, I’m currently contemplating the addition of two more species, one being mammalian and the other feline. However, I’m still in the process of considering this.


Thank you for your support! In the second trait list, you’ll encounter three traits, and these are the ones you didn’t select in the previous trait list. For instance, if you chose Scales II, you’ll have the opportunity to pick one of the other three available traits.


Ahhhh thanks for the clarification! “Um Ahcktually :nerd_face:” retracted.