Super System: Monster Evolution (Wip) [60k words]

I’m guessing the feline one will have an evolution option where you can decide to start going down the path of a bipedal feline race or stay as a four-legged one? Maybe the same with salamander? Also, since we’re most likely going to have a dragon evolution as a option in the future, will we have the option to be able to polymorph into a humanoid form of our choosing after we become a dragon? Like one of the humanoid forms can be the classic draconic human with dragon features like horns, claws, tail, talons, etc or a more Dragonborn like appearance from DnD.


Anthropomorphic evolution paths, will definitely be a possible option for the MC to take. :slightly_smiling_face:


It just kinda feels like a must have if we’re going to romance some characters unless there are going to be bestialities scenes if we wanted to stay in a more animal-like form. Which I would be fine with either way. Also, having an anthropomorphic form will make it easier to interact with other bipedal races in towns and cities if we needed to buy stuff from them. Now this got me thinking. Are we going to get an option to where we can persuade/guide a RO into a specific evolution path or form if we’re close enough with them?


Found this, and damn am I glad I did! This this has serious potential. Not only is it isekai, it’s got a genre I enjoy, otherworldly evolution :wink: plus dragons :smirk:.
Anyway a few typos here and there nothing major(I’ll send screenshots when I get a chance at another playthrough ), writing is engaging, and I do enjoy super system :joy::joy:. Looking forward to the next installment. Hope you don’t abandon this, not many isekai stories on COG.
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Both questions will hopefully find answers as the story unfolds. :smile:

I’m delighted to hear you enjoyed it! Thank you in advance for the screenshots. Those pesky typos never stood a chance! :face_with_monocle:


If we follow the Salamander path will we be able to become a Godzilla type creature. Also what were your inspirations for this WIP?


Ironically, one of my inspirations for this wip was Godzilla and his movies. So, a Godzilla-inspired evolution path is definitely on the drawing board!


Really cool, especially after reading too many mangas and manhwas where the MC has the help of system. Now a quick questions .is it possible to transform into a dragon in later stage? If not dragon the half salamander and half human?


Ok i have to comment before i actually play the demo because this looks just like a manhwa i keep getting recomeneded at least name wise.


I’ve tried to allude to it within the game, but I can confirm with certainty that a dragon evolution path will indeed be fully integrated.

I heard about that story, and im definitely going to give it a read, hope you enjoy the demo.


I honestly cant waot for more. This is pretty interesting to play rather than just read about

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Do natural treasures exist in this universe? ones similar to cultivation novels?

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Hello, haven’t played it yet, just wanted to let you know that the Tumblr link doesn’t seem to work properly. Thought might as well follow your blog before clicking on the demo, cause it already seems promising.

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I’m happy that you liked it :grin:

Yep, there be will Enchanted items, and magical foods. Its why i set up an inventory, so the MC can store and equip what they like.

I replaced the link with a new one, do tell me if the issue still persist, thank you :pray:


hey will we meet the Ros as a monster first or will we meet them in a semi-human form? for example would we meet Hunter as a lesser salamander or would we evolve far enough to obtain a humanoid form and then meet them? anyways love the demo keep up the great work.


I enjoyed it a lot, I will look forward to future updates.

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Good game, how will you interact with others in the story? Will our character gain the ability to speak?

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I’m looking forward to more. Like honestly, this is kinda different. I don’t think i’ve personally played any IFs like this so far.

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Incredible demo :clap: I’ll be checking on it frequently. Reminds me of isekai genre manga.

Question (spoiler alert for those who haven't played yet)

If we choose cheat mode and get rewarded 9000 biomass, when will we be able to spend all the biomass and unlock all the skills and traits as fast as possible? It’s just my character (lesser salamander) only upgrades their skill level after acquiring biomass from doing things and all that I’m able to unlock are entry level skills (claw II, for example). So after upgrading all skills, I’m still left with initial 9000 biomass I have acquired from cheat mode.

Does this happen because the game is still in its initial development stage and further skill upgrades and evolutions are not coded yet? Or does the cheat mode not work somehow?


What is the power level difference between the grades can we team up with other creatures to take down a higher level creature or would they be too powerful? Also what grade would you put a regular human at?

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