Eyes of Shan: Book One [WIP] (Updated 25/12/23)


Do you truly believe that we can ever be at peace, Your Majesty?

Years ago, you were uprooted from the only home you’d ever known and captured to be sold as a slave. Now, war is at your doorstep once again and you’re left in a delicate position — as a Commander of the country that invaded your homeland. While investigating a case of illegal human trafficking, you come across a nefarious plot that threatens to rip this tentative peace apart.

Eyes of Shan: Book One is the first book of a trilogy (hopefully) that follows your character, The Commander, through the tumultous times of a country at the brink of war. Set in the fictional Empire of Hae, explore the bitter relationship between two countries and make choices that decide which side you will ally yourself with.

  • Play as male or female, choose to romance characters along the way.
  • Pick between various interactions with the people that fate crosses your paths with.
  • Shape the course of history with your choices.
  • Participate in a hunt with other nobles and compete for the top place.
  • Uncover a mysterious black market and auction selling body parts to the highest bidder.
  • Choose whether to aid a slave in attempting to run away from the palace.
  • Explore the vast Empire of Hae, from the stunning Gwangjeom Palace to the cold walls of the North.

What choices will you make, Commander?

LINK TO DEMO (178k words)


Developmental Tumblr Blog

Current Romance Options

Lee Hansol (m) — Your Lieutenant
Jeo Yongsun (m/f) — The Emperor/Empress
Lee Wooyoung (m) — A Deviant Nobleman
Jang Raon (f) — The Physician’s Assistant
No-Eul of the Su (m/f) — An Unpredictable Foe
??? — ???


As of 31/12/22

  • Prologue and part of Chapter One have been uploaded (40k words added)

As of 29/1/23

  • Part of Chapter One has been uploaded (55k words added)
  • Brushed up the Character Page and added new entry ‘Kim Gunwoo’

As of 3/3/23

  • Chapter One, Part of Chapter Two, and Part of the Codex has been uploaded (16k words added)
  • Added the Codex
  • Added new entry ‘Lee Wooyoung’ to the Character Page

As of 31/5/23

  • Precious: Eyes of Shan has been revamped to Eyes of Shan: Book One
  • Two ROs have been removed (Kwok Insu and Dalhwa)
  • Two new ROs have been added, one female and one gender selectable
  • Yongsun is now gender-selectable

As of 25/12/23

  • Chapter Two Part Two, Chapter Three Part One has been uploaded (56k words)

Can we romance the emperor’s daughter or sister?


Definitely caught my attention with the little blurb will check out the demo when i have time meanwhile good luck with your project :slight_smile:

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:rofl: The stat screen was really fun to look through! I have yet to find any typos, if I do I’ll report them here. I am in love with your work.


First, the parts I thought were done. Well, the world building is something I’m a huge fan of, the writing has no issues from what I’ve seen, and the synopsis definitely caught my attention. something that does mildly concern me is the option for picking your weapon early in the game, fight scenes are already chaotic to write, but when you factor in weapons that the player types in, I don’t think it’s going to be possible to compensate for that many different variations. I would also suggest implementing the usual save system sometime soon. For the achievements, I feel like the descriptions are a tiny bit overboard; I’m thinking of the one the player receives after first meeting the emperor.


I love it so far

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Wow, this is really good. The stats are well thought out and detailed (considering this is your first IF).I love the world building, the PCs backstory already has me hooked from the little given. I hope we can get more on the ROs than the descriptions given as it progresses.
If possible, please put a save system


Will you continue this story??..i love this story

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Gosh I love it ! I am eager to see more of it !

To be honest I would like to see more of the ‘slave’ part, because for now our character have a lot of privileges and all ^^"


Love the little details like “grinding ink”, washing our face with rice bran water, the amount of time Kwok Insu has had his little tree…
I can tell you are a connoisseur.


You sure this is your first time writing an IF this is quite amazing!
Also you should put a save system.


I am loving this story

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The me it’s not surprise You think about it who would benefit on 2 countries fighting in A-war another country or someone in power who wants more

Yup! With body types and weapon types, the @Bacondoneright said that they had to program… 36 different variations to the same fighting scene? I’m sure they would remember better than I do, but it is easy for that to get out of hand if you are not careful.


Gave this a try today, and already seeing some interesting potential in this! Had a pretty strong opening, and I do rather enjoy the idea of being the commander of a small-ish unit of soldiers and all that. Quite curious to see where this can go, and the types of shenanigans we can get up to


Wow, this story is fun and I can’t wait for more, keep up the hard work!


It is my first time writing an IF (and I’m very nervous about it, haha)! I’ve also implemented the save system, I’m not sure why I just thought it would… magically appear after awhile :"D


The Emperor doesn’t have a daughter or a sister! The female ROs have yet to be introduced, they have their specific parts to play in the plot where you can meet them later.


I wanted to touch base after I actually played it and say it’s very impressive!

I feel like other authors are so efficient with establishing everything, I’m much more of a prose-writer myself so I like building scene to scene with flowing thoughts. This appeals to me a lot! I am really excited to see another East Asian inspired setting too (Though yours seems to be based on Korea while mine is on Tang dynasty China)! I’ll be following for progress on this one, I wish you all the luck in continuing the project.

Also, if you ever need a writing buddy, I’m always down to make new friends! :o

On the ROs: I like all 3 of the ones that I have seen. I wonder if there will be any poly implementation far in the future though I know it is probably too early to say. I think that the Emperor romance appeals to me the most, the mix of knowing eachother while also the question of power, ‘can we? should we?!?’ always appeals to me. I assume one of the ROs is the childhood friend. I think the flashbacks play pretty well into the flow.


The story is intriguing, but the lack of Female Ro’s is very saddening.