Emperor Syndrome: The Beginning (WIP)


Genres: modern, modern fantasy (elf path), delinquents, shounen, BL
I’ve begun work on my first game EMPEROR SYNDROME: THE BEGINNING.
for more info see below!

I am extremely inspired by K Project, High and Low, Crows Zero and Tokyo Revengers. I HAD to create this!

I have no clue how many chapters this will be, I just know that its going to be fucking massive. Enjoy the development and get jumped into the gang early!

Still deciding on a logo and flag for Immortal Roses

More info will be added here soon!

Currently it’s only the prologue and the first part of chapter one but I plan on updating weekly!

To play the demo, go here NEW LINK UPDATED: https://dashingdon.com/play/rosefemboyqueen/emperor-syndrome-the-beginning/mygame/

Its extremely short but I hope you enjoy what little there is!

Elf path and Your Girlfriend coming soon!

Immortal Roses is the toughest high school gang around, their leader, known as Kaya is undefeated in battle. Regardless, their rivals are always trying to take a piece of their territory, what happens when a hopeful new recruit enters the fray? It’s up to you to hold the group together when certain secrets threaten to tear it apart, or stand by and watch it fall in order to take power for yourself.

Its been six months since Lucky Cat attacked the temple base of Immortal Roses or MoRo, and four months since Lovely Dolls killed Snow Bunny. After a visit to your school by the gang to…chat with you about certain things, you find yourself stumbling upon the temple while you and your girlfriend/boyfriend are running from Lucky Cat members. Kaya sees potential in you, but you’ve never been confident in your fighting ability. But let’s make it clear, you LOVE to fight, your lack of confidence comes from how epic your girlfriend/boyfriend is in outshining you in a battle, you’ve fallen so low, those asshole fourth years torment you nonstop.

The gang takes you into the fold regardless.

Juggle school life during your third year at Homura, known to students as Homra, High School and the thrill of knowing the gang has your back through tough times and good.

Are you ride or die?

There will be two WIP threads. This one and an adult one for the adult content.

As you can see the main gang doesn’t have a name yet, any suggestions after seeing the gang members?

  • Play as male or trans male (coming soon)

  • Gay or Bi (Hetero option coming waaaaaaay later)

(All non-BL romance scenes will be fade to black for my own personal comfort zone reasons)

  • Various ROs though locking in with any of them is not possible in the first game.

  • Experience a world of delinquent gang life and beyond

  • Fight for your friends or betray them!

  • Befriend different characters, but be careful who you trust, you never know who is going to stab you in the back.

  • Learn the secrets of Ashinaka City and more!

  • Sell out to the cops! But beware.

  • Fun times, lies and murder await! And gang wars! Lots of gang wars!

  • Two different paths! Human and Elf! The elf gameplay is unique in that elves don’t have any special abilities unless they’re in a gang, the gang symbol tattoo they receive giving them their aura and powers!

Immortal Roses Members

Gang Leader: Known as the Silent Rose Emperor
Name: Utanari Kasayami (call him this and die)

Nickname: Kaya
Bio: Kaya is silent most days, he doesn’t like to talk unless he absolutely has to. He spends most of his time with his brothers and The Grendel. The gang is more than just a collection of his friends to him, they are like family. He attends an alternate high school in the heart of the city. His past is checkered and if someone brings it up he gets visibly uncomfortable and usually silences them with a swift punch to the gut. Can usually be seen in six to ten inch steel heeled stilettos. He owns a flip phone and regularly gets his nails done in elaborate styles.

In the elf path Kaya is more outspoken and opinionated, he fights for elven delinquents to have a brighter future and to hopefully bring back the magic that was lost when humans stole it from the entire species. He is more a revolutionary leader and you can stand by his side, or throw him to his death.

Three paths, friendship, RO and enemy

Second In Command: Known as The Silent Rose Advisor

Name: Akari Atsushi

Nickname: The Grendel

Bio: He has been by Kaya’s side since the start of the gang. They went to elementary school together and became fast friends after beating up a group of students who saw fit to attack their classmate and future fellow gang member, Bells. The Grendel is a kind hearted person but he doesn’t let things go easily and will viciously hunt someone down if they even think about wronging the gang, The Grendel puts the gang before his own life and would die for it and Kaya. He enjoys mountain biking.

In the elf path, The Grendel gained his gang name due to his immense strength and love of drinking the blood of his enemies. He stands by Kaya in all things, but can be convinced otherwise.

Future RO

First Squad Captain: Known as The Head Silent Rose Knight


Name: Utanari Kayama

Nickname: Dragonfly (dragonfly earring. Dragonfly tattoos up both arms)

Bio: He is Kaya and Tofuyu’s older brother, he has a major crush on Hihori, whom hates his guts. He grew up in a the foster system in the human path, which makes him prone to violent outbursts. In the elf path, he grew up held captive in a basement by a human mage who was none too kind to him, his dragonfly themed fire starter power stems from those dark days. Get close enough to him and he’ll tell you about it sometime. He enjoys fantasy novels and training in the gym.

One of the ROs

First Squad Vice Captain: Known as the Silent Rose Knight Of First

Name: Yayui Hiyori

Nickname: Hihori

Bio: Hihori is shrouded in secrets that he is desperate to keep locked away. He rejects Dragonfly’s advances constantly due to the fact he is in love with Second Squad captain, Usakichi Usagimono, known to the gang as Crazy Rabbit. They grew up together and Hihori firmly believes that one day he will win Crazy Rabbit’s heart. He usually uses his fists in a fight but can be seen weilding nunchucks. He likes pop idols.

Second Squad Captain: Known as The Silent Rose Knight Of Second

Name: Usakichi Usagimono

Nickname: Crazy Rabbit

Bio: Crazy Rabbit doesn’t like just anyone calling him by his real name, he is the captain of the second squad of Immortal Roses and takes his role seriously to the point of military levels. He however is a psycho on the battlefield and won’t hesitate to drop even a cop who gets too close. His deceased Vice Captain Snow Bunny was extremely important to him. He carries a katana but never unsheathes it. He enjoys Italian food and wants to see what mafia life is like. He once made a promise to Snow Bunny he intends to keep.

Is an RO

Third Squad Captain: Known as The Head Silent Rose Knight Of Third

Name: Utanari Kifuyu

Nickname: Tofuyu (because he likes flavored tofu)

Bio: Younger brother of Kaya and Kayama, Tofuyu was deeply in love with Lucky Cat member, Wana. However a gang war broke out between Immortal Roses and Lucky Cat and Tofuyu was forced to either kill Wana or let his vice captain die. His choice haunts him to this day, Wana loved him in return, and gave up his life to Tofuyu to stop Emime from killing a severely wounded Ak47. Tofuyu is a very closed off person who doesn’t trust anyone except the gang. He collects wines.

He is an RO, but romancing him will be extremely difficult in either path.

Third Vice Squad Captain: The Silent Rose Knight Of Third


Name: Taitoki Sanasa

Nickname: Ak47

Bio: AK47 is the vice captain of the third division, he’s a fun loving guy with a gun obsession. He absolutely loves collecting little ufo toys and frequently treats the gang to ice cream he steals from the sweets shop. He was nearly fatally wounded in a battle with Lucky Cat. He’s still in the hospital by the time you join the gang in the human path, in the elf path he’s holed up in the shaman’s hideaway under the janitor’s closet at your school because elves are not allowed to be treated in hospitals. He idolizes Kaya and does his best to serve Immortal Roses. He owns a high end motorcycle shop that’s a front for a gun smuggling operation.

Fourth Squad Captain: The Head Silent Rose Knight Of Fourth

Name: Batamu Kaneni

Nickname: Bells

Bio: Captain of the fourth squad, Bells is called as such because of the bells he keeps tied around his ankles and wrists. He likes to stand on top of the gas station the gang likes to hang out at and crow like an alarm bird to alert them of dangers. He is late to class most of the time and will make up excuses that grow more outlandish. He likes to paint in his free time and has a nervous tick where he shakes all his bells at least once before entering a room in both paths. He enjoys playing handheld games.

He MIGHT be an RO

Fourth Squad Vice Captain

Name: Yukomi Rasaki

Nickname: Shringara

Bio: Joined up when he was younger, has been with the gang ever since, Bells best friend since they were little. He likes cucumbers and eating salad glazed in mustard. His hobbies include pickpocketing, holding up gas stations and running from the cops. He likes to eat at fancy restaurants and skip the bill.

Fifth Squad Captian

Name: Tochi Kamerime

Nickname: Ragnarock

Bio: He doesn’t take no for an answer and can usually be found swindling people out of their cold hard cash. He’s the gang’s treasurer and uses his intellect as well as his brawn in battle. Can frequently be seen drinking black coffee mixed with vodka.

Fifth Squad Vice Captain

Name: Unknown

Nickname: Right

Bio: Right just kind of, showed up covered in blood to a gang meeting one day, volunteering to get jumped in on the spot if he could join the gang, proceeded to pull three badly beaten bound and gagged rival gang members out of his car and tossed them at Kaya’s feet. He never left, no one ever asked him to and he’s been the attack dog plus guardian devil of the gang ever since. He carries the gang’s flag and frequently beats people to death with it. Can usually be spotted either at the temple or Nya Nya’s Cat Cafe where the gang likes to hang out, eat pastries, pet cats and look gangsta.

In the elf path he is actually…

Anyway… he is a very mysterious RO

Former Second Squad Vice Captain

Name: Machi Kurumo

Nickname: Snow Bunny

Bio: Snow Bunny was a gentle soul. Originally opposed to violence, he joined the gang after an impassioned speech by Kaya swayed him when his house was the subject of a drive by shooting by a local gang in the area. He was introduced to Immortal Roses by Crazy Rabbit who always looked out for him. His shy and quiet nature endeared him to everyone in the gang. His death has destroyed them all emotionally. He loved green tea mochi and drinking hot chocolate with strawberry marshmallows. He enjoyed spending all of his time with Crazy Rabbit.

Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend




Bio: Tatara Kumiko and her brother Tatara Meyomi. One of them is your best friend, the other one is your partner. She/He is very sweet and supportive of your initial life goals, hoping that the two of you will go off to college together and get married one day. She/He is very shojo style in her/his outlook on life and sticks to your side like glue. She/He holds secrets of their own however…

Your boyfriend is EXTREMELY possessive, but he knows a lot about gangs and won’t begrudge you anything, to an extent. He desires to keep you ALL TO HIMSELF at the end of the day. He is a true gentleman even through all this and only seeks to treat you with endless love and affection, but all good things come to an end

Follows two paths after the breakup, Enemy or RO

Your girlfriend REALLY HATES the gang and doesn’t want anyone around you but HER. She’s clingy and loves to be around you, what is she hiding?

Follows two paths after break up, Enemy or RO

The Ashinaka City Police Department

Police Chief

Name: Shinjii Kiorisa

Nickname: Kiisa

Years with Department: 3

Bio: Kiorisa is a former gang member in a gang called The Blood Chalice. He joined the police force at 17 after leaving his gang due to the murder of his parents. He dropped out of school and joined the police force at 17. He became chief of police at 18 because no one else wanted the position after the chief was brutally murdered by The Lovely Dolls gang. He is currently 19 years old.

Vice Chief

Name: Totaro Rinaki

Nickname: Gauge

Years with department: 16

Bio At 35 Rinaki is a no nonsense cop who has taken out several gang members with extreme prejudice. He doesn’t hesitate to break up gang gatherings and is the first to jump on assignments. He still doesn’t like the fact Kiorisa is the police chief, due to his past gang activity and his youth. He is plotting to get Kiorisa kicked out of the department.

More Officers coming soon.

Lucky Cat

Gang Leader


Name: Satoru Emime

Nickname: Overlord

Bio: Overlord is rumored to have killed his lover, and former Lucky Cat gang leader, Perfume, reasons are unknown. He denies the rumors, stating that the previous leader Etsusu’s little brother Tamago is responsible for the death of, ‘the love of his life’ but in the end, he rose to become the commander of Lucky Cat. Rumors run that Overlord and Perfume killed the former leader, Etsusu. Overlord is a calculated individual who sees his gang as little more than game board pieces. He likes to embarass Killer Whale in public with extreme public displays of affection.

Former Gang Leader

Name: Oda Mikakayo

Nickname: Perfume

Status: Deceased

Bio: The former leader of Lucky Cat, he was supposedly killed by his lover. He was a determined leader who cared about his subordinates. He loved to race bikes alongside Emime. He oversaw the attack on AK47 which led to Wana’s death, rumors around the city say Tofuyu is the real killer…

Second in Command
Like this but his hair color looks like the below text description.


Name: Hagimaru Kyomana

Nickname: Killer Whale

Bio: Killer Whale is Overlord’s new lover. He looks quiet, unassuming and innocent. But he likes to surround his opponents before he takes them out. He is prone to acts of torture simply for his own amusement. His hair is black with white streaks and highlights in the style of an orcas body patterns in an abstract manner. He likes beer, eating live fish and monitor lizards. He has an orca tail earring in his left ear and an orca jumping through waves tattooed on the left side of his face trailing down his neck. The only time Killer Whale acts how he looks is when Emime showers him with affection in public, which embarasses him immensely.

Other members coming soon: Lil Whale, Wolf Fang, Picass0, 12 Kingdoms, Shark Attack, and more.


Lovely Dolls

Gang Leader

Name: Saitama Mesu

Nickname: Baby Doe
Formerly first squad captain, he killed the traitor to the group and was named the leader when the old one vanished. Baby Doe is EXTREMELY dangerous and deals in rare poisons. Won’t hesitate to take a literal metal beam to your head.

First Squad Captain


Name: Saitama Takakemi

Nickname: Elder Doe

Baby Doe’s older brother, he beat Crazy Rabbit’s best friend One Footed Hare to death with a crowbar and wants to slowly rip away everything Crazy Rabbit ever loved from him. Why? You’ll find out my ninja.

More members soon.

What should IGNH’s name be?

  • Demon Brotherhood
  • Immortal Roses
  • Rose Garden
  • Ashinaka Crecent
  • Ashinaka Roses
  • Satan’s Rose
  • The Rudie Satan Park
  • Withered Rose
  • I will comment my suggestion!

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To those of you who have checked out the demo, give me your thoughts! Suggestions! Ideas! Maybe help with the if met character true error I’m having in the relationship stats menu TwT.

Let me know your opinons! Again sorry its so short!

Please leave multiple error reports on our discord! Singular reports here are fine!

More polls soon! Vote vote vote!


It really seems like you guys want Immortal Roses! I’ll leave the poll open until tomorrow, looking for at least 30 unique people to vote!

Check the changelog frequently for updates!


Eye color needs to be adjusted, looking for help on how to hide eye color if heterochromia is selected.

Next day has been updated and all paths expanded!

You can now pick your clothing perferences! A starter outfit is provided! Shopping for more outfits and currency will be added in future updates!

The prologue has been extended. Added Shringara and Bells scene. More scenes coming soon.

Meyomi and Kumiko added to relationship tab!

Slowly adding all other gang members in MoRo to the relationship stats menu, will take at least a few hours.

Another prologue update! Added a bike scene with Crazy Rabbit and Snow Bunny’s corpse, added more Kaya dialogue to the start.

Prologue has been UPDATED, new scene with The Grendel and Hihori at the temple!

The game has been updated, the main gang’s name is now Immortal Roses!

Killer Whale added to thread Lucky Cat info!

Updated Snow Bunny and Crazy Rabbit

The loading error has been fixed! Reactions to Tofuyu coming to meet you should now all work! Sending you to the current end of the demo!

Chapter one next section scheduled for: All throughout next week, starting monday!

IMMORTAL ROSES WON THE POLL!!! Updating the game to reflect this!

Next poll tomorrow: Gang Flag

NEXT DAY: updated with choices!


Please bare with me, it is an entire process doing this on my ipad.

Join my company server for more constant updates and to communicate easier!

Go to reaction roles and pick Emperor Syndrome Access!

18+ only!

Once I reach chapter 2, I’ll be either moving this to the adult content section or making an adult thread.

Ask me anything!!

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Check out the tumblr for a basic roadmap of future plans!


I can’t wait for the girlfriend route because I want to see a sneak peek of it and to me it’s hilarious and how you made the story looks cool and I can’t wait to read more and I enjoyed the time

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Thank you so much! Yes the girlfriend is a total yandere.


Prologue updates:
Added more to Snow Bunny’s death and the gang’s reaction.

Upcoming updates:
The continuing of Chapter One

Tofuyu questions you about the warehouse.

You head home after school only to get attacked by Lucky Cat members Lil Whale and 12 Kingdoms.

You find the temple, and run inside to escape a new arrival on the scene from Lucky Cat as your partner fights off Lil Whale and 12 Kingdoms.

Meet your idol, Kaya, The Demon Of Roses

You might also end up meeting a very cruel deerborne suprise

How do you feel about Snow Bunny’s death scene? About Baby Doe?

  • I want to wait until more information on him is released
  • Snow Bunny. I only knew him for five seconds, but his death…nuuuu!
  • I like Baby Doe
  • I don’t like Baby Doe

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I’m curious why the boyfriend and girlfriend options have different personalities? Seems odd that I would need to be bi to not be interested in someone who is possessive…


Yay a bl story, you don’t encounter that everyday, question is the boyfriend a yandere (pls be a yandere) oh and author, mc is totally not going to end up as some crybaby like that blonde dude in Tokyo revengers


It might be better to just say ‘Your Gang’ instead of ‘Insert Gang Name Here’, which is a little awkward in my opinion.

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But it’s not your gang, you don’t run it. Kaya does. It was just a placeholder, the gang has a name now, Immortal Roses!

The girlfriend is possessive in her own way.

They have different personalities because they are two different people, their description in the cut is a fake out~ you’ll have to wait and see to find out how they really are!


The boyfriend is a yandere yes, but a major daddy dom yandere, which doesn’t get fully explored until the next book.


Shy Mc will have issues, but shy Mc is basically my Takemitchy coping mechanism. They’ll get better and stronger as the books progress. All the Mc personalities will.


I see. Still, even if you don’t run a gang, if you belong to it it isn’t wrong to say it is ‘your gang’ in a sense.

Also, you can just quote or use @ if you want to reply to multiple people. You don’t have to make four posts in a row.

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It’s six am, I just woke up. ‘Main Gang’ was also a placeholder idea, but I decided against it.

It looks like a great concept! I’m a little disappointed that there isn’t an option to play as a girl, but it’s your story to tell. Good luck with it!


Playing as a girl will come waaaaay later as this is mainly a BL game.

I think I’ll work on the girl path eventually though so don’t worry. Though I’m not a fan of typical harem situations or shojo, that would most likely be the path with a girl and the guys. I will add female love interests when I do the girl path too, because yuri is the bomb.

edit: The girl path will be DLC and shorter than the boy path because I’m not really all that comfortable with it, however I want to appeal to a wider audience.


I fixed the relationship tab for you.

*if kayahmet = false
        text Kaya [b]The Leader[/b]
            Status: You have not yet met the infamous gang leader
*if kayahmet = true
         text Kaya [b]The Leader[/b]

Or you can do it like this to clean up the code.

    text Kaya [b]The Leader[/b]
*if kayahmet = false
    Status: You have not yet met the infamous gang leader
*if kayahmet = true
    You have met the infamous gang leader


    text Kaya [b]The Leader[/b]
*if kayahmet = false
    Status: You have not yet met the infamous gang leader
    Text here.

There were some indentation issues, and you need a variable right after the text in stat_chart instead of the bold words.

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Nice concept I look forward to more update but I would like to see more of the cinematic character engagement in terms of fighting abilities because I picked this from your point and I quote “you’ve never been confident in your fighting ability.”.
Please let’s see more of the character in that perspective even if he had to develop himself to that level over the course of the storyline. A deliquent that’s tough with no fighting skills is no fun. Imagine takimichi in Tokyo Revengers killing his fighting abilities make it a little less fun.
Just an opinion would like to hear what others have to say about this.


Omg thank you! Though the status text isn’t showing up sadly.

@Fawaz_Ibrahim Things have just started. MC will be fighting alongside their partner against Lucky Cat. Unlike Takemitchy, MC idolizes the gang life and wants to be part of it, they just lack confidence. Ruthless MC pretends to have confidence right off the bat, Cold MC hides behind a mask. Flirty MC is a perv and Shy MC is scared of their own shadow but they admire Kaya so much it hurts. MC will at least try to step up to the plate against Immortal Roses’ enemies. Even if they get their ass kicked. They have to be good at fighting to be dating who they’re dating, though depending on player choice with the girlfriend and overall character development with the boyfriend, the relationship doesn’t last.

The chance to develop into a Greedy or Kind MC will come up way later btw.


I made a minor mistake, the status text should not be indented.

Fixed it! However the word text shows up in the stats screen TwT

One down, seven more to go.