Different errors keep popping up, need help

I’m having trouble with constant errors

first one I need help with is invalid create, name was previously created on line 70, the next error is chp1nextdaymale line 19: Invalid indent? Expected an #option here, not *goto

the main problem with the name error is that no names repeat so I don’t understand why I keep getting this error.

The invalid create is because you have used *create for the same variable twice, once on line 70 in startup and once somewhere else. For the indent, it would be helpful to post the code of line 19, with a few lines before and after so it’s easier to see the context.

One sec! I’m not getting the 19 error, one of my players showed it to me.lemme fix the 70 and see if it pops up

I haven’t used it anywhere else it’s only on one line, I only used one name one time each time, I delete things and it still gives me that error, I’m using cside’s web version

UPDATE: It’s ONLY on line 70 specifically, I just deleted the next name and it popped up again

the invalid create is probably because in your startup file, you have created several ‘name’ variables. (“Mikaru”, “Tatsuya”, “Hirai”, etc) and then likewise for ‘surname’. you can only ‘create’ a variable once.

the invalid indent error is because your option starting with ‘Decent.’ has gotten misaligned. it needs to be in line with the other choices

So should I have only one name for each and get rid of the other options?

most likely, though it’d depend on what you’re using it for

can I ask what you’re using the ‘name’ and ‘surname’ variables for? they don’t seem to be the player character’s name (first_name, last_name)

edit: ah I just saw that! :sweat_smile: u don’t need those at all, how you set the pc’s name is already good! (with *set first_name “mikaru”)

They are, got rid of them and it’s working now, I think I fixed the decent error so I am playtesting it rn

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*create race "Human"
*create race "Elf"
*create race ""
*comment gender
*create gender "Male"
*create gender "Non Binary"
*create gender ""
*create name "Mikaru"
*create name "Tatsuya" 
*create name "Hirai"
*create name "Izana"
*create name "Yata"
*create name "Rinda"
*create name "Shion"
*create name "Enari"
*create name "Koko"
*create name "Mikoto"
*create surname "Amamiya"
*create surname "Ashikaga"
*create surname "Suoh"
*create surname "Kisaki"
*create surname "Shitaro"
*create surname "Munakata"
*create surname "Inuime"

This is from your startup file, and is done incorrectly.
You don’t *create each option for a variable, you just *create it once, and then set it to different things later.
There can only be one variable called ‘name’, so each time you create a new variable called ‘name’ you are just overwriting the one you already made.

(Edit: ah, I took too long making my response :laughing: )

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Got it!

Things seem to be working now! Thank you!

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