Kingdoms and Empires (WIP) SFW Demo, Revised Intro

Kingdoms and Empires is a low Isekai-fantasy setting where the protagonist of the story is customizable by you! You will choose their appearance, personality, their strengths and weaknesses, and how they cope with their mental health! You will be able to impact the story with your choices, choices that may come back to haunt you for better or worse. As the Crown Heir to the Kingdom of Argent, you will navigate childhood, court intrigue, fall in love, fight battles, wage war, and raise a family.

You will have close friends to aid you, a family that will support and love you, a solid foundation you can rely on…but can it rely on you?

I am active on this here forums, Tumblr, Discord, and now Patreon!

If you want to share this work online with your friends or people who’d like this story, use this page to direct them here! This thread is open and public to non-signed in guests!

The game is currently equipped with
Public Demo Wordcount: 28k
Patreon Demo Wordcount: 306k as of now

I will be posting the Revised Intro with all accompanying changes here from now on so as to not confuse readers. I will keep updating the demo until I reach the point where it can no longer be SFW. As such, here is the link for the KaE NSFW Thread


Step by Step, with pictures!

Ah, lemme make a step by step procedure for you then!

Step 1: Le main Kingdoms and Empires SFW page! You have to click on the “opt in” button!!!

Step 2: After selecting, you will now have to Join the Adult Club!!! This means having to pay taxes, sudden realization you’re not where you think you should be at this stage of life so you think you’re a failure, etc

Step 3: Distract yourself with amazing new WIPS so that you may self-insert and temporarily forget about your crushing student debt! (If American) (If of another nationality, then to forget about your cruel dreadful existence of being without In-n-Out)

By now, you should be able to access the Adult Thread for KaE!!!

Hope this helps!!!

If you are having problems accessing the thread, you will have to create an account with Choice of Games and “opt in” to receive access to the many great works shown there!

If you haven’t joined and are of age, YOU’RE MISSING OUT!

The Codex

The Codex will explain almost the entire Continent of Nareth! Keep progressing through the game and unlock new entries about different kingdoms or new enemy encounters!

Romance Options

(Kingdoms and Empires)

Education Bar

The path you take can and will change how you will interact with the world in Arc II, a Politician may be able to play the game of nobles well enough, but political knowledge will be useless for when you need to build a siege engine, the type an Engineer would be able to construct easily!

Demo Link

Tumblr Page!

Discord Link!

Kingdoms and Empires Server

Patreon Information

Hi all, here is the link to my Patreon. I’ve decided you create a Patreon to help support myself as I dedicate my time and energy into this world I’ve crafted. I am planning at least two games for Kingdoms and Empires , the current one expected to reach 1 million words , while the second one is estimated to reach half that. In order to reach that goal and finish in a prompt timeframe, I require your support to justify the massive amount of time I have spent pouring into this passion project of mine, while still being able to still pay my bills without endangering my current job. I hope in the future to focus on writing full-time, aided by my lovely patrons who helped make that possible for me. Helping support me will not only expedite my progress and updates, but will give me the breathing room to more carefully craft the world of Kingdoms and Empires , and make the whole journey feel much more complete and enjoyable! Thank you for the support!


This story will require a Gay/Asexual MC to have children.
Explicit Language.
Explicit Violence.

Official Art!

First up we have the Silver Wolves, the Royal Guard of the Monarchs of Argent, the Heavy Infantry Unit designed to penetrate and fold enemy lines in open battle! During open battle, they use two-handed variants of Maces and Axes, both being held by the Silver Wolf pictured to showcase the weapons. The Mace is used to crush armored enemies and deliver blunt trauma to the body underneath the hard shell of armor. The Axe is used similarly, with a crucial difference: The Vertical Pointed head on the axe can be used to penetrate armor and deliver quick killing blows. In fact, due to the effectiveness of these weapons, they were slowly replacing the sword in Europe before the advent of firearms!

Then we have the Old King of Argent himself, Remiel!!!

We see him wearing the Blessed Silver Armor of Argent, the magical properties quite literally “lit up” due to him possessing the bloodline requiring to use the armor to it’s full benefit and potential! (WE HAVE IT TOO!) The Sword of Argent is also lit up, the stone glowing as well as the centerpiece stone in the Blessed Armor. Of course, with my overhaul happening and being written as we speak, I will change the armors color scheme ingame to what we see here! As for the actual Sword of Argent and the Argent Armor’s design, I wanted to keep a simple, more realistic design due to functionality and to disregard the “Rule of Cool” that has been prevalent thus far in media. Reason being is because keeping my work grounded is is important to me, as is the weapons and armor used. Practicality in my opinion outweighs the fantastical qualities of let us say the Daedric Armor used in Skyrim.
These were weapons and armor that saw real use in battle, and terrified enemies. Just wanted to explain the reasoning and design choices behind the armor and weapons when some people may have been expecting some anime-esque drawings lol!

First Variant:

This is the most common of the V’era, tall, powerful, with a viscous hide that isn’t instantly noticed…at times it acts erratic, unpredictable, and dogged until its prey has been killed. It uses its long jagged claws to maim and shred opponents apart. Most concerning is the armor it wears. The style is unknown to the Empire or the Kingdoms, further darkening the suspicions of their origins. With the elongated arms and hollow eyes or the skeletal appearance, one would assume it to be slow or weak, further adding to the reasons as to why the V’era is able to overpower and kill.

Second Variant:

One of the rarest variants of the V’era menace with an elongated conical cranium. Fast, powerful, with excessively sharp claws and an even sharper protruding elblow, this is the most shrouded Variant. From what little is known of the V’era is that while being a little taller than the First Variant, this V’era is far more heavier and stronger. The claws are used to grip the earth to propel themselves even quicker, and once they’re close enough, their legs generate force enough to leap incredible distances at their targets for the kill. Unlike the First Variant, this V’era kills efficiently, with finesse, and without mercy.

Third Variant:

The rarest, but most well-known V’eraVariant that is hushed about near warm fires and children’s beds. These are specifically called Demons. It is sighted once decades at a time, perhaps longer. The sheer destruction and terror this Demon brings about are mentally scarring, enough so that stories and nighttime horror tales still keep children wide awake at night. It is thought to be a herald of doom, with wars and famines following in its heels. Easily towering over a man, with reaching arms that could tear and rip a knight in two, the easiest way to kill one of these terrifying Demons is with a noble with a Blessed Weapon, and sometimes that is not enough. Only the users with complete sets of Blessed Armors can reliably and easily kill them. It has been recorded only once in history when dozens of Enchanted Weapon users were able to successfully slay a Demon of the Third Variant. This is the Demon that attacks your caravan.

This is the portrait of the princess who was married to King Garland the Conqueror’s son after he took over her kingdom and killed her father, the previous King of Moresaine.

And Finally, the amazing artists who drew these pieces of art!

Artist of the Silver Wolf and Demons: teddysantt
Artist of the Old King: theartofhector
Artist of our ancestor: LiviaDrusilla

Please consider commissioning them for your future projects or personal requests!

Please let me know what you thought of the art!!!

Hope you guys enjoy!!!


Question is this update only for the sfw version or does the nsfw version also have an update


Both threads feature the exact same update, the difference is that the NSFW version will continually get updated while this one is just so people can get a preview if they arent a signed-in member of the forums and couldn’t see the WIP as it’d be invisible to them. Great question!


The Codex update only was great getting to know more about the Jelaythans and their maritime culture as well as expanding the Empire’s lore certainly worthy of attention.

Loved the distinction between Argent loyalty and Empire loyalty shaping your character in such a clear way is an incredible boon to creating your final MC.

The redesign of the basic traits(charisma,intelligence and martial) placing them on a simpler and more visual esthetic makes it better for me too is more accesible without any unnecessary fanfare.

Beyond this only praise you for the many ways our character can resolve the village’s problems had tons of fun going wild with the highest Tycoon option.Making a seemingly insignificant settlement a bursting center of trade and economic power is amazing and can totally see my MC personally leading Argent to be this world’s China completely out classing those fools on the Empire.

Also Team Argent here!,
That Empire is going to end up regressing to its origins if I have a say,the Old Kingdoms holding true political power again and Otto’s bloodline holding that very same city their ancestor’s Garland started out with,such a great ending seeing their power vanish right in front of their eyes.


May I ask is the patron version much more then the public demo cause I kind of want to buy patron if its longer


I believe the patreon is a few 50,000 words more, but i don’t think it would be further than the public version, this is just the start of the story. I myself become patreon member because I would like to support good writing that COG has lost recent years.


This is for people who want to vote but do not have access to the NSFW thread!

You know what we havent had in a while?



First things first, ill be releasing a hotfix update for everyone in an hour or so that have changed stat check requirements. I listened to the community feedback regarding the town upgrades, and have decided to go ahead and drop the low level stat checks to 3 or more, and the higher stat checks to 5 or more! Hopefully, this gives players more choices in what to do without needing to go back and choose a different choice to unlock a certain scene or etc.

This however, brings me to the actual poll!

Now that the stats are following a Fallout-esque format, I’m entertaining the possibility of just giving players “x amount” of stat points, and letting them choose where to invest them! For example, in the start of the game the Goddess allows you to choose what to invest your Attribute points in. Exactly that, but with education points! This of course would allow the player to spread their points around and mess around with their education and give more control to them.

Main drawback however?

The old choices that boost your stats would be removed from future updates that explain what you’ve done to increase said stat. Such as going into the library to increase this or that stat with the dialogue, lesson or etc. This can be fixed by giving the MC exactly one point to invest though? So may not be that much of a problem either

Of course, this may be side stepped by me letting players receive points FIRST, and then proceed through the story and let them pass or fail checks as they come along. For example, you’re given 10 points to invest in your Education Stats, and you spread them out accordingly to your tastes.

You go through the lesson plans and take exams regarding each subject. You invested a lot in Engineering, so you pass the test. You invested an average amount in Tycoon and scored an average score. You didn’t invest much in Politician and flunked that test. You did alright in Historian.

And the characters would remark upon that and etc.

What do yall think? Any questions, please lemme know cause i may have messed up the explanations haha

  • Keep stat boosts the way they are!
  • Letting me choose where to invest points sounds cool!
  • You suck at explaining and I have questions.

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New update to NSFW Thread!

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Me: Always choosing “you suck” :heart:


You: “you suck :heart:

Me: Crawling [Official HD Music Video] - Linkin Park - YouTube :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

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New public update found in the NSFW thread!

So excited for this book really enjoying so far


Thank you!!!

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WOW this is written so well :sparkles:
The characters are so engaging and interesting, even if theyre minor characters, I find myself invested in them :heartbeat:
I especially liked the dialogue of the private guard trio :rofl: When they were each bragging about their own contributions to fending off the creatures, it was :ok_hand::ok_hand: I so often see a cutaway after action scenes so it was refreshing to see the immediate aftermath

Even the scary Old King was likeable but still remained fearsome, you really struck a good balance there!

I also enjoyed the balance of politics/engineering/history/commerce and the pictures in the character profiles too!!

Cant wait to read more, great job!! :partying_face:



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I just finished the demo minutes ago, Old King Remiel really went too far


Do what must be done, do not hesitate, show no mercy…


It’s more the making MC go through that at that age that seems to be too much


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