Kingdoms and Empires (WIP) SFW Demo, Revised Intro

Sneak Peek Dropped!

I will be posting the Revised Intro with all accompanying changes here from now on so as to not confuse readers. I will keep updating the demo until I reach the point where it can no longer be SFW.

The NSFW Version will be receiving the Marital and Pacifist Routes to the Silverhill Arc

Sneak Peek Alpha

Around 25-30k words long of the revised intro.

Changes done to game. **SPOILERS**

Imma dump everything I told Patreons cause it’s easier that way.



So new thing:

New Personality system implemented. Old version was for ease of writing purposes, further learning on Choicescript has allowed me to be able to make a more “complex” system that lets you choose any personality action you wish, but it will be “weighed” against a check to see how side characters react. Are you acting differently or not? Stuff like that. People kept bitching about the old one so I said fuck it ill change it to be more accessible for folks. I hope peeps like this version more and that the checks feel immersive.

Goddess Scene Changes

I spliced it tf up and will now instead be making the Goddess scene peppered throughout our childhood in the form of dreams. Makes it more mysterious and helps with pacing. I think alotta folks will thank me for this lololol

Stat Descriptions

I also created a lil thingy where you can see your stats giving you lil snippets of info, some even give ya lil titles

Here’s the list of variables with descriptions
So yeah, I made ten variables, with ten different descriptions each, so in total its 100 of these fuckers lmao


Also some new changes in regards to origins
Ive removed the Orphan Origin and changed it with the “Who tf am I?” Origin. Youre a blank slate, and it is my hope that players who dont like the other two origins choose this so they can headcanon whatever they want!

I also expanded the Outcast Origin
Now you can choose what was the Vice that screwed up your life.

Reputation Store

I also created something called the Reputation Store.

The Reputation points you gain while playing the game will now give you the opportunity to buy stat points to increase your stats if you get checked by a stat check and dont wanna go back and change some choices around!!! This gives ME alot more leeway in not having to fucking make sure of what a player’s stats should be if they went all in in Combat like the war goblin they are! And it gives YOU way more control over your stats! Plus, the Reputation Points help give bigger consequences for doing things thatll hurt your reputation since those choices can take away those valuable Rep points!!! I hope its a fun gameplay mechanic thatll be enjoyed by you fine folks, cause i aint changing it lmao

As you can imagine, the mechanic is still new so please report and problems or feedback you may wish to give me when using it in the future!


I’m implementing alot more choices, choices that allow you to fuck with- i mean interact with- people and the environment around you. I honestly stopped giving a fuck about the realism of a toddler running around doing shit so suspend that disbelief and play along with me. Plus i did alot of research regarding toddlers and those lil buggers are alot more active and talkative than you would think, so it aint really so realism breaking either lmao. Anyways, the personality locking system as explained before is changed, and gone is the actual locking out of choices. There’s also choices where your stats will determine the level of success you may have with an action, as shown below. And as you can see, the choices in the screenshot are almost 2k words of content.

Im also becoming way more comfortable and proficient in the use of temp variables, and since all of these variables are just for when youre a kiddo (and the scene where a majority of the kiddo scenes happen is over 100k words so these variables will stick for a long min lmao), i expect to see an increase in interactivity and enjoyability for you guys. Please expect to see more of these variables added so that your playthroughs become more unique from each other.

Also creating some opportunities for the MC to go around and explore when able to, but people don’t only want expo dumps or world building right? How about getting gossip, listening to shit you shouldnt, and maybe impacting people in ways you didnt think would impact them later in life?

Okay, just for this one, and only cause i had a blast writing this whole segment, Im also trying to add in more moments where you can be a cute lil kid and use that to your advantage. Plus moments where you can be mommy or daddy’s boy/girl. Youre a kid! Lets use it!! For example, from the screenshot above, here’s a snippet of what happens if you decide to explore the north:

What should you do? I chose the Friendly option:

Skin Tones and Twink/Pretty Boy MC

Realized that introducing skin color would be weird asf later on so I made the choice appear much sooner than before. Makes more sense now and it feels natural. I used the Fitzpatrick Scale to help in naming the skin tones and even included royalty paid images of the different types, the images are for both male and female individually when making your selections.

This is how itll look ingame:

Look, i know i know, i couldve simply just done the whole Pale, Fair, Olive, Brown, Black etc thing and move on without doing much more but…that wouldnt be me lmao plus these will help influence some scenes later on as people keep trying to guess where tf our grandma came from lmao, AND it can also help boost your relationship stats with groups of people, AND come in handy in instances say… having to escape some fuckers and if youre black you can hide with a group of Jelaythans? Options people, IT’S CALLED HAVING OPTIONS!

Or you can get funny scenes like this one if you pick:

The last option instead. Here, youll look much more like Adelina, which will be commented on in the story. Itll be more hilarious for MaleMCs, especially if you wanna be a pretty boy ranging from Holy shit that guy is pretty to the MC is a femboy! lmaooooo for FemMCs youll just look alot like mama.

Anyways, like I was saying:

Any of the choices except black will get you this lil goody:

Anyways, with that done you get extra flavor changes in scenes where skin tone may be relevant, like here:

Names n Shit

I had someone ask me to make some names for you guys to choose at the start since some arent able to think of a name at the start lolol

I took this suggestion seriously, though perhaps a bit too seriously.

Now, you will receive extra bonus scenes and content depending on what name you choose! If you pick a name that’s taken from someone that you wont see much of, say Adelina’s sisters Liliana or Rhaella, youll get a comment regarding it.

But if you choose one of the six major names listed above, you’ll have different scenes, commentary on the name, and people comparing you to the original nameholder.

Example, say you have… Remiel’s beloved wife’s name?
If you want to go further, there’s certain choices you gotta choose in order to remind gramps of his dead wife the most for the most scenes regarding that. This hasnt been implemented yet, as I havent reached there yet, but the “steps” needed to unlock what i want to create in the future is already here with this.

Obviously you have to be FemMC for this. MalMcs will get some of those scenes, but FemMC will get most of the angst.

Now if you really wanna troll the shit outta Remmy, choose Otto or Garland for the name! :smiley: I want the scenes with those names to be funny more than angsty.

Toggle Game Options

So I added a bunch of shit, and gave yall the option to turn it on and off!!!

You can turn em on and off at anytime in the stats page!

The Plan

This is to pretty much show you guys how seriously i take your criticism to heart. I made it my goal to address alot of the issues faced by my readers, and I really hope you guys can take it as proof of my efforts at bettering myself as a writer and coder.

This alpha is to pretty much show exactly what will be changing in the future with KaE. I will be implementing all of this changes into the game proper so it can stand proud!

I will however, be also releasing the Martial and Pacifist Routes separately to give myself more time in implementing all of this changes into the actual game.

Though be warned, those version will be OLD and I will only make sure the code runs. Other than that i wont give a damn if ya give me spelling errors or the like cause it’s dead to me lmao. Im only dropping it to 1) Give myself time in catching up to the arc as i implement the changes to the rest of the game and 2) Not leave you guys without content.

When will they drop? Once I test em both and make sure the code is working. DO NOT ASK WHEN.

For Patreons

Ill be giving you guys the updated version of the alpha on April 10. It’ll will include the completed implementations up to the point where we leave with the Caravan.

You guys will also be getting the Martial and Pacifist Routes first.

Thank you guys for always supporting and being patient with me!

Please let me know what you guys think of the changes!

Unless it’s negative, my heart cant handle that atm.


Really glad to see this wasn’t dropped really liked it


Yess right when i was going to go to sleep but yes

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So the final released version will be more softer in story?

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If i understand ya correctly from what i know of whats to come nope is the simple anwser lol

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No, no wayyyy

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Hi in Patreon version really got 300k?

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Patreon and the Public NSFW are pretty similar atm. Read the instructions to join the NSFW side of the forum and get access to it!

Wats the difference between this and the other kingdoms and Empire form? This version is remake or editing from beginning something? :thinking:

Sorry but I don’t understand what you mean?

Answer below.

I will be periodically updating here in SFW for the upgraded version of KaE while the nsfw thread will get the older version with the Pacifist and Martial routes.

As to say sfw is u gonna mainly be focusing on? :thinking: All those things I saw new options are going to be implemented in the future updates in the original kae demo

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Im sorry for not understanding you the first time, what i meant to say is that THIS thread will be getting smaller updates of the new system stuff and content.

The OTHER thread will receive the Silverhill Arc stuff but nothing else until I finish with converting the rest of THIS thread’s demo with the changes!

AFTER this thread reaches the execution scene, then ill change the other NSFW thread’s demo with this one and update there afterward. I may make a different version that’s censored so to speak, to remove the very violent scenes with less descriptive imagery.

I really hope that answers your question!


Hey I was 50 percent Confuse you make it 100😂 my question is kingdom and empires is a different games? And also what you mean with saying other thread? And is patron is fully game?

Please scroll up, find where it says this, and look at the pictures, and opt in!

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I think I play that demo long ago

And I don’t know what you mean by this

Your in for a long wait this is going to be a very big game when its all said and done.

@musawir nope thats just where you can get early stuff flame is working on but you half to pay to see it and what have you.

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Well in this genre of games waiting is part of the game I am keeping an eye for multiple title after all :grin:.

But so far I like it with the demo I’d like to add it to my watch list.


Wats the silver hall arc