INFAMOUS IF (BAND WIP) CHAP 2. P1 OUT (178k words)

Hello! My name is Amy, author of Infamous! It’s a story that follows you, a lead singer of a band, who is chosen to go on tour on a Battle of the Bands reality show. Fame, fortune, mess, drama and angst all on camera!

I had made a post months ago when I first made Infamous, but it had locked since I put it in the wrong place. Sorry about that! Quite a bit of time has gone since then, and the story has been trucking pretty well ever since! With Part 1 of Ch. 2 out, I feel like it’s been long overdue to make a post in the forum! I am actively fixing the codes and errors, and you can follow the progress of the game on my tumblr. Thank you!! Hope you like it!!


Latest update → 07/30/23

You’re going to be a superstar, no matter what it takes.

You and your friends have been in a band since high school, when all you were was a lead singer to a band that played out of someone’s garage and did occasional birthday party gigs for the neighborhood kids. after years of grinding, your band has yet to make it big, but has managed a small and dedicated cult following. All you and your bandmates want is to see your names in glittery lights, traveling the world to perform for millions of fans.

Your chance comes in Misfit Alley’s Battle of the Bands. After auditioning every year with no success, your band has finally gotten the opportunity to tour across the United States and open for the biggest band in the world, performing against other bands in the hopes that you win and get signed.

As you perform, your fame rises and you can see the dream coming to fruition. But with fame comes problems of its own, some that might just ruin you and the band you swore to take to the top.

Infamous is rated 18+ for explicit language, explicit sexual themes, drug and alcohol use, violence, morally questionable behavior, and more.

About the Game
  • Customize your MC (the lead singer of your band)'s appearance and personality, as well as their public image and persona. Are they loved or hated by the public? Controversial or appeasing? Humble or arrogant? Fame and money-hungry or simply there for the music?
  • Following that, work on your band’s public image and whether they’re mainstream or underground, depending on the choice of music you release and what kind of promo you do. Is your band hated by parents due to its explicit content or is your band squeaky clean, perfect for a mainstream label?
  • Engage in fiery romance with an array of wild characters, including some that may just get you into hot water with the rumor mill.
  • Create your own lyrics and decide whether you want to be a genuine artist or the face of a brand.
  • Get rich and famous ! Isn’t that what you’re here for?


The Band Manager: Orion Quinn ✮ he/him, 35 ✮ [RO] – strict and reserved, Orion is the antithesis of what a rockstar is. Some call his cold and uptight demeanor having ‘a stick up his ass’ but he calls it being business focused. Orion is all about bringing the band to the top, which includes being professional at all times.

Special romance route: you can choose to have been chasing Orion for years, to no success (until now?)

The New Addition: August Pierce ✮ they/them, 26 ✮ [RO] – With the exit of your bandmate, August has taken her place as the band’s drummer. Usually shy and reserved, that all goes out the window once they start playing. You wonder if their isolation is less a personality trait and more the fact that they’re in a band with longtime friends. Doesn’t matter–seems like it’ll take a while for you to get close to them regardless.

The Idol: Griffin/Gina ‘Gigi’ Reign ✮ he/him or she/her, 28 ✮ [RO] – the spunky, charming and controversial lead singer of Misfit Alley and now your mentor, G Reign is currently the most famous person on Earth. Everyone either hates them, wants to be them, or wants to fuck them. Of course, this means a slew of trouble if one gets close to them…that is if they even allow it.

Special romance route: engage in an affair / engage in a strictly physical relationship (that can lead to a romantic one) // poly route with Victoria Valentine

The Rival: Seven Lawless ✮ he/him or she/her, 27 ✮ [RO] – once your best friend or ex, they are now your rival and the lead singer of Soft Violence, another band competing for Battle of the Bands. T hey hate you. Still, the line between love and hate is a whole lot of passion.

Special romance route: can either be an ex or a former best friend, enemies to lovers.

The Girl Dad: Sebastian Holland ✮ he/him, 33 ✮ [RO] – a normal and friendly data analyst, Sebastian isn’t about the music scene…but his daughter is and she’s a superfan of your band. Sebastian is your typical ‘nice guy’ almost too nice, sometimes, and has been dragged along by his daughter to follow the Battle of the Bands for her birthday. He’s just a normal civilian. The last thing you should do is get to know him, right?

The Eye Candy: Victoria Valentine ✮ she/her, 27 ✮ [RO] – G Reign’s wife, she’s an upcoming actress and model. Victoria has been G’s eye candy since they came up on the scene, but you can almost sense the tension between them. And the way Victoria seeks shelter in someone else…that could be you.

Special romance route: engage in an affair // poly route with G Reign


Rowan Hart (he/him) – guitarist

Iris De Luca (she/her) - keyboardist

Devyn Powell – (they/she) bassist, background vocals

I’m pretty active on tumblr if there are any questions or concerns. Thank you! <3


I’m happy you brought this here!

Welcome to the community, @radicallytamed


aha thank you!!


Hey, great to see this on here! Found it through tumblr and love the story so far.


I haven’t had time to play the new update yet, but I have to tell people: if you’re waffling because you’re not sure a music IF is for you, TRY IT. I was skeptical because I’m not super into music but holy moly it’s so good.


I’m always a big fan of these sort of choice indicators in IF. I don’t know why more Choice games don’t use them, I hate vague choice text.

This is kind of a weird, oddly gendered, line.


Thank you!! <3

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Ahh! Thank you so much! And I hope you like the new update!

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Glad to hear it! I prefer systems like these too.

Heck yeah. Welcome back to the forum! Been following your tumblr for ages now since it’s so nice to see another music, modern day centered IF.

Still gotta check out the new update when I can, but hyped to see and to keep following for updates.


Good to see this story also posted on the forum. I really like what you’ve written so far. You have a way with words. Can’t wait to see this story unfold and witness my MC unravel under the pressure.

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Like, seriously, I’m usually much more attracted to the low drama ROs, the more mature options. Sebastian should be my jam. In my playthrough Seven is 100% at fault, he kind of comes across as immature. The band held a vote to make me the lead singer, I voted to keep us a duet, and when the vote didn’t go his way he stormed off. He’s moved on with his life, he’s got a new romantic partner (another thing that would normally be a huge turn off in a RO for me) and is actively mean to us most of the time…

But then there are the moments, like him overhearing my voicemail to my parent’s that I have a difficult relationship with. Knowing he tried to break up the fight between my band and Wastebasket when I wasn’t there. The surprise he shows when I use my one answer I demand of him to ask how his mum is.

This man is gonna fuck me up. I can see it now.


Marvelous really!! I loved your writing style too it’s super immersive and it made me emotional ^^ thnak you:)


Just reading through the RO intro and August is called ‘her’ in the 1st sentence

The her being referenced is Jazz, the bandmate who is leaving, not August.


“Kind of” is a generous way to put it. The only time they weren’t full on hostile mode with my mc is probably the phone call scene. The party scene prior to them help breaking up the fight is still full of tension and spite, and in the late night scene I chose a different question that made me go “riiiiiight… shouldn’t have bother.”

Don’t get me wrong, I love RO that has a history with mc because it speaks drama. But playing as a “I want none of these bs” type of mc, the heat so far feel pretty one-sided and my mc ends up looking like an emotionally punching bag, and it took every bit of will in me to not clap back at them every time they open their mouth.

I still have hope in them, but I seriously wish a mature conversation would happen sooner rather than later and resolve this animosity to some extent, before I lost my sanity and just hop on the “seven’s hate train”.

On a brighter note, I really like the scene where we have to drag G’s ass to the photoshoot. For once, we get to be the one who talks shit and somehow the one who receive is none other than the biggest deal in the game. While I’m not into affair or poly route, I guess I won’t mind being their marriage counselor a bit her and there. Lol


I only say kind of immature because there is mention of a big blowout fight at a party after the vote and we don’t know what the MC may have said. We could have said some really hurtful things, though I do hope the author doesn’t put words in our mouth. I’d like the chance to determine how that fight went down.


I do suggest a run where you attend the party.

The complexity of your (past/current) relationship with S as it can be experienced there should reinforce your angst.

There are different angles that the MC can take during the dialogue scenes at the party.


Seven doesn’t have a romantic partner btw, Avina and her are just friends.


Oh no, I was talking about the party mentioned in the conversation with Seven, I have done the party that’s currently in game.

So apparently something happened at that party that really ruined their relationship.

I feel like you are meant to infer they are romantically linked. I get that it might be a reveal later that they aren’t actually, but it’s definitely heavily insinuated they are to the player.

Fair, it’s possible I’m just reading too much into it :rofl: it was things like this that made me feel like the MC at the very least was meant to think they were romantically involved: