INFAMOUS (a journey of stardom and ruin) - WIP

You’re going to be a superstar, no matter what it takes.

You and your friends have been together since high school, when all you were was a lead singer to a band that played out of someone’s garage and did occasional birthday party gigs for the neighborhood kids. After years of grinding, your band has yet to make it big, but has managed to acquire a small and dedicated cult following. All you and your bandmates want is for your shared dream to come true: see your names in glittery lights, traveling the world to perform for millions of fans.

Your chance comes in Misfit Alley’s Battle of the Bands. After auditioning every year with no success, your band has finally gotten the opportunity to tour across the United States and open for the biggest band in the world, performing against other bands in the hopes that you win and get signed.

As you perform, your fame rises and you can see the dream coming to fruition. But with fame comes problems of its own, some that might just ruin you and the band you swore to take to the top.


  • Customize your MC (the lead singer of your band)'s appearance and personality, as well as their public image and persona. Are they loved or hated by the public? Controversial or appeasing? Humble or arrogant? Fame and money-hungry or simply there for the music?
  • Following that, work on your band’s public image and whether they’re mainstream or underground, depending on the choice of music you release and what kind of promo you do. Is your band hated by parents due to its explicit content or is your band squeaky clean, perfect for a mainstream label?
  • Engage in fiery romance with an array of wild characters, including some that may just get you into hot water with the rumor mill.
  • Create your own lyrics and decide whether you want to be a genuine artist or the face of a brand.
  • Get rich and famous ! Isn’t that what you’re here for?



The Band Manager: Orion Quinn ✮ he/him, 35 ✮ [RO] – strict and reserved, Orion is the antithesis of what a rockstar is. Some call his cold and uptight demeanor having ‘a stick up his ass’ but he calls it being business focused. Orion is all about bringing the band to the top, which includes being professional at all times.

The Idol: Griffin/Gina ‘Gigi’ Reign ✮ he/him or she/her, 28 ✮ [RO] – the spunky, charming and controversial lead singer of Misfit Alley and now your mentor, G Reign is currently the most famous person on Earth, therefore that means a slew of trouble if one gets close to them…that is if they even allow it.

The New Addition: August Pierce ✮ they/them, 26 ✮ [RO] – With the exit of your bandmate, August has taken her place as the band’s drummer. Usually shy and reserved, that all goes out the window once they start playing. You wonder if their isolation is less a personality trait and more the fact that they’re in a band with longtime friends. Doesn’t matter–seems like it’ll take a while for you to get close to them regardless.

The Rival: Seven Lawless ✮ he/him or she/her, 27 ✮ [RO] – once your best friend or ex, they are now your rival and the lead singer of Soft Violence , another band competing for Battle of the Bands. You hate them, and they hate you . Still, the line between love and hate is a whole lot of passion.

The Girl Dad: Sebastian Holland ✮ he/him, 33 ✮ [RO] – a normal and friendly data analysis, Sebastian isn’t about the music scene…but his daughter is and she’s a superfan of your band. Sebastian is your typical ‘nice guy’ almost too nice, sometimes, and has been dragged along by his daughter to follow the Battle of the Bands for her birthday. He’s just a normal civilian. The last thing you should do is get to know him, right?

The Eye Candy: Victoria Valentine ✮ she/her, 27 ✮ [RO] – G Reign’s wife, she’s an upcoming actress and model. Victoria has been G’s eye candy since they came up on the scene, but you can almost sense the tension between them. And the way Victoria seeks shelter in someone else…that could be you.

Hello! Infamous is my first WIP (demo out soon!) and have been working on it for a while now. Thank you for your possible interest and checking it out!

Follow the development on my tumblr.


Welcome to the forums.

Just a fyi – WiPs need a demo to stay open, so you’ll need to post one soon for the thread to stay open.

The story, features, and genre all seem interesting so far. :revolving_hearts:


Seems like a great story. Cannot wait to actually read it by the way. Looking forward to it.

When is the wip coming out?

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I really like your idea! You’ve clearly already put a lot of thought into it, and I’m excited to see more :slight_smile:

Sounds like an amazing idea, I’m looking forward to the WIP :smiley: and to make my own lyrics <3

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Thank you for the heads up! Will be on it and thank you!


I love the concept and can’t wait for the demo!

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Sounds really good can’t wait for the demo release :blush:

Just to follow up, I will be closing the thread on Friday, if a demo is not posted.

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When a demo is ready, let the moderators know.