When Life Gives You Lemons (October 25 2023) (WIP)

Ahem… did someone say slice of life? Ros who will swoon over your MC, and make it hard for you to choose just one?

Being a parent? Taking care of a kid? Managing your finances? Hookups with a barista and maybe a particular police officer?

There’s an angry neighbor to deal with… An ex/childhood friend who still has a thing for your MC… A cute co-work/boss romance… And that teacher who is not vanilla at all… let’s not forget the hunky neighbor who loves to bake muffins!

If you’re curious about all that… give this story a try.

Demo link: here

Tumblr: here

Feedback needed: grammar and typos. Constructive feedbacks are also welcome.


This was fun to read and the characters are lovely :smiley: It’s not too gamified (at least so far), which to me is perfect for a slice of life story. I’m eager to see more.

Typos I found

“The F-150 screams road domination. Nothing beats ridding such a monster. It is ready for all seasons and all type of roads. Just fasten the seatbelt of the little one in the back seat and you’re ready to go,” the salesman says.

Should be riding

You pay for your groceries and other purchase with the bill adding up to a raging $1,000. Then you drive home.

Should be purchases

Monday replied: Yes, what is your child name and how old?

Should be child’s

"My daughter’s name is Anna, and she’s seven.

Missing quotation mark at the end

The improvised dinner in the office was just your way to boost his moral.

Should be morale?

“Yes, but partnering with them would reach troubled kids worldwide. It would litterally make your platform international, and without borders.”

Should be literally

“It can be… sometimes,” you reply. “I would say that unhappy clients can be like crying kids throwing tantrums, so yes. It can be stress full.”

Should be stressful


i really enjoyed this alot! i read through for a bit to get a feel of it and its such a nice read. i also choose a romance option on everyone just to try it out and i really like our co-worker/boss and the teacher. i was honestly not expecting how our ex/childhood friend to act so when they started spewing those overly confident words i was like yup not romancing you for now.

a question on the romance choices. is it advisable to gain a romance point for everyone or would that have some effect? also, for the neighbor, is it possible to accept their invite without getting a romance point for them?

i think its better if its phrased as stuffed dragon and to remove the animal

i gotta say. this is so fucking funny to read. just imagining myself telling my kid to go touch some grass lmao

i know its supposed to be pumpkin but pumkin sounds so fucking cute ngl.

anyways, would be restarting with a more serious route now that i have met all the ros. tbh its kinda tempting to romance the ex/childhood friend. the way they act is just a little too much for me. the banners are so cute looking and is very freshing to look at too


I found a few problems


The game is amazing and it has a relaxing vibe to it.


Thank you glad you like it. And thanks for the typos report those are very helpful.

Thanks for reading, romance points will unlock romance choices such as kisses and ROs POV. If you’re not romancing the ex/friend’s choices for them to kiss you on the sofa will be locked, and you will not see their POV either.

Thanks for the typo report “Pumkin” is def a typo lol I will fix that.

Thank you so much :slightly_smiling_face:


One more thing about the romance points, for example, if you don’t have romance points with the teacher at the zoo they will only ask you for a date, but if you do have romance points with them, that scene plays out differently and you get to find out how naughty they are :sweat_smile: (hints you get to kiss them or outright slap them)


It’s gone pubbbblllliiiiicccccccccc!!!


Really happy to see more slice of life projects. This option during the date with the neighbor kinda cracked me up though.

“Are you saying that I put on my casual outfit for nothing?”


Yayy the lemons!! Barns you motherfuc-

Can’t say enough how your work is amazing :heart_eyes:

I can’t choose just one of the ROs because they’re all so nice and beautiful and deserves to be loved-

Another fellow patreon, I see here? :stuck_out_tongue:


Not ALL of them. >_>


Honestly, I actually really like this WIP and concept.

It’s good, light-hearted fun and being able to do casual hookups in a Romance IF is surprisingly refreshing. Eliza and Willow are by far my favourite ROs so far and I kinda wanna get in a messy love triangle.

Am I a naughty Dad?


“When life gives you lemons”

  • you lock the door and read them all😌

Jokings aside, I’m not finished yet, but I wanted to drop by and say I like it so far BUT

I didn’t flirt with the neighbor at all, so these reactions are super weird to me

I hope the screenshots work.
Anyways, it’s really weird for me that my MC thinks about a cute neighbor or Antoine would be so suspicious if literally nothing is going on.
The reactions MC can have when he asks if they’re going out also read more like yes, we are, but it’s not your business. Unless you choose the one which gives a flirt point to him.

It’s especially jarring because my MC is not interested in women. But I chose female ROs so that I don’t fall into the pit of choosing flirt/ romance options for all the guys lol

I’m gonna continue playing now. Again I really like it, so good job so far :smiley:

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Ah, amazing! This is such a super cool game from what I’ve played so far. It has such a comfortable and cozy vibe to it and it was just so lovely to read. I can’t wait to read the next half.


“I’ve trained a legion of soldiers, surviving a winter along with my clan and being a chosen one, nothing in this world scares me–”

“…OH NO.”

Jokes aside, i love the nice pace of change this WIP brings. Slice-of-Life is real rare, here. And dang those cozy feelings makes me warm inside.


That ss sounds more like you flirted with (or have expressed interest in) Antoine, and are now worried that Eliza might flirt with him.

As it turns out, A is not a great person in their personal relationships (if they’re your ex, one of the options is that they cheated on you), and that apparently includes “possessiveness”. FUN! (but not really)

“You are the most skilled of swordswielders, perfecting it into an art where your body and your blade act in perfect balance. But can you balance… a CHECK BOOK? You have faced legions of mighty foes” in the field, but are you ready to face… THE HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION? Also, there’s a PTA meeting at end of workday today, you’re supposed to bring food, and nobody told you until two hours before the event."

This is when everybody learns that the greatest superhero is Donald Duck.


Lol right?

Aww Renata :kissing_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: thank you.

Right now all dating options are open so enjoy! They are not locked yet.

Such a bad dad… I’m judging you :yum: thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed it.

Hmmm have been really careful about using If statements just for the people who are not romancing some ROs, thanks for pointing that out I may have just mixed the codes it’s an easy fix.

Oh Wow, Mila. Thank you so much for the kind words. I love your works too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: thank you for reading. It’s good to take a break from conquering the world sometimes and be a parent to a little fictional child :smile:


I only have two words, excellent stuff. Can’t wait to read more.


:dizzy:I’m simpin hard even for the ex that cheated me and this makes me a horrible person. :dizzy:

What can I say? He’s charming, he works on a social project… :no_mouth:

Oh, nothing compares to the thrill of pay the bills on the end of the month. The feeling of unknown: will your money be enough? Just like real life :smiling_face_with_tear:


Contrary to what rich people will try to sell you, poor people are the absolute best at math. Nothing beats “and how many meals am I skipping this month to be able to make rent” to sharpen those arithmetic skills.


OOF, I chose childhood friend history. But good to know. Thanks for telling me.