Choice of Games and Hosted Games Recommendations -- Consolidated Thread

I am not sure if this is enough information; I can’t even remember if it’s a Hosted Game or a Choice game.

It was a science fiction game where you could choose your species . The game opens up in what I think was a flashback where you see some scenes from your childhood/adolescence. In the flashback, you and other children were transported to a space station (I think) and engaged in some friendly competition with other children from several species that start to define you

I apologize if this is so vague; I didn’t get very far and it was a while ago. Thank you if you can help me find this.

Life of a Star Captain, Hosted Games.

OMG, that was it! Thank you so much!

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Maybe Life of a Space Force Captain?

There’s a game called The Wroth Ode that’s set during the Viking era. Although it hasn’t been updated since 2023. It contains the prologue and chapter 1.

Is there any game where you can choose between being beautiful, average or “ugly”?
I am kind of curious about how the reactions of people etc would be depending on which trait you choose, would definitively try them all out

All World Pro Wrestling, if you’re interested in M/M erotica.

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Up to any gender haha, thanks will try it out

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - An Affair of the Heart. You can choose between being very attractive, attractive, plain or average and unattractive.

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Oh yes I played that one! Waiting excited for news

What type of political-themed stories, both published and WIP, are there where you don’t play as the head of state/ President/Monarch/Mayor/Etc., but rather a character who has a character who’s a powerful political figure like an oligarch or significant advisor?

Do you mean games like Shattered Eagle: Fall of an Empire where the mc is an advisor to the monarch?

Yes, stories starting with the MC being a major political player themselves but are not leading a government/country personally.

In Choice of Alexandria the mc is a tutor of prince Ptolemy IV. You decide what type of ruler he will be as his future advisor.

In the Eagles Heir your the bodyguard and childhood friend of Napoleon’s potential heir. Either making him king, emperor changing France into a republic or his brother could become king depending on your choices.

Both are published by choice of games.

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Congresswolf might count too, MC is a campaign manager (or whatever the correct title is).

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I’m looking for ifs ( completed or wip) with a disabled mc (any type of disability) . No matter the genre.

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@chazers I know of a few Wips. Sadly they are abandoned.
I’ll just put them here anyway because they are good stories.

Thieves at Midnight (Deaf/Mute)

Freak: Amidst the Neon Lights (Mute)

Remembered: The Past (Mute, blind, deaf etc)

Until the Colors Bleed Gray (Blind)

Bring us to Washington (Mute)

Ex: A Villains Lament (Option to lose an arm, be Deaf or Mute)

Whispers of the Stars (deaf)

Remember, you will die (Prosthetic hand)

Completed/Published by hosted Games:
The Floating City (Prosthetic Legs)
I’ve never played this one so you’re better off checking the reviews.

Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven (Delusions, hearing aids, visual impairment, night blindness etc)

Way Walkers University Book 2
I blurred this because even though it’s an old game some people haven’t played it yet.

Way Walkers university Book 2 (Panic Attacks and issues with balance, affected memory, issues with speech/Stuttering depending on your ending in book 1)

WIP/Active/Choice of Games
One Knight Stand (Option to be mute)

Whiskey-Four (I think it said one of your eyes and arms are prosthetics, you also have an implant in your spine that allows you to walk)

Cyberpolice (You can have an artificial heart, eyes, hand or legs)

After Dark (Option to have Hearing aids) (Active)
The Kings hound (Option to be mute)

Heavy is the Crown (Option to be mute, deaf or blind)

Within Your Eyes (The mc is pretending to be blind out of self-preservation)

The Eight Years Revolution (Option to have a Prosthetic hand/Hearing Aids)

Skin & Scales (Blind in one eye/Hard of Hearing/Prosthetics)

Vespertines (Option to have Hearing Aids or a Cane)

The Ballad of Devil’s Creek (Option to have one eye)

Wall (Prosthetic arm(s), hand(s), leg(s) and eye(s))

That’s all I have played. There are probably way more. Hope this helps!


There’s also Honor Bound, where you’re recovering (or not) from an injury and either temporarily or permanently disabled. Honor Bound: Creme de la Creme 4—Protect a boarding school as a military bodyguard! [Ch 1-6, 263K words (public) | Ch 1-7, 294K words (Patreon) | updated 4th June] - #532 by HarrisPS


Hey all!

It’s been several years since I’ve been really plugged into the community and Choice of Games as a whole. (Let’s say around 2020 was the last time I was really keeping up)

I recently went to look at all of the new games that have come out in the last few years and was a little overwhelmed.

So can you help me out and recommend me some of the best stories since I stepped away? I’m especially interested in the games with he best writing and worldbuilding, but I’ll give almost anything a try.

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One Knight Stand

College Tennis Origin Story

Lightweaver Chosen

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - An Affair of the Heart

Merry Crisis




The Bureau

Wolf Set Free