Lightweaver: Chosen (WIP) (50k words) (Newest Update 01/04/24)

Use of elemental powers is inspired by Avatar: The Legend of Aang/Korra.

Hello! This is me… finally making that next step. Really nervous to share this little WIP I’ve been brewing for the past month, but here it is!

I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did while writing it. ૮ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ა


the version seems to be the most stable when it comes to future saves


You still remember it.

Burnt into the back of your eyelids like a scar.

The orphanage.

The cold, lifeless, barren gray walls. The creaky wooden floorboards that groaned and moaned in each step.

A place you used to call home.

But you escaped.

Perhaps in your new life at Launwyce Academy you could start anew, find a way to heal the invisible scars on your soul.

For now, all you can do is walk forward.

One step at a time.



A world where elemental deities share a fraction of their powers to their chosen, bringing upon the age of weavers; humans with the ability to manipulate the elements of their patron.

You have been chosen by a mysterious lightning deity—blessing you with the power to weave lightning. But with a troubled childhood haunting your every step, your new abilities present a double-edged sword.

The choices you make, the support you receive, and the inner strength you harness define your journey—a journey fraught with anguish, but one that promises a life outside Mother’s grasp.

Two divergent paths lay ahead.

Will you let yourself heal and grow, or will you fall deeper into the void?

Romance Options


Luna/Leo Bancroft
| 18 | Fire Weaver | Freshman | A’s childhood friend
If MC is shorter than L, they’re shorter than all ROs

They were the first to notice you falling.

A warm and gentle soul. But there’s a certain air about them, the kind that makes them seem untouchable. It’s a type of muted cheer, one that carries the tension of maintaining a persona, but perhaps not a façade.

Despite their unusual aura, they’re attentive and smart, not to mention remarkably insightful.

Alice/Alec Langley
| 18 | Water Weaver | Freshman | L’s childhood friend
If MC is taller than A, they unlock height choices for J

They were the one who made sure you landed safely; and with flourish.

Behind their snark lies a certain vulnerability, hidden by a layer of frost and caution. You suspect that they wear the act like a mask; even if the flecks of passion flickering beneath the surface reveal a fiery heart.

They’re quick-witted and equally sharp-tongued. They never hesitate to speak their mind.

June/Juno Patel
| 19 | Earth Weaver | Sophomore
If MC is taller than J, they’re taller than all ROs

Ever present on their features is a stern expression; jaw set and eyes sharp. Even with little words uttered, they carry themself with confidence that demands respect.

Their intimidating presence often gives people pause, but those who dare meet them head-on will find a stubborn and proud spirit that refuses to yield.

Surprisingly, they’re easy to read, and it makes interacting with them oddly satisfying.



  • Play as a touch-averse customizable MC with a troubled past, male or female.
  • Learn how to use your newfound lightning powers to its fullest potential. Anything’s possible if you’re smart enough!
  • Use your powers for good and be admired. Or use them to become a menace in society and be feared.
  • Participate in Launwyce’s many academy events and competitive tournaments. Show the weaving world what you’re made of.
  • A potential pet has also chosen you as their human; teach them a trick or two!
  • Shape your MC’s personality however you want. Certain choices also help shape the rest of your past.
  • How the MC deals with their trauma is entirely up to you.
  • Push away or make new relationships. Everyone has their own inner demons you can unveil.
  • Character-driven narrative and slow burn character development.
  • Eventually face the monster from your past, Mother.
  • 3 different endings to branch into!

I think I’ve combed through this story a hundred times now, but since I don’t trust myself—there might still be some few coding and writing mishaps here and there…

I encourage feedback! How is the pacing? Are there scenes where it seems repetitive? Are they too long or short? Anything that sticks out to you—I would love to hear about!

Update Logs

April 1, 2024 (+ 20k = 50k words in total)
December 14, 2023 (30k words)


Hiya, Dakimomoe.

I am happy to see your demo, and look forward to reading it when I can.

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I also converted your original post into a wiki, so that you can continue to edit it until you reach that same user level.

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Ohh, okay! Thank you for letting me know :smiley:


Ah yes. Nothing will stop me from becoming a ticking time bomb of aggressively repressed trauma.
Good luck with this, I’ll keep my eye out for updates.


I’m not sure why you’re nervous when u did just a brilliant job with it. It might be the beginning but u clearly did a great job introducing the setting and characters. This is ripe full of potential. Gain some confidence and believe in yourself


Hello I love your wip but it kinda hate me because everytime I choose the first option this keep appear,

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@Dakimomoe found this:

chapter1 line 1826: It is illegal to fall in to an *else statement; you must *goto or *finish before the end of the indented block.


@GenericUsername A ticking time bomb indeed…
@Christopher_Bull Thank you for the encouraging words! I’m happy you liked it :heart:

As for the bugs, it’s strange because there are some who get past these parts? It also passed the QT and RT before I uploaded it. When I checked these lines they actually don’t end in *else, they end in *elseif. I have implicit_control_control on too, I’m not sure what’s causing it, but I’ll try to just keep them an *if for now…


Loved the demo, I’m already so invested in this story.
Love the mc, can’t wait to see where their story goes. Best of luck! :heart:


@Dakimomoe found another one:

startup line 203: It is illegal to fall in to an *else statement; you must *goto or *finish before the end of the indented block.

oh and one more thing im not sure if anyone told you yet but i cant seem to access the stat page.

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@Knoez @Bulk_Biceps

Hello! I don’t get these errors when I playtest the game on dashingdon and CSIDE myself… Not sure why these bugs are popping up for a few people when there are others who have gone through the end already. Perhaps it’s a browser related set back? Either way, I posted it to as well, maybe it’ll work better there? Thanks for letting me know these bugs!

@Jinthe Thank you! I’ll be taking a break for the rest of the month. Still, I’m also excited to continue writing the story soon! :heart:


I guess I know why, it’s because I play from the saves from before. So when I try to play fresh the bug doesn’t show up anymore.

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I love the demo so much :heart_eyes:.
Can’t wait for more😘.
Will there be scene from ros point of view ? .

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Just finished reading this. It was refreshing. Good luck. Will be waiting for future stuff…


Oh yes, I realize that now. It’s when they use old saves. It might break again in the next update since that one introduces new vars (which I removed for this release since they’re spoilery for code divers). For now, I advise to replay the game from the start :sweat_smile:

The version seems to be the most stable when it comes to future saves atm

@Mary I plan on it, but it’s not a priority for now :smile:

Thanks everyone for reading the demo! Hope to see you again soon :heart:


I really enjoyed your demo. Kind of heavy, but well written! Looking forward to meeting J properly.

I did find one pronoun error, when you sit down in the cafeteria: “…while Alec sits herself gracefully on the seat in front of you, arms crossing over the other as Leo sits beside him”

I love this demo, and am excited to see it here after I found the first version on tumblr
Your writing is wonderful and I can’t wait for more!
One thing I am curious about is what made you change L to be gender selectable?
I remember they used to match the MC gender and was just wondering about the change for this demo version.

I enjoyed the demo! The writing was very tight and I appreciated the ways you could choose how your character reacted to certain things while still remaining believably within the limits of their situation. Lookign forward to reading more!

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Still playing through demo but i remeber playing this from dashingdon i am glad to see a thread for it now :grinning: one big change i saw so far apaart from some choices was instead of one day distance its a entire kingdom length it seems like lol
I am curious as to the reasoning for the change but defintly looking forward to continuing to play demo and seeing what you have in store for us.