Choice of Games and Hosted Games Recommendations -- Consolidated Thread

Life of a Mobster is a classic

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You might be interested in Chop Shop (author’s blog here) for the first one

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Anybody know any WIPs or finished games; that have Shy Trait, and Customization??

I’m going to go back and look at games i already bought to see if any had them, but I can’t really remember which WIPs I’ve played that have it.

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Fields of Asphodel. I really liked playing as a shy MC in this one.

Also, by shy trait do you mean games that have ‘shy’ as one of the stats in the stats page? Or is it something else?


Oh yeah, I never finished my playthrough of that!! thank you

Also, Yeah that’s what I meant.

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Alright, just double-checking. Here are some other WIPs I played that I remembered have this as well:

Agents of Lucifer


One Knight Stand


(in the last two ones it’s ‘timid’, but they work in the same way I think)

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I was thinking about getting both Exodus and Safe Haven but that would amount to more than 40$ on Steam including all the DLCs for Safe Haven. So I’m considering on whether is it worth it buying both games or just getting one of them. I would like some opinion since I’m not very familiar with this franchise by this author and I’ve read a few review on Steam for both of them.

Would also like to know if there’s poly in either of the game so I can plan out some romances if I ever buy them.

Exodus is completed, Safe Haven is series-in-progress. In case that affects your decision.

But which provides a better experience? I feel like it might be Safe Haven seeing as how it has much more options, chapters, wordcounts and more.

Haven is better even if in progress. Exodus isnt worth playing if youre gonna play new haven.

I was only considering Exodus cause it’s was made first before Haven and in case if I needed to get familiar with the world and lore inside Exodus.

Is there poly in Safe Haven? Cause I remember that there’s a lot of ROs especially with some more added with part 2-3. Also, what are the rewards that Players from Zombie Exodus get?

Bro im telling you, just get it. Its one of the best HGs out there.

I’m playing the demo right now. Testing the waters…

Edit: I find it a little funny that Vegetarian is a “challenge” in this game when I think edible meat being available is a more pressing issue during a zombie apocalypse as compared to edible plants.

I feel that depends on what kind of experience you want. It’s different.

You don’t. The stat system is simpler though, which may be a good or a bad thing depending on what you want.

I admit I have no idea. I don’t think I’ve tried to romance anyone.

Bonus skill points, I think. Or attribute points, but I think that’s all from its own purchase.

It’s not like not-vegetarians eat only meat? I could imagine it’s a challenge because it limits your options more (no canned meat for example, even if you manage to find some).

I encountered an error in the demo after the zombie attack after the movie date. Is that supposed to be where the demo ends or an actual error? It keeps saying part 1 even file is missing.

Edit: Nvm. Looks like it was the end of the chapter. The demo didn’t mention it for some reason.

Wow, it’s been a long time! I used to frequent these forums on a daily basis. I didn’t post often, but I did read through a lot of the discussions. I stopped coming to the forums and buying the games sometime around 2019, when I got a little bored of the standard game format. There’s no shade to the talented writers/developers here, the games often have interesting stories and ideas, but at a certain point the games stopped feeling like choose your adventure games and started feeling like (well-written) short stories that could be slightly personalized, if that makes sense. So I took a long break from purchasing and going through new releases. I’d love to get back into CYA games, but there’s obviously a ton of new releases since I left and it’s hard to tell from the descriptions which ones have branching stories and which ones focus more on telling a longer, more linear story with some main character customization thrown in.
I remember really loving games like A Wise Use of Time, Paranoia, Imprisoned, and Heart of the House. Games that have puzzle elements or multiple routes that require specific routes to unlock. If anyone could help me find some games like that in the catalogue, I would be very grateful!

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Hello and welcome back! You might enjoy Choice of Rebels if you haven’t played it before, and Choice of Robots and Choice of Magics, all of which are very branchy and involve strategy. There’s also the Pon Para series which branch a lot, and the Fallen Hero series. On the comedic side, Tally Ho and its indirect sequel Cakes and Ale are very huge and branchy!

You might also like Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven which is by the same author as A Wise Use of Time.


Anyone doing any other Viking games? Where you play as Vikings?

I’m playing Choice of the Viking at the moment.

You might enjoy Diaspora.

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