Choice of Games and Hosted Games Recommendations -- Consolidated Thread

You could give Highlands, Deep Waters a shot? It’s been a while since I played it, but it captured the lovecraftian horror well.

  • [Demon: Recollect] and fallen hero
    are there other games that lets you play as villian /evil ?
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@Lordking Going to second highlands here if you want a lovecraftian style game. You’re on the investigator side of things rather than the eldrich side, but it captures the feeling of a lovecraftian game well.

If you want to step outside CSGs, I recommend seeing if Dredge is something that’d interest you. I thought I’d be pretty so-so on a fishing sim, but loved this game instead. I also enjoyed Call of Cthulhu (2018). Shrouded isle wasn’t bad and does put you on the cultist side.


Third Highlands. Eldritch horror is difficult to write & even harder to arbitrate into choices. Been awhile since I played it, but I remember really enjoying it when I did.

BTW, if you want a non-Choice game, the same people who did Monster Prom also offer the VN “Sucker for Love: First Date” that is full of Cthulhian type, erm. love interests. Yes, it is silly but also manages to work within the genre–a major achievement IMO.

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Totally agree. I reckon that’s why there’s so few decent games in any format that are lovecraftian. I’ve debated a few times about loosely adapting one of Lovecraft’s stories into IF (like the colour of outer space short story) and I’d like to give it a go eventually but it’s surprisingly tricky to get that balance right between the unknown vs confusion/frustration for the player, and horror vs silly in a game. It’s much easier to do in a normal book format where you can trickle out the information the reader needs as you go along without relying on them to find it at the right time.

Even games that I do like that are lovecraftian often don’t get everything right. For example I really like Dredge and think it does heaps right like trickling out information and letting you figure a lot of it out yourself. Even just fishing and having random abominations pop up in your catch to start with, and finding more and more weirdness and danger as you venture further out or travel at night. There’s something about that contrast between an every day job and that unease from everything not being quite right.

But it doesn’t do everything right. The end game gets a bit too easy. Once you know what you’re doing/what to avoid and level up your equipment, you can get around most places without a lot of difficulty. The end scene where you actually see eldrich horrors, the way its rendered comes off as a bit cheesy and not nearly as threatening as it should be. Not knowing exactly what’s there is a large part of what lovecraft uses to create the horror. But leaving people guessing in a game can cause its own frustrations to many players.


I played Royal Affairs and I liked that you’re from royalty, important person and how the people respect and/or obey your choices without having the courage to answer you badly haha.
Would be nice if there is more games like this one.

You might like Siege of Treboulain - I enjoyed that one a lot!

Thank youu, I will check this

I’m not sure if you’re only interested in released games, but if you’re ok with WIPs there’s Demon, Fireforged (the MC can be pretty evil/ruthless) and Drink Your Villain Juice (where the MC is, well, a villain)

Are there interactive games featuring romances with toxic relationships? Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks!

It depends what exactly you mean by “toxic” - you will be more likely to be recommended something you like if you’re more specific.

I’m referring to complex, realistic relationships where romance options may include villains or bad guys.

I need help I like games like” kingdom and empires” but if somebody know more text based game like this I be happy if tell me

I’m looking for IF games similar to the anime Knights & Magics, especially if I can have my MC build their own Mech based on their preference. So far, I feel like the Ironheart IF game might give me a similar experience but I can’t be sure since I’m playing the demo at this moment.

I think im not the only one when i say we need more games were we can be tge villain. If i say i read probably every villain option here then i mean it. One of the clasics is Fallen Hero. I loved it. The wip Unsupervised is also very good and i cant wait for it. But it bugs me that there are so few. I want blood and guts and be a horrible person because i know my heart couldnt make it in the real world.

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Play Tin Star. There’s even achievements for it.

I was just wondering seeing how there is a ton of sexual nudity in these games, are there any games with non-sexual nudity.

Just to clarify, I assume you’re talking about written descriptions? Games released by these publishers don’t include nude images.

The main character can go skinny-dipping in a creek with one of the characters in Honor Bound (which is a WIP I’m working on), or hang out while they do so, and it doesn’t have to be sexual.

A ton of sexual nudity in these games?? Only a handful of CS games I’ve played are nearly as descriptive enough for that😅 But try The Gray Painter, you play a character in a nude painting group.