Which WIP would you bring back from the dead?


I vaguely remember Aeon sage, all I remember was the bird lady.

Yeah with Resonance I remember wanting to learn more about the other reaver, can’t remember his name but he reacted strangely if you were the artist race which was the same as his predecessor he studied under. Apperntly she ha a real thing for beautiful people and found his quite handsome, it was implyed that she took advantage of him but never really said outright.


Yall remember that one Beauty and the Beast reimagining wip? That had so much potential, thematically.

Also that wip that started out with us being called a witch, burnt at a stake, and whisked away by a dear friend. Whew! Now thats a gripping prologue.


Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster. I loved that WIP and miss it dearly. Haven’t seen any update from the author in years.


first WIP I played great game.


So, here’s one WIP I played, and was very surprised that the thread never got as much appreciation as it deserved. But the story, though never finished, and certainly a not-so-big read, was amazingly well written. The characters and their comedic whims certainly got my attention. In dashingdon.com, it’s known as “The man who saved Geneva”. Here’s the link:
Given that the author has last seen the forum in August last year, it is probably, and most unfortunately, dead.
And like many on the forum, I’m certainly hoping that FAWR is not dead, not forever, I mean. And @Wraith still lurks in the forum, even though she’s busy trying to figure out a work/life balance, so let’s hope, one day…


“A drop of night”, the idea is so good and the presentation of the characters is awesome, I hope it come back from hiatus soon.


I don’t remember the name of it, but there was that one WIP i really liked where you played a prince, or princess, of a fantasy kingdom only to find yourself kidnapped and held captive by a group of rebels. But the rebels proved to be friendly chaps who treat their hostage with kindness. And the WIP had some implications that the rebels have a legit reason to rebel against the MC’s royal family and that it would be possible to join their cause.

Anyone know which WIP I’m talking about?


The Myrmidon comes to mind, can be wrong of course.


Sorry to say it’s not Myrmidon.

The WIP I remember was more fantasy based and considerably more upbeat in tone.


Do you mean Of Death and Beasts? I remember that one having a scene where you’re kidnapped by rebels.


Yeah! I think that’s it! thanks!


I think it might be on a break but the Incarus Sun was SO GOOD I loved it the characters are amazing!!!


Playing Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost made me miss When In Rome again. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I miss being a prostitute, and being a tutor having an affair with my student :sob:

I also suddenly remembered this one WIP that i cannot for the life of me remember the name. You play as a scientist studying some sort of monster with their colleague in a remote base. The monster eats humans, specifically, clones of yours. It’s kinda psychological thriller-y. In the ending (or one of the endings?), you find out that you, the player, are the clone of the real scientist, and the monster gobbles you up. I was utterly mindblown with that ending.


I’m not sure if it’s dead but the author haven’t been seen in quite a while


Could have been Quantic Daydreams, but I also think the demo is down now…

Edit: Or the link is in the last post



I saw that someone mentioned Monsters of New Haven High, but I’m going to put it down anyway. The new game Monster Prom got me reinterested in it, so I’ll be glad to see any updates to it.


RATiO: The Seraphic. I loved that game and haven’t been able to play it in two years and may never be able to play it again. That’s f**king depressing. :sob: :cry::sneezing_face:


the masked mirror.
Most heroes’ tales begin with a prophecy, a kidnapped princess, or perhaps a social-rejection sob story. It’s just the same thing over and over; you wonder how people don’t get sick of it. Such are the stereotypes–you’re not sure where yours falls into category, but it begins with you walking out of your house naked and consequently getting yourself exiled. You’ve put your past behind you, but one day you’re forced to recall it as a pack of adorable children ask to hear your story. Join this raggedy bunch of kids as you relive your past-- and try to avoid having a heart attack, while you’re at it.

and of course, odin’s eye
Odin’s Eye is a science fiction novel with fantasy elements woven into the story. The story is set in the distant future of Earth after climate change went unaddressed. Humanity has very few options in front of it due to the severity of the weather. You play as a citizen living under a dome who has been given another shot at life. Will you become a god among the stars or will you lift humanity out of the coming dark age?

and carhalow too by @iris @iris @iris (summoning her like bloody marry from fable)


Monsters of New Haven High will forever be the WIP I would bring back from the dead in a heartbeat…but it isn’t my top 1.

Team Zero is. That WIP was perfection, man.