Which WIP would you bring back from the dead?


Not sure if it’s dead (it’s forum is closed rn), but ‘One Thousand Blooms’ (One Thousand Blooms — Updated August 13) was a project I was watching very closely, and I’m hoping it’ll be back in the future.


I’m not sure if Golden Eagles is dead, but that’s one I’d definitely resurrect if it were.


From Ashes We Rise, while not technically dead, hasn’t seen an update in a while. I miss that one, but understand how life doesn’t care. Here’s to hoping Wraith can update it sometime.


I sooo agree I really love FAWR and I hope @Wraith gets some free time so it can be continued!:yum::yum::grinning:


There was one Wip but i can not remember the name of it all i can remember of it is you were a soldier and you get captured and some guy asks you questions about you’re life i may have butchered it but that’s all i can remember of it i would love to find it again it was really good.


There’s a WIP by @Alicante that hasn’t been active in forever. It doesn’t have a name but the concept and writing they had was memorable by itself. You play as a civilian doctor on a team aboard a military spaceship. You and the other scientists are tasked with looking after a group of hybrid supersoldiers. The characters hit all the right marks, the gameplay itself was good, and it was very well written over all.

Unfortunately it hasn’t updated in forever and I don’t think the author’s been around, so it’s probably gone for good.


Kriotopia!!! Lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


For the crown was really good, and the author is still here, working on another WIP so idk if its dead but the thread is closed :cry:
ugh im just such a sucker for games involving kingdoms.


Adding this too, A Drop of Night. I hope that @Ylva hasn’t given up on it. The story looked like it was going to be really good.


It’s not dead. The author is just taking a break to deal with real life last time I heard about it so it’ll be back eventually.


Yeahh a drop of night was amazing would really love to see it back up someday…


What they said:

It’s far from dead, and since my real life problems have mostly been dealt with I’m back to working on the story. I expect to be reopening the thread / updating the public demo sometime later this month or early next month.


Glad to hear it Ylva! I’ll keep my eyes open for when it does open. :slight_smile:


Le gasp! More puns about a violent romance story line. Oh happy days.


I remember a particular wip that I liked that had a name I can’t spell, about being an android and these cultist religious guys. Whatever happened to that?

I was looking forward to that one, but it fizzled out as far as I’m aware.


Seven Heirs of Ophaesia is the one that I will miss.


the one where you were an angel that had possessed an android body and was being held hostage?


The Myrmidon? That might’ve been it. Basically, a comatose patient is discovered by these scientists/hedonists/curiosity seekers. MC is stuck into this cube-like machine designed to reconfigure matter and is reformed into an android. The culture was formed from humans that made a ginormous space station with an Earth-like interior, but the population forgot its’ origins.

I’m just happy that Vendetta is coming back. There’s one called “Down and Out in Damnation”, although either the link to that or just the game itself isn’t working. That one was actually interesting and I wouldn’t mind it being brought back.

Edit: not sure how I could forget, but I’ve also got to second the call for Children of the Gods and Monster High (which I’m pretty sure had a mini-update some time ago).


i would also like to add Children of the Gods by Rohie. i think it’s in hiatus but i would to see it up and running again.


I’m not 100% Sure if it’s dead but The Incarus Sun was great! I really loved the characters. `
Incarus Sun Link
Also A Freakhouse was awesome about being in this crazy horror circus with some cool characters Freakhouse Touch of Lilium link