Which WIP would you bring back from the dead?


I’m aware it’s not technically dead, but I do wish monsters of new Haven high was a bit more alive. Sorry to eager to try some of the other listings to find and copy link.


I’m so glad you like Icarus Sun! It’s definitely not 100% dead, just on a brief hiatus at the moment- but I absolutely intend to get back to it sometime in the (hopefully near) future!


Even better my wish came true!! IT’S ALIVE :smiley:


This one by @Wraith


Well, we don’t have to put Vendetta in this thread anymore. XD


Awww…I was hoping for lots of cute scenes with Vince and Ricky in your other WiP first.

This thread is a perennial evergreen though, given the nature of writing and WIP’s

So as of right now I’d say that with Vendetta back the absolute top of my list would be
@Moreau 's “The Myrmidon”,
followed by @Goshman 's “Golden Eagle” and then probably @Sashira’s “Monster High”.

But there are were so many awesome wip’s that just keeping track feels gargantuan at times.


Has anyone mentioned One Thousand Blooms? No? Ill mention it again. I adore it so.
The theme, angst, and writing all together come to mix into a fantastic wip!
I’ll just be here waiting patiently until then~


Oh yeah where the heck did Sashira go? :frowning:


I wouldn’t give up Model Citizens! I tend to write two stories at a time either way, so Icarus Sun would probably just take the place of the shorter project I’m trying to finish the first draft of, and Model Citizens would continue as usual!


Does anybody here remembers a pretty recently cancelled one called Curious Cuisine?

Its the first ever WIP I got into that was put into an indefinite hiatus. It was such an original concept too! Since I tend to be very picky with the CYOA games I play, I tend to not jump into some “vanilla” genres like Superhero, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Crime, Horror, Post-Apocalyptic and Romance only games. This makes it so a game that has a particular mix of genres easilly catches my eye. Curious Cuisine is basically that.

Its story has 2 main protagonist you play as back to back, the parent and the child. Both are highly costumizable, with a large array of gender choices and your origin as to why you are a single parent. Anyways you were invited to a place called Cornucopia where people from various universes (you can choose whether you come from a world with or without super powers) come to live in peace. You are then tasked to fix up a rundown restaurant and start a successful bussiness there all the while dealing with family drama with the kid starting to develop superpowers.

It was not only such a cool concept, but I do believe this is the only cooking COG WIP that I’ve ever seen in the forums. So points for originality! Too bad that the author has some problems irl so they weren’t able to finish this, which was a shame cause I’ve never heard of a story like this. I highly doubt it’ll be continued, I just honestly wish I get to see a game as original as this once again someday.


Seven Heirs of Orphaesia and Children of the Gods.


Pretty sure it’s not dead, just on hiatus because I recall that Rohie was rewriting the entire story and was looking for someone to help her code the story in CSIDE.


yeah “brief”…


For Peace We Die. You play as genetically engineered superweapon that escapes into the greater world. There were 4 different factions(vampires,werewolves,witches,and humanity) with their own unique culture and goals and it was awesome. It was one of the few games that sucked me into it world from the get go. It’s a shame it seems to be on some kind of hiatus because I miss it and wanted to see what would happen.

There was also this one WIP called Dragons! that took place in a
typical high fantasy world. However,the main twist was that the MC could turn into a full dragon by using this magic necklace. The writing was decent and the characters were written well enough(with the different routes promising more development from them),but what hooked me was what exactly the necklace was and where did it come from? It never got finished,so I won’t ever know.

One last one that I really liked was the Fairy Tale WIP,where the modern day MC is transported into the stories of Fairy Tale characters and has to decide how to guide the story. I know that the demo used personality types(like ENTP and INTJ) to decide the MC and Fairy Tale characters traits and the author was going to use the darker original source material for the fairy tales themselves. I just thought that all of this was a neat idea as while fantasy COGs are common,ones based on fairy tales are not. I was looking forward to playing the full version,but the author suddenly stopped and I’m not sure that they still hang around this site.


Personally I loooooved mystic china. Fantasy post apocalyptic genres are my absolute favorite, especially since I haven’t found any other of those.


When In Rome. I’m so sad to see this one go. It was on dropbox so it isn’t even playable anymore. I loved the courtesan path in particular and did my best to get the venus? stat all the way up. I loved Harpax so much, silly jokes and all. :sob:


There’s been a few basketball WIP’s that have disappeared over the years. I don’t think any have been completed, hopefully that changes in the future.

I’d be happy with quality sports stories in general. MMA, Tennis, Soccer, Hockey etc. Bring on that good stuff. XD


Anyone remember Carhalow? That was a great WIP


Yeah I really liked @iris wip


They’re starting to work on it again after their new game is published.