Which WIP would you bring back from the dead?


Blood for Poppies, I really miss that one.


That’s great.Last I heard they were putting on hiatus because they were working on a lot of other projects at the time.

Now, if only that ‘Sucked into a Fairy Tale’ WIP would come back,then I’d be happy.


Icarus Sun by @RenaB
Second Chances and FAWA by @Wraith
The Resident (“You-Are-A-Ghost” Game) by @Marvolo
The Winter Child by @Mystjerne
The Beast in the Castle by @iris
A Wolf and I by @halcyon
Carhalow by @iris
Zeitnot by @Lycoris
So in conclusion = a lot


I second it and add


Aaa, I missed that, thank you.


I need help finding a wip. the MC is a monster in a medieval fantasy world where he has assassin powers(?) and is commanded by his king to infiltrate the human kingdom and marry(the princess/prince)


It’s called For the Crown by @ToxicDreams


It’s come back from the dead once before. Don’t lose hope!


The resident by @Marvolo


Team Zero for sure it was the first WIP I read and loved the way the story was structured as far as weaving in an out of the past and present


I really enjoyed the “monsters of new haven high” WiP
Mainly because of the inclusion of playable winding and goblin PCs along with the sorta tag out system (the game always included a vampire, werewolf, windigo, goblin, incu/succubus, but you replaced the race you played as)


There have been so many that got my interest but then didn’t last long enough for me to tell if I’d want to give up a foot for them.

There was one I wanted to add to my Beauty and the Beast collection though.


I now add Abysm’s Veil, Yugen, & One Thousand Blooms to my list of lost dearly beloved… :sob:


Omgplease, Myrmidon.


Is guenevere dead? If so it
If not there was an Excellent superhero family cooking Game a while back.


While it’s great they’re still working on it,because of Dropbox going down,I can’t play the demo for FPWD.


No,the game isn’t dead. The author closed the thread so they could(from what I understand) focus on the game more. They have an active tumblr account called newarcana.


Well I’m looking forward to it. A gender locked female game where I can play a lesbian :slight_smile:


Why the specifics about it being genderlocked? I do like Guenevere though,it does a perfect job of capturing the feel and appeal of Arthurian myths,while making sure it still has it own identity.


I like playing lesbians I general but genderlocked means the plot is designed around a woman. For example you can strut into the saloon with your six shooters in tin star and that’s pretty masculine even if you’re a woman. But genderlocked female leads to more feminine plots and feminine ways of dealing with situation . For example in combat you rely more on agility than pure strength.