Which WIP would you bring back from the dead?


Did you bludgeon someone with your guns?


I refuse to answer on the grounds of self incrimination


Oh it’s a saloon, people will forgive a little drunk rough housing :blush:


Point being I love guenevere and morgana


Mortal Odyssey

is not dead per say but I want people to know about it


I dont remember the name of the game but you are a human(or a fantasy creature like kitsune but you know what you are later) and discover magic exist and you and a demon fights a gorgon and she saves your life or you save her life, something like this.


That’s Keeper of the Sun and Moon. It’s completed and awaiting publication as a Hosted Game.


Been a while since I’ve seen it. I can’t even remember what it’s like other than it’s a magic school story with non humans.


Thas great i cant white to play, i played until chapter 7 or 8 but this for some reason got off my radar.


That game probably is going to be out within a couple of months or so, seeing how it’s listed on the announcements. My best guess would be around October to December


There is another game you play as a human in a magic school in this world you make a golem or automaton with white hair girl who are fuggitives of kingdom or contry.


Aetherian Spell Academy. I actually played the demo last week.


That was the end of the public demo. The rest was tested privately.


Hey @Loveless I’m glad you like Abysm’s Veil :blush: I it’s not completely dead, just sleeping very soundly at the moment. There’s actually at least another 50-60k words on my computer from memory that I wrote ages ago waiting for me to have time to edit/finish all into a readable format for an update. It’s actually my next large project to get done, but I’ve had very little time to do fun things like reading and writing COG’s for the last couple of months. I planned to start editing it once I had Oedipus Rex finished, but have been trying to get the time and muse together to finish the last half a chapter of Oedipus for about 2 months. When I get that submitted, I can start working on my other projects again :slight_smile:


Empty Shell, that WiP still left me curious about what happen next until now.




yea i really miss that game too
and the one with the sidekick that died and comes back from the dead years later with superpowers
i think your original sidekick name was simmilar to a birds name

anybody remember which one im talking about?
oh right @Wraith’s old game From ashes we rise


I dont remember its name. I think it was what… My country?


I would hands down have to say is love to witness the return of a very old wip that i felt was very interesting and had a variety of choices would have to be “When in Rome”


Yay! I’ve finished going through all my old accounts tracked threads! :slight_smile: . Found a yp (kinda, a demo was never released, but the outline was) that I wish would’ve progressed, the henchman. On a similar note the boxer? Yes I think that was it’s name was also just in it’s outline stage, but seemed good. As for actual yps, I tracked a thread called dark days or something like that, had a demo and looked promising. I also think snoe wrote a yp I like, that imaginary friend yp. I think it was them anyhoo, it had similar aspects to freak if I’m remembering correctly.