Which WIP would you bring back from the dead?


Kingdoms: Embers from Ashes.


Hmmm…Monsters of New Haven High? Is it still being worked on? I haven’t seen the wip in like months :open_mouth:


The Myrmidon
Especially since imo I, Cyborg was a bit lacking and ever since I played this WIP I would really like to play a good COG/HG where the MC is a robot/android/whatever.


I miss “Of Gods and mortals”
I don’t if that still going or not. Since I don’t see alot of God choice games around.


I’d say either S.C.A.R or ‘a Hag called Fate’, from ash we rise would be cool too but it’s beyond dead at this point


Didn’t that one re-open some time ago?


Maybe but i got no notification and saw no sign of activity


You’re making me feel a teeny tiny bad about that :smiling_imp:

When In Rome game should be continued again… hopefully?


I think it stops… initially it was intent to enter the contest …