Which WIP would you bring back from the dead?


I forgot the name but you could choose to be a street urchin, orphan or have family and one of the characters is an asian boy with blonde hair and some organization captures you and you end up living in some kind of dorm


Was that ‘villain the catalyst’ or something?


Or it could be lawless ones?
That’s only one i know of that kinda fits the description


OMG yes. I loved that WIP.


@MeltingPenguins @Aleksa100 n o, neither of those.
Found it! And also just found out it was abandoned :frowning:


Cassandra of Troy ! I loved this story


I can’t say for sure if it’s necessarily “dead”, but one of my personal favourite WIPs was The Burden by the ever lovely Dashing Don.

Other beauties include From Ashes We Rise & Second Chances by Wraith. Unknown if Wraith plans to continue them, but I hope so (even if they don’t come out until years later).


A Drop of Night!!! The best wip ever.


New Haven High, i fallen in Love with that game.


Does anyone remember the WIP where you began as a formless spirit and slowly grew in form and power, guiding the humans you came into contact with, being regarded as a god? Can’t remember the name of it for the life of me.


I think it might have been this one?



That’s exactly it, thank you! Really enjoyed that WIP


For Peace We Die was good and I couldn’t wait to romance Adrian


Any news about Tale of Two Cranes?


I loved it and can’t wait to play it, Tale of Two Cranes is not dead. Since the game was one of the CoG contest winners, it will be released on the Choice of Games line, and no I don’t know when.


Supra Humanum is one I would like to see completed. @IronRaptor was a great writer and seemed to be a genuinely great person as well.


Alternatively, if you are a fan of romance and don’t mind mature themes, Elyne Knight was making Stray Heirs a while and… whooo boy - it makes me so sad that it won’t be finished.


I am really intrigued to not find anyone standing up for ‘Choice of Broadsides’, I found it very interesting and adventurous, it have all elements of a good interactive novel-game, really wish there whould be a sequel to it.


It’s completed. This thread is for abandoned WiPs.


“Death Reapers Contract”