Which WIP would you bring back from the dead?


What was that game called where you join an adventuring party as the healer. You have siblings. I think a brother and you have a mentor who taught you what you know. Maybe? My memories of this game are vague. It might have been genderlocked female as well.
Another that comes to mind is that game where you join this group of monster hunters(?) and I think one of the group members is a robot. There is also a rival group with a dude who talks to ghost. For some reason you and your group are on the run and hide in this place that has a library. :joy: This is really all I remember. It was a fun little gem.


I think the second one is The Beastie Watch (WiP) - Updated 25 September. The link has been taken down, however.

Edit: It’s there after all.


That’s exactly the game I was thinking of! I had so much love for that game :sob:


Here you go :slight_smile: (For anyone that missed the comp link) http://choiceofbox.com/Submission_2016/1315211195/web/mygame/index.html


Thanks, I didn’t notice it! :sweat_smile: