Which WIP would you bring back from the dead?


What was that game called where you join an adventuring party as the healer. You have siblings. I think a brother and you have a mentor who taught you what you know. Maybe? My memories of this game are vague. It might have been genderlocked female as well.
Another that comes to mind is that game where you join this group of monster hunters(?) and I think one of the group members is a robot. There is also a rival group with a dude who talks to ghost. For some reason you and your group are on the run and hide in this place that has a library. :joy: This is really all I remember. It was a fun little gem.


I think the second one is The Beastie Watch (WiP) - Updated 25 September. The link has been taken down, however.

Edit: It’s there after all.


That’s exactly the game I was thinking of! I had so much love for that game :sob:


Here you go :slight_smile: (For anyone that missed the comp link) http://choiceofbox.com/Submission_2016/1315211195/web/mygame/index.html


Thanks, I didn’t notice it! :sweat_smile:


Thank you for the kind words. I haven’t stopped playing around with Supra in terms of world building but I am currently working on my grad thesis and a program for a proof of concept.

Ironically enough, I am doing this through the Alexa Skills Kit so I am technically still messing around with “AI.” All in all, it has been quite fun. I am hoping that I can resume creative writing in Q3 2019.

Take care!


That’s good to hear. Hope it goes well for you!


I really liked Law-Abiding Citizens and wish it wasn’t in an indefinite hiatus. Though I do understand that authors shouldn’t force themselves to write stories they aren’t interested in anymore. Still, I hope it’ll come back someday!


Whatever happened to Sovereign Reality? Anyone remember?


Mass Mother Murder and a few others that I have sense forgotten the name of.


I remember a WIP called Icarus Sun where we played two MCs where one was a character in a story read by the other. What happened to Icarus Sun?


I believe it is still being worked on, along with the author’s other project Modern Citizens: Unmasked. Only @RenaB can confirm this.

Out of all the amazing WIPs I sincerely wish could make a return, Salt City Private Eye by @clarge takes the cake. I still have notifications enabled on that thread. Fingers crossed.


It is indeed still being worked on! Albeit shuffled to the back for the moment while I focus on other things. But not quite dead!


What happened to Children of the Gods? I see the thread was locked after reaching the maximum threshold of posts but don’t see a follow up thread.


From a quick look at their tumblr page, it seems like they are rewriting the story so that’s probably why there isn’t a follow up thread.


Blood for Poppies ( I am still hopeful for it to be finished eventually), Monsters of Newhaven ( also hopeful!) and a WIP of which I forgot the name… In the latter you are on the brink of death and then some noble woman makes you into a cyborg with help of a machine of some kind and adopts you as her child. Then there’s attack and you can choose to stay with her or go your presumebly old friends. I really liked it and I am sad that I never found back again :disappointed_relieved:


It is by @Moreau and it is The Myrmidon (WIP) (Minor update 03/10/2017).


Not sure if it counts or not but The Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost.

I had quite enjoyed playing the original version years back, the story and characters seem to have struck a chord as I didn’t immediately forget them and speculated sporadically on how the story would continue.

Sadly it seems the new version is confined into a limbo state, making it questionable as to whether it will be released and by extension whether a sequel will happen. It was a really good story that felt like a promising beginning, with the middle and end now missing perpetually.

Sometimes I still think about the characters and wonder what became of them.

On the plus side replaying the original is still much fun and engaging.


If I remember correctly, a version of this is already available on the link of the post below. If the author plan on a sequel, it will probably on the other publisher’s platform since it was initially released there.

See the link below for your reference.


Land of the dragon