Which WIP would you bring back from the dead?


I hope so too! I really like that one.


It’s a terrible shame how many awesome old WIPs were lost in the Great Dropbox Disaster…


Our very own Library of Alexandria.

I still get wistful pangs at how it caused the collapse of When In Rome


I have to add Caught in a Reverie as well by the same author. It was a great WIP with a Person’s vibe into.


Does anyone remember Oblique? That’s the WIP that got me into this community


My very own “2345”, still the greatest post-apocalyptic Star Wars/Borderlands ripoff I’ve ever concocted, complete with an unrealistically attractive RO early on and a tragic backstory for revenge. Absolute dumpsterfire from my high school days.


Doomed forever to be another one of my unfinished projects until he miraculous strikes.

Curse my stubborn laziness.


I’d bring back dragoneer if that’s how you spell it and the one WIP with a Jack Frost like character I just can’t remember the name of it.


I’ve been looking forward to seeing the end of Draconic Challenges, hopefully one day!


The Winter Child? ah, 20 chars


Is From Ashes we rise dead? If so that WIP, becuase it was fantastic


Thanks @adrao :blush: Definitely one day! :dragon_face:


Yes that’s the name lol :smile:


This wip

A rough diamond.


Rosebud Prep is most definitely the one to bring back for me


Honestly miss The Spiral Kingdom. I at least still have the link to go to when I get all nostalgia like, unfortunately the same could not be said for Team Zero which last time I checked had an error on startup for a scene with sara.


Heal if anyone remembers that.
And that one by CS closets where you can be a painter.


Oh, I remember that one! The game was called resonance and you could discover your own art stolen in the palace study.

And Heal was such a breath of fresh air when I read it, the story was driven but just vague enough to incite interest. I still remember the story to this day.

‘I see thee. A’tal.’

And boom end demo.*cries


Another wip I miss was called touch of lithium where you take a mysterious pink pill and end up in a circus with a guy named Dagger.


Sound like a typical weekend to me. Lol


yeah I was so annoyed when I found my art stolen :frowning:

and I loved playing heal as a shy and sweet healer who could not and did not want to fight, I got stabbed by that guy in the cave :fearful:

another that I would love to see again was Æon Sage, it was so cool, it was like shadowrun but in space! and I loved having a cyber arm and hitting on that bird lady who had one as well.