Which WIP would you bring back from the dead?


I would bring back Sword Mark


You mean Awoken?

I would want:

A Hag Called Fate,
Fallen Hero.


fallen hero is complete, currently in the copyedit stage. it’s comin’, don’t worry. :wink:


I’m so ready for fallen hero. and thank yeah did awoken ever get an update or anything or did it just get left.


It got put on hiatus while I wrote my contest entry, but it will be back soon! :slight_smile:


Yass that one was actually one of the short ones that caught my attention. Glad to here it’s just sleeping :smile:


I remember this WIP from a few years back called ‘‘When in Rome’’, it was around for a while then disappeared, whatever happened to it?

There was also ‘‘Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster’’ but it doesn’t seem to be around on the forums anymore.



That’s the old demo there. Definitely one we still hope to see in the future.

Team Zero is still one I hope returns since it fulfilled my Agents of SHIELD faniness of being Agent Coulson forming the Avengers or something.

There was also one which name escapes me but you were a robot who gained free will following a mysterious event, and you could decide to stay loyal to humans, join a robot revolt or a middle path. I remember a cool addition was that ‘gender’ was dictated by the type of robot you were and the occupation you started in, each one had two. Masculine Robots could be military or bodyguards, Feminine Robots could be secretaries or sexual usage and then I can’t recall what the non-gender robots could be, but you had the option of defying it all later. But I think only the military and secretary intros were written up. Wish there had been more of that one.


I remember that game that was three or more years ago I believe, I tried searhing back but still can’'t find it.


That robot one sounds like it would have been fun to read, I’m sorry I missed out on even getting a glimpse of it.


Oh boy. Normally, I’d say that FAWR is my #1, but I think I recall the author saying that they were too busy, and that they hope to continue work on it. Blood moon prophecy and Freakhouse were some of the first WiPs i played before joining the site, and hold nostalgia. I can also recall one where you played as a guy on an airship crew, though I forget what that one was called.


I can’t remember what the WIP was called for the life of me but it started as you being captured as a member of some rebellious group and being put into some machine that re-made you into some cyborg/android type thing with no memories. There was some “bandaged man” that was the leader of the rebellion I think? And you get rescued by him at the beginning, I remember like the first fight had you going up against a golem or something while you were escaping. I thought it was super cool.


that one is called the Myrmidon. the author decided to abadon the wip


It’s been so long I can barely remember much of anything about it, so it miiiight still be around and I just can’t find it?
but it was like about a bunch of children that were basically raised as super weapons, and you (the player) are one of those children that’s been relocated, given a foster father, and can now try to live a normal life (or not).
I’m just really curious what happened to it


Through Broken Lenses?


Sounds like Through Broken Lenses, which is still being worked on. The author is working on another game and as far as I know, he doesn’t have access to a computer often.


I’m not sure if it was called Helen of Troy… It was so short but so interesting.
Oldie but a goldie. :sob:


…oh my god there it is.
well ain’t i the brightest knife in the crayon box


Let’s see… Unnamed Sci-Fi Game & that game where you work on a spaceship because for some reason Earth is done for. You had a partner who was crooked and you’re recruited onto a team tasked with catching him. Besides the partner the only other character I remember is the kinda scary agent zero. (or something like that) It was a jewel of a game really… I just happen to have the memory of a goldfish.


Adding Yugen to this list if it’s not already on it. I hope @Ros_e hasn’t given up on it.