Which WIP would you bring back from the dead?


definitely nest of snakes. i’m still holding out hope it’s not completely dead, though.


Definitely this one Sovereign of Law - Updated 1/30/17


Hands down Rome. Such a fun game that was left unfinished right before the climax of the story where we meet the famous Emperor that everyone hates or loves.


I would love to see an update for Sos : Mortal Coil. I want to see how it turns out!!


Going to put Monsters of New Haven High on here. I’ve been waiting for an update on this for a very long time, and I’m starting to think that one might unfortunately be dead.


I believe this is being worked on for the competition.


That’s some good news then. I was really hoping for this one to be finished.


Has The Freakhouse: A Touch Of Lilium been mentioned yet? I find myself a little teary eyed when I think of it…


List of WIP which i known are on hiatus:
One Thousand Blooms, Zeitnot & Freakhouse: A Touch of Lilium by Lycoris
From Ashes We Rise by Wraith

Unknown Status or probably dead:
Journey of the Vanguard
The Resident
Winter Child
Team Zero


While there are a lot of very promising projects lying down, I think the one who had the demo who made me go all “shit, I want to play more!” would be A Hag Called Fate by Frosty. The idea of playing the Big Bad’s top lieutenant, gearing up to fight against a team of young shonen protagonists, while interracting with the other members of “team evil” in your downtime was intriguing enough, but the writing really managed to hit that sweet spot where I want to learn more about each of the characters, including the MC.


just remember this old wip called The Spiral Kingdom, its been 3 years and sadly no word from the Author about its continuation :sob::cry:


Don’t forget the birdseed and feels…:sob::sob::sob:


Ah, I have been looking for that one! Thanks!


This wip by @Wraith


Song of the Fallen
A Wolf and I


I had hoped someone would mention Elementals. It’s one of the only games where you could not talk if you wanted to. There have been times in games where I’ve wanted to have the option to not speak and that was the only one I can think of that had meaningful silence as a pretty consistent option without being awkward or forced.

Very sad that as far as I’m aware, it was dropped. Sadly it’s also one of the games that wasn’t hosted on dashingdon and now just has a broken link to dropbox. :weary:

EDIT: otherwise though I have to really echo a lot of sentiments with From Ashes We Rise, Carhalow, and Team Zero. All of them had so much potential and really interesting hooks, imo. Really, they all had such good writing and interesting story ideas and themes that they will be sorely missed. I believe all of them are still able to be read though, which is some consolation.


IIRC “From Ashes We Rise” is still being worked on albeit very slowly


If From Ashes We Rise comes back, then the title will prove eerily prescient.


just want to remind you guys about this awesome story… RATiO: The Seraphica by @FoxalypticWorld (please… do come back dear Author~ :sob:)


Team zero
from ashes, we rise
Jini of the seven winds
spiral kingdom
(don’t think this was ever completed)Blood for Poppies
and another on with a weird silver hair character and a well as they help you try and regain memories.