The Royal Legacy (New Poll on post #1466) (Hiatus)

Imortalia is a dangerous war-torn land in which the warring nobles vie for its throne as the nation itself pretends unity. The Immortal’s throne of Imortalia promises great power for the one who can learn its secrets and grants the undeniable right to reign over all of Imortalia. Prove your worth and take the throne.

You have been called forth to take your place as a noble and rule over your own land. Whether you can keep control of it or protect it from foreign forces remains to be seen. Your advisers will stand at your side throughout this ordeal. If you can trust them, that’s up to you. A single gift has been granted to you to aid in your reign, take it and show your worth, but beware, with all great powers: comes a price.

Be warned. Assassins, traitors, powerful armies, poisoned meals, and more lurk around every corner and shadow of your land.

Rise to your privileged place as a noble! Whisper in the ears of the powerful and get your way. Put down rebellions. Strike terror into the hearts of all that encounter you or inspire admiration in their hearts. Will you be a tyrant or a compassionate ruler? Will you reign just as you were meant to or will you become a puppet? Will your land be seized by your enemies or will you be the one to turn the tables? Play the diplomat or amass an army and take the throne by force. See your house rise to fruition else let it fall to ruination. For this is your legacy, The Royal Legacy.

The choice is yours.

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Looking for any all sorts of feedback both good and bad. Constructive criticism and your likes and dislikes. Any grammar issues found or anything else of the sort. Note, the game is written in a style you may not be used to. Please do NOT ask when an update is coming. Assassins Legacy remake is simultaneously being worked on. Although I’ll attempt to keep to a scheduled update plan, bear with me.

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I like it but it seems vaguely similar to game of thrones ascent

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The names. Oh god the names!1!1
Teabag 2.0 of the house of D
Thats just to much.
Help I cant breath…

Also the assassin option has a spelling error and the sage says quelms instead of qualms after you tell him.

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I was thinking the same thing. What I have played is almost an exact copy of GOTA…

It’s been a long time since I played GoTA but as the others said, the game seems like an exact copy of it with different names.Even the dialogues are same.

Yes the intro part was greatly inspired from there, including the format. Though story wise only to that extent that you see now. Everything else from there are taken from the world itself and quite a different approach. Though I will be seeing about fixing up the current approach as the theme of the writing was meant to be similar.

Mainly it was meant to preview that sense to see what peoples take on the gota approach sense of writing, I plan on rewriting it later to fit the story-line, no worries there.

@faewkless its been sitting around for quite some time I guess I was mainly testing out the codes with it and making sure the naming system worked…I’m pretty sure 2ton came up with alot of those =p Though I don’t really tend on taking it out as I don’t really tend on selling this game =p

I’ll get to fixing that error o.o - though after you pick your background the game ends there as I’m still writing up what comes next. Mainly setting back into the plot and games of intrigues, meeting your neighbors.

I am definitely looking forward to what this game will become! It’s great so far! :blush:

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@kanani40 Thank you :slight_smile: I’ll be working hard to keep it up to your expectation =p

In fact, just added another scene. :slight_smile:

Though of course, the starting (current) scenes are currently being rewritten as well, a more…drastic touch is needed.


Sir Alduin Rivers: “I have traveled the nearby lands and returned here to my home, only to find that outlaws had seized my daughter…they…defiled her so many of them…she bled to death. Before I could exact vengeance and most likely die in the process for I had nothing more to live for.”

Alduin takes a breath his head bowed. He breathes in deeply before continuing. “That’s when I heard the ground shake and clamber. Before I knew it soldiers were marching and horses galloping from over the horizon. The outlaws were wiped out and those poor women and children taken prisoner were freed. You saved my life that day. My life is yours to command.” Your newly appointed captain bursts into the room unannounced. She bows deeply with a smile. As she rises she waves away the young sage. Captain Ursa: “My Lord, if you’re done discussing ages past, you’ll need a paragon. Someone whose sworn loyalty and servitude in your name in order to carry out your will throughout the land. I’ve sent out word throughout your holdings to draw in some, although…there was only a single response. I present to you Sir Alduin Rivers of northshire.”

The quaint man enters with a swing in his walk. He bows to you. “My Lord if you will have me I shall serve as your paragon however you see fit. Of course I’ll also be needing my fee for service.”

Captain Ursa nods her head understandingly.

Thats weird.

Whoopsy I think I got that mixed in with several other rewrites. Un momento

“I so swear my complete and utter loyalty to you Lord Shikamaru and to house Uchiha. I swear my live, my obediance, my loyalty, and my complete will to you. May you forever command me well. And if so ever that you deem my service unfit to you, my life is forfeit.”
(My life not live)

with these names you might as well add Deadpoll into list.
Just Try not to completely break the Fourth wall. use window instead.

So…was your spouse your husband or your wife?

im authist and I CANT COMPUTE Joker stop this at once

@CaeserCzech haha I’ll be sure not to do that =p

But true I just might edit up those names.

I’ll be sure to fix the phrasing of that question, thanks


no problem always happy to help.

In the future of the game, when getting a spouse, will it just be one option? Or like Lords of Aswick, given several and choosing which we like?

Lords of aswick have just one optinion the middle east christian daughter. how do you get others ?

@CaesarCzech :slight_smile:

@kanani40 Right now in the game the MC is single and will need a spouse. Weather they currently had a marriage or not is up to the MC in their background choosing. In the future the MC can choose who they marry. Weather for power, riches, or love or otherwise. I guess you get a taste of choice of romance with less push on the romance =p Although I’m not sure which to press for…single option and the choice to have an affair…or otherwise.

I was playing as a man, but this popped up.

King Lucien gives a satisfied look. He motions to Lord Miro who hands you a patent of Ladyship. You bow to both men and leave to make preparations.

The demo was pretty fun, and the names were very amusing, I played as Lord Jin K- I mean, Jin Doritos.
The game plot/general style I found to be pretty original, and I can’t wait until there’s more updates :smile: