I am trying to find a game I saw here,

I played a demo a few weeks back, it was about a young MC that returns to the castle he grew up in to his three advisors and a mystery of people missing. It was about tending your kingdom.

Sounds like Throne of Immortalia.

Not Throne of Immortalia.It’s “The Royal Legacy”.

Yes, that’s it thank you

@Nira.Raspudos Well… Legacy of the Throne definitely has had a demo out for a few weeks. Supposedly a young MC… definitely returning to a castle/keep that they grew up in. And surely, three advisers. And it is generally about tending your kingdom. However, I’m not quite sure about a mystery of people missing. Closest game I can think of. Personally I found the game a bit weird - not my cup of tea, but that’s just my opinion :wink:, easily forgotten and all.

@TheTrueKing I was unable to find any game called Throne of Immortalia so I can only assume you meant Legacy of the Throne (Only wip with a place called Immortalia)… which… has a throne in Immortalia, and a throne of the Immortal.

Edit: Whoops, a bit late, could have sworn I posted this earlier, sadly been having a weird connection today.