The Royal Legacy (New Poll on post #1466) (Hiatus)

@Doctor I’ll take a look at that immediately my good sir, thanks.

  • Error should be fixed now.

@Martymcchew Aww shucks :kissing_closed_eyes: thanks =p I’m running through things as best and quickly as I can I think it’s about time I get back to it.

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I played it was pretty good. The only story detail I’m confused about was when you received the quest from the lord then you are rewarded by the king. Shouldn’t the lord reward me? Also there was an error for me when selecting spouse, whenever I hit neither it keeps repeating the question.

Typo: “Else tkae up sword…”

The stats page: Stat Breakdown[/b

Several times in the text below you are missing periods. And I’m pretty sure that ones should have an apostrophe since it’s a posessive noun - for example one’s home, the home belonging to one.

Either you are missing a fair number of periods, or you may have expected each ‘stat description’ to be on a new line. If you did this:

blah blah blah

blah buh blab

It will come out like this: blah blah blahblah buh blab.

To get the effect I think you were going for, try:

blah blah blah
blah buh blab

which will produce:

blah blah blah
blah buh blab

Still reading.

Will you ever get a chance to RO a paragon?

Keep it up i was enjoying that demo but was sad when it ended i want MORE

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@ninja6398 It is required for the sake of the storyline that you have a spouse. Though I may be seeing about making changes to that. Neither generally shouldn’t be there, but I tend to have issues with less then 3 choices continuously showing up. And the quest confusion is fixed, thanks.

@Crotale Typo fixed. Stat overhead fixed. Periods added to all. Line breaks in place. Looks good on my end, let me know what you think now.

@faewkless Yes, yes you will. I was just thinking that over yesterday, and I can’t help but think how nice it would be to have a few paragons. And romancable ones at that. This would take away the option of weather you choose to higher them or not and just have the captain take care of it, though they will be much more intractable.

@darren_muir Appreciate it :slight_smile: I’ll put some extra effort in to make sure we keep the joy flowing. Though I’m making sure every option and every discussion path has a different response and effect, for play-ability sake. More is on its way :wink:

Although beware there is a bit of minimal use of magic in the game wouldn’t want to throw in high tech things, especially for communication for this legacy while keeping things unsuspecting.

i love medieval games, so im up for this xD

( i still play gota lol and love it :wink: )

@djisma69 Haha I’ll try to keep it up to your expectations as best i can. Currently changing up my approach again. It’s so hard to satisfy my imagination. I’ll see about balancing the treachery with random humor and light hearted moments ^_^.

Updating scenes, game is ending a scene or two earlier then normal for the sake of avoiding spoilers and other junk =p Apologies :sweat:

I gotta summarize that prologue when I’m back…

Also typos involving Lord Miro and other minor ones have been fixed.

I have really really enjoyed the game so far. A bit about my history. I have played mostly every game on hosted content as least once. I love how the medieval theme sets things off right away you have several different choices to pick from. Instead of getting the reward at the end. You get a reward at the start of it.

I love Medieval games and ones that concerns hushed whispers I have a soft spot for. I thought it was unique by adding a picture. The detail is good right now. I can’t really say anything bad. I hope this story is isn’t hurried up. If I have any advice its take your time writing it. Write in the details of the story. Details of the people and companions.

Take the extra time to consider the choices you give the people. I think this could turn into a very cool game. If you take the time to write it out as it should be. Sometimes people rush through it. I think you have a really solid story. If your other stories are like this I’ll happily buy. I’m already hoping you will have Royal Legacy Part 2 or a second part to it. I like it.

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@Joshua_Devon thank you very much, appreciate it. Those words encourage me to jump right back into things. I’ll be sure to keep that in mind and take breaks often enough to refresh my mind. I’ll attempt to keep the standards up to expectation. More details and getting to the heart of things. nods I see. I see.

Look forward to it :slight_smile:

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I really do mean it. When you feel like you are getting stressed. Try reading as a ice breaker then be inspired then write. I feel like this is a great book with companions you can get interested in. Good moral choices. I’ll be a hundred percent looking to pick this up when it comes out. If anything make sure you have emotional attachment to companions or some way they stand out then a regular NPC. (Say a love interest or a past female friend) either way. I can’t wait to play it. If you need more people to test it out. I’ll happily do that.

i would love it if i got to make lots and lots of choices around the area’s
around my keep like decorating my cast building my own army setting my own
laws good/evil to the people and have up to like 4 paragons would be awesome

i honestly dont like magic that much when it comes to medieval games but here is something for you at the start when you have to choose wife or husband and you dont start with either maybe later on in the game you can have the choice to marry for love or money or power like marrying the daughter to the headmaster of the merchants guild that will bring wealth if you marry a child hood friend that will be marrying for love and if you marry a princess or another lords daughter for power for when he does you get his army his land and all that :smiley: just a suggestion

i played this yesterday and i can see that you have taken away the option when rolo talks about your past i liked having those choices i wanted to be a ringleader of criminals i thought it was amazing why did you take it out ?

Just played the demo. Can’t wait for more. Lord Zane Hiam shall rule the kingdom!

@Joshua_Devon I’ll be sure to keep that in mind. And do feel free to let me know if people are being a bit bland. The game is really character/people driven, gotta get the idea that who you trust really counts.

@darren_muir Hmm ways to make your people happier with more entertaining buildings…resources…popular inns that the mc can visit not a bad idea. We’ll have to work on the army setting idea. I can see an argument taking place to pass a law or not and the mc deciding weather to pass them. That could work. Planing on two definite ideas for R/O paragons. The other two paragons…still crafting em up, prob won’t come till later. Maybe just a single other paragon depending on your background.

@darren_muir Think of magic as more subtle a bit less then in guenevere, kinda a rare thing. However it’s also forbidden. ^_^. Yea I already opted out of the marriage early on. MC can marry later. Although it’ll be similar to choice of romance in the case of only a certain person can be chosen as a partner for the sake of the storyline. The others would have their own beautiful ending.

@darren_muir Sorry about that, it’s still there, I just did some editing with it and with another character speaking. It would be confusing if I left it in there. Just gotta finish up the new start scene and plug it in, tomorrow and it’ll be back.

@Zane_Hiam Appreciate it, haha I look forward to seeing that :slight_smile: It’ll be a shame if your people revolt just as you’re about to sit down as king of the realm. =p

For the sake of not rushing, once I update the game next, most likely tomorrow, updates will probably only come once a week. (every Thursday/Friday most likely) this doesn’t include bug fixed and stuff, mainly new scenes/chapter releases.

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Is the demo supposed to end after you name Dame Ursa your Captain?

@CaballeroDeAndromeda Yes, sorry about that, but doing some rewrites and that section was unavoidable in who I let speak, for the sake of things not getting confusing I needed to take it down for the night.

Sadly she won’t be captain for long, her replacement papers have been sent in.

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