Assassins of Imortallia

No! I want the plan to work of course! With minor changes of who give the orders. I have no intentions to be Asura’s dog forever this is what i say. The assassins wants to rule from the shadows? I don’t care too much what system i use as long as i obtain power in the end.

Haha that’s an interesting means to get about doing this. In the end your motivation is self power? We’ll see if your mind changed in the midst of your journey. Though I can tell now, plans don’t always work as we expect, that’s definitely true for the assassins.

Everyone offers power for loyalty. The assassins, the guardians (assassin hunters), the church, the royal family, among others.

Each with their own ideals, some offering more power than others, but stronger ideals. Decisions decisions.

But truly, why continue to serve under others when there is power waiting for the taking? Rise the ranks of the order and become Sage or abandon your loyalty and challenge Asura.

I feel like that discussion made sense to you guys, but It didn’t to me…

For the most part I was out of it when we were chatting, plowing through code will do that to ya. But from what I just re-read, we were referring to this post.

And the fact of choosing whether to follow through with the assassin plans and goals or to choose personal power. And noting that the people want justice and change in the land and the assassins offer it, but of course aren’t welcomed.

I want to challenge Asura and take over the order. But this is only one step! I want to have the ultimate power! No royal family, no guardians! Nothing to stay in my way! I want EVERYTHING!

You want everything you say? I fear you’re looking to become royalty. Allow me to assist in you getting there. Royal Legacy, there your legacy for ultimate power can begin. Although with the story line of Assassins Legacy… all those things are technically possible, forgot bout that.

I just want to kill asura.
Nothing like some god-slaying to make an interesting life.

Although Asura isn’t a god, why does everyone want Asura dead, no wonder Asura keeps hidden >.>

What gender is Asura? This is only pure curiosity.

Asura’s gender is purposely gender neutral. Good reason behind it. Thus Asura doesn’t have a gender.

I read above about torture. Can i use my pet for torture? Lightnings are good, but nothing is like a crawling creature on your body. And these things can be educative for my familiar.

The MC’s pet has actually been replaced to play less of a combat role and more of a… pet role. Even assassins need a mean for comfort. So to answer your question, fraid not. Just to note… I’m sure that’s more likely to make your familiar a bit… psychotic.

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Asura seems to be some powerful uber-important fellow.
Ergo I want to kill him.
It’s fun to kick people down from their high places.

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@faewkless All is never as it seems, but ah I suppose that’s reason enough. Poor Asura, power diminishing, guardians to the front and back stabbing assassins to the… back.

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Who wouldn’t want to kill it? It’ll be fun. Plus having someone like Asura watching over everything is an inexcusable crime.

My pet won’t help me scare people?

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I don’t have anything personal with Asura. Is just in my way to power, that is all.

That’s like saying the king must die, because he’s overlooking everything >.<

Seeing your pet will be a wolf… I doubt it won’t scare anyone. Although, it’ll start out as a cub. Good luck trying to assassinate with that. :stuck_out_tongue:

But ah, there will always be someone with more power than you wouldn’t there :stuck_out_tongue: Suppose you do slay Asura and are acknowledged as the new assassin leader, wouldn’t the cycle begin again, you being challenged by those who have gained great power.

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Who said we had to stop at being an assassin leader?
My assassins plan is to keep hunting for people stronger than me and killing them.
If I can’t find any mortals that can match me I will turn to the gods.
And when they stop being a challenge I will challenge @Arcania himself.

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This is the way things are working. If someone will be powerful enough to kill me, he/she will deserve the position. Of course! I will fight with all i have to maintain my power.

It’s more like saying I’m not the king so the king must die in my case.

I can feed him people… little cub? Bite the targets neck, who’s a good boy?

Yes the cycle will continue but I can pretend to be Asura since it’s never seen, I can work with everyone not even knowing it’s me they take orders from.