Assassins of Imortallia

A war rages through the land, but within the dark corners of the realm of Imortalia lays the assassin order. A war rages between the Shadow Assassins and the Divine Assassins. Wield your mass assassin arsenal and skills in the arcane art to strike down all that challenge your power.

The Assassins, one of the few elite sects of The Order that have mastered the ways of the arcane art. Will you find glory or will you find death? Can you handle the powers of the shadow? The divine might of the heavens? Or will you be engulfed by your greed and pride.

Pick up your blade! Rise up and bring an end to the long and bloody war of the shadow and divine assassins. Choose your path to walk in the shadows of Umbra or betrayal with the divine. Uncover the secrets of the sages, conquer the legendary tower of fangs and become the legend you were meant to be.

Will you be the salvation of The Order or the one that brings it’s end? Choose your path assassin. Your legacy has begun. The assassin Legacy.

Game Status: Paused
Please Refer to the link below for all and further information/questions/answers/and otherwise.


Interesting plot you’ve got there, but it depends on how you’re going to play it. Anyway, I’m looking forward to it, and I wish you the best of luck.

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This a awesome story I will look forward to update!

My thanks. Story will begin branching on the next update.

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Cheers it will be epic!!

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I love the amount of options available. It would take some time to play through every path. Very good work!

I get a strong “Choice of the Ninja” vibe from the intro for some reason.

Great work Arcania! Love the demo, there was just one thing I found that confused me.

It was when the messenger is just kinda chillin in your room - I decided to be as creepy as possible and sit down opposite him, staring back for ten minutes. At this point, he says “I have-”, where you have the option to hit him, or let him finish. If you let him finish, he says “Sir!”… But doesn’t this mean that his sentence was “I have Sir!”?

@FortunesFaded 0.0 Fixing that right away fortunes thanks for noting that. And my thanks. And @MaraJade i’ll make sure o have poison option in every combat choice =p. And @RagEgnite just reworded from my old intro of assassins legacy. Haven’t gotten the chance to play or check out choice of the ninja yet sadly. @Proff gonna be a lot of paths to go down in the near future.

Oohhh poison!!! POISON i could help you with that.

@Arcania I think you’ve just made a deadly enemy a dear friend. Poison seems to make her happy though heaven only knows why :wink:

@Scrivener how could i be poison assassin without poison you never see kill people like me in oblivion i used poison apples in inns people it them and voila ultra funny dead. Poison arrows. The problem was some day my character eat the wrong apple.

Ah, nice fresh and clean. The arcane way to bath, that’s the way to go.
it should be bathe not bath
I do love the silence is golden option

found another mistake. None other then the sage sits there in his red emblazoned cloak on his back his gloved hands together as fi thinking on something. fi should be if

The conversation you can have with the person in your character’s room is hilarious if you don’t allow him to talk.

Fixing them as a type =p Thank you :slight_smile:

@RagEgnite Haha I was going for that, glad you liked it.

Love the game!

Can the assains have romance?

Also I don’t understand the bit were you get beat up if you speak and with the insight you have with the shadow and when your knocked out

But I think it has great potential and hope it turns into a success! :~)

Well done

Love the game. One problem though, it always refers to you as a man, before and after you choose your gender. And when you are female, the person who’s gender is supposed to be opposite of yours is still a woman.

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making of a great game.Great intro.