Most anticipated HG WIP?


Wow, thanks @Anathema! I didn’t expect The Fallen Divine to be ‘anticipated’. This really puts motivation on my motivation, thanks again!


Really a lot of great stories being worked on right now. I think 2019 is going to be a very good year for HG releases.

A few of my current favorites:

Fallen Hero 2: Retribution: The first one blew me away, and from what I’ve read so far the follow-up is shaping up even better.

Diaspora: Fantastic world building and a truly memorable cast of characters.

Keepers of Fairfort: A magical murder mystery in a world full of supernatural beings? So completely right up my alley.

Apex Predators: The game that asks the question “How does a vampire survive the zombie apocalypse?” A question I had no idea I needed answered until I read the demo.

The Golden Rose: Excellent character building and fight scenes that make me intensely jealous that I can’t write that well. :sweat_smile:

Donor: This game does a fantastic job of making the reader feel the choking claustrophobia and constant tension of being half a step away from death while trapped in a vampire’s lair.

What are the best WIP’s as of Now

@Joshua_Koch Seeing my WIP on your list completely made my day. Thank you! :heart::heart::heart:


LORDS OF INFINITY!!! No contest. Also Guinevere.


Keepers of the sun and moon


Thank you! :heart_eyes:


Samurai of Hyuga Book 4!


Lord’s of Infinity, Dragon Racer, and Road to the Coliseum for me. It’s. So. Dang. Close. I’m dying from anticipation


Definitely Mass Mother Murderer. By @Samuel_H_Young.


There’s lots of great ones in the works. I guess my faves are rather predictable though:

Vendetta, Rise of a Gangster,
Fallen Hero part deux,
Keeper of the Sun and Moon and its second part,
Wayhaven Part 2, Waywalkers part 3.

Except for Vendetta they are all sequels it seems…hmm…:thinking:

Only real surprises there for people who know me would probably be “Creme de la Creme” and “Return to Zemia”.

Then there is of course my eternal hope @Moreau might decide to resurrect the Myrmidon.

XoR, in spite of deviating from most of the CoG conventions is not a Hosted game, so I guess that one wouldn’t count here. :sweat_smile:


I’m also looking for to Demon recollect, even though it’s still in it’s early stages.