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This thread is for discussion, questions, bug reports, and feedback. Alternatively, bug reports could be sent to with the subject Breach TAJ - Bug report.

To avoid spoilers, jump straight to 4900 to the game’s release.

Don’t be afraid to post here, constructive criticism helps! :smile:

For those wondering whether or not Breach 2 is a thing, yes, it’s a thing, the WIP is out.

==STORY OUTLINE== | Word count = 820,000+ (Including codes)
Breach: The Archangel Job is the first out of 3 stories told within the same universe of the Breach Series. The first game, The Archangel Job, tells the story of how you, the fresh new member of The Archangels would fight your way up the criminal food chain, against the infamous Chicago Outfit, a criminal organization in control of nearly every single political and authority organization in the city of Chicago.

You are the master of your fate… But even so, you are at the mercy of chance. This game uses a system of luck and dices. If you wish to control the game, turn off the randomization in the settings at the start of the game.

Your experience will solely depend on your luck, real life luck. Your skills will help the odds, but you are still at the mercy of the randomized number generator script.

You can play as 3 different character alignment: Criminal, Vigilante, Detective(undercover)

With 4 different starting roles: Getaway Driver, Crowd Control, Weapon Expert, and Engineer

With from there, you will be at the mercy of the world. You will have vast control of your character, vast customization of everything from clothing to weaponry, gender, name, body style, skill sets, and many more.

The game has released in the Hosted Games page.

I also have a Discord! Happy now?

And also a Tumblr apparently, not sure how these work


Here’s the list. Keep in mind that some ROs have sexuality preferences, meaning the MC has to be of a certain gender to get into romance, but sometimes, it doesn’t matter if you’re just flirting :smirk:

Avelyne/Edwyn = Any (Done)
Annabelle = Any (Done)
Charles = Any (Done)
Justin = Male (Done)
Carly = Any (Done)
Hayne = Female (Male MC can still give it a try) (Done)
Kazton = Female (Done - Only in private testing)
Rook = Any (Done)
Gabriel = Any (Done)
Raquel = Any (Done)

I have also have a Patreon!


Good luck…

-Retired links, do not use… But do so anyways! I ain’t the boss of ya!
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Phase 2 - CLOSED
Old Dashingdong link
Old drop box link
Old thread


Good to hear from this and long out no see


Very happy that this thread is continuing! However when I was playing, it felt like I was repeating the interrogation scene twice. If it helps, I was currently playing the undercover detective route. And it began to repeat after I asked Megan where the exit was.

Update: whenever I die when I’m in the jail cell and hit the checkpoint afterwards I receive an error


Working with the checkpoint system is a bit of a pain… sorry about that…

It works fine in the testing though… Like the randomization system, it’s in a VERY early state… I’ll be working on it quite a bit

P.S: Also, whenever I try and update my files on dashing don, it keeps saying “0 files loaded”


My God. You’ve made the game I always wanted but was always too lazy to actually make. And I just watched Ocean’s 12 this morning.

I will be playing this.


Thank you! also, side note… I should say that for some reason, DashingDon can’t seem to support my checkpoint script… so, be warned… Checkpoint button doesn’t work… yet…

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Great to see this project back on its feet, one of my favorite WIP. Good luck.


Thanks… I’ll need it…

An error came up when I selected getaway driver just to let you know.

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Right, sorry about that… FIXED!

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Received a could not load file error when I chose to be crowd control. Not immediately after, but the screen after it. It said that my friend Mouse had called me because of my con background skills. Then I went to the next screen and received the could not load file error.


Hmm… which link did you open because both worked fine for me

Tried it again after seeing that you had fixed the driver one and now it seems to be working. I had used the dropbox link though.

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I should probably say that the DashingDon link doesn’t exactly support the Checkpoints system. And it’s only there to show the pictures that can’t really be seen on the Dropbox link

On the page where you click the “Heist Night” button link and it is talking about the different characters, it says “Chains modified her circular saw to make it cut through the safes more quicker”, should be more quickly. Should also be staff on that page, not staffs.

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I’m gonna be posting the next grammar and typo fixes by package along with story progression. So expect there to be another progress update soon

@dashingdon is a member of this forum so he can help out with his services.

Dropbox does support loading images - I’ve seen it done. Couldn’t tell you how though.

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Right, I’ve already PMed him… Thanks @LordOfLA

Also, I’m not using a public folder, I’m using the compiler so I can’t really load images onto the compiled file… if you know how I can compile images along with the scenes, please do tell.

On the subject of Dropbox I can only be of assistance in as far as telling you that you won’t be wasting your time investigating. I don’t use it and have not used choicescript in any way.

I can tell you there are/were wip’s around using dropbox loading images just fine. Maybe drop a post in the choicescript or design sections for pointers?

Well, what do you know… it actually worked! Thanks @LordOfLA… again

EDIT: Here’s the hot sauce for implementing images to compiled files… (Be warned, you don’t actually compile the images, you replace it with link to an external site)

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