Breach: The Archangel Job - Private Beta Sign up (Closed)


This topic is for those who’d like to sign up for “Breach: The Archangel Job” Private Beta. If this topic is not supposed to be here, please tell me and I’ll put this somewhere else.

Private Beta will start (hopefully) at the 30th of October and will be updated at the very least monthly, if possible weekly. But I will reply to the topic as often as I can. :smile:

If anyone wants to sign up, here’s the place! So far here are the people who’ll be on the list(that I know of)
@InsanityRun (I’m sorry, I just remembered you sent me a PM XD)

The game so far…

P.S: If this topic is in the wrong place, I’m terribly sorry. I will put it somewhere else if so

P.P.S: I’m mostly hoping to get your most honest of opinions on the game most of all, story progression, pacing, and overall your thoughts on it.

Besides that, I would love to get your reports on the bugs, typos, and grammar mistakes… and I’m very sorry, CaesarCzech, but are going to be a LOT of grammar mistakes… I’ll be sure to watch it, but if you find any, please do tell me if it of your convenience

thank you all! for participating! :smile:

P.P.P.S: There are no requirements for participating, anyone can sign up! but only until the 30th, then I’m probably gonna close it

BREACH - Crime Thriller WIP (UPDATE #37! 30-January-2019) (800k~ Word)
BREACH - Crime Thriller WIP (UPDATE #37! 30-January-2019) (800k~ Word)
BREACH - Crime Thriller WIP (UPDATE #37! 30-January-2019) (800k~ Word)
BREACH - Crime Thriller WIP (UPDATE #37! 30-January-2019) (800k~ Word)

I would love to sign up. This game is my favorite. The characters, weapons, customization, story…even the real life references. I love you.

Also, hey. This is my first post. Long time lurker, first time member. :slight_smile:


Why thank you! Glad to know you like it!


You’re very welcome! I’m guessing you could immediately tell where my name came from. :sunglasses:


Yeah, it was one of the options for the name, right? You’re like “The Archangel Who Shall Not Be Named”

I don’t really know how though, but since I love Easter eggs so much, I’m planning to have everyone who participates in the private beta as an Easter egg of their own in the story.


That would be absolutely splendid! I love that idea! Jim Datillo kind of did that, if I recall correctly. I would kill to have something of me in your game!


Sure I would love to test this one out ^^
What are the major things your looking for us to tell you basically?


The game will basically circle around the journey of the MC going through their time in The Archangel crew. I really wanted to make a nice balance between realism and fun. So I’m mostly looking to hear your most honest of opinions on the game’s progression. How you think the story is so far, what would be good for the story, suggestions, criticism, everything you got, lay it on me!

Constructive criticism and nitpicking is encouraged…

Second would be bugs, typos, and grammar error… I’m gonna be typing codes, fast, so there will be some that I miss and there will be bugs, there will be Typos, there will be a LOT… and I do mean, irritatingly a LOT of grammar mistakes.

If you find any reports or suggestions, I would love to hear them! :smile: Thank you!


May I also join the private beta? :slight_smile:


Sure why not! :smile:


Currently setting up Private Beta, sorry for the delay! :sweat_smile:


I can help as stated previously - just send me an invite when ready.


Alright thanks! I’m currently talking with my friend I’m currently working with so we can figure out what we wanna do in the Private Beta :relaxed:


I would like to sign up for the private beta as well.
As a long time reader of interactive fictions hopefully I will be able to assist on this


may i also join the private beta





i wouldn’t mind being in the private beta either



Quick question, does anyone here use Discord?


New Batch of tester list (Because I can only mention 10 people in 1 post…)


Would love to join private beta.