Crime/mafia games

What crime games are available in the forum i don’t care if is just a WIP or a full game

I was thinking about that and somebody should a gang game but i mean like a 100% gangster game like idk crips and bloods or latin kings maybe fictional gangs idk but it is a good idea


Life of a Mobster (full game, check the hosted games lineup)
Vendetta(wip, don’t know if the link is still working though)


BREACH: The Archangel Job (WIP though) seems to fit your criteria .

Or if you are looking for a finished game , Life of the Mobster like person above me recommend.


Choice of the Deathless

It’s an old one but it’s still relatively enjoyable in my opinion

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Gangstar if its still in development and I’m with @resuri08 as I’m really psyched for BREACH: The Archangel Job

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